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Versailles George Blagden et Alexander Vlahos nous racontent la saison 3″ by Première on Dailymotion

Transcript (of the English-spoken part - I don’t understand French, sorry French part translated by @schattie here):

G: So, in this season we’ll have a lot of new storylines. In season 2 we dealt with one big theme, which was the Affair of the Poisons, and in season 3 we branch out into lots of exciting stories… His [Alex’s] storyline is very exciting. You talk about your storyline, can you talk about it?

A: Yeah, yeah, I think I can. I think it’s out in the public domain that we’re gonna touch on the idea of the man in the Iron Mask… so, yeah, that’s Philippe in detective mode, Philippe gets to be Sherlock Holmes and I get to have some amazing scenes with Tygh Runyan, who plays Fabien. In season 1 and 2 I think we said one word to each other and passing on the corridor. I love that man so much, so yeah in season 3 I get to be Sherlock and he gets to be Dr. Watson and we get to sort of trying discover the man in the Iron Mask, which is fun! And you get some great stuff with Maintenon!

G: Yeah! Louis has a new woman in his life in Maintenon and this is… like a woman he’s never been with before. She’s very very mature and she’s very equal to him in terms of power and status and can match him, and we see a relationship that’s a lot like Claire and Frank Underwood in House of Cards. We’re all equals and we see a lot of big decisions that he needs to make being made by her, which is fantastic, and I think the audience will really enjoy watching this realtionship develop