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number 12 of the  Love Live Graphic/Edit Challenge

T O P 9 U R C A R D S

Nico’s is my favorite. Hihi.

also, advanced warning: some of my cards may double. i’ll be doing separate wallpapers from the ones i used in the graphic/edit challenge. i don’t mind though, i hope you guys don’t as well! hihi

cards used:
Rin - Constellation Set | Umi - January | Nozomi - Halloween | Nico - Kunoichi | Maki - Circus | Eli - Christmas | Hanayo - March | Kotori - May/Fairytale | Honoka - June/Wedding Dress

extracts from: KachAgain (updated link!)

previous challenge: top 9 idolized cards | top N cards

music festival health happiness and safety tips pt.4 personal safety

these are very important tips about music festivals, health, safety, and drug use. If you don’t participate in those, that’s fine! But please know that some of your followers may be a person who is doing these things or is thinking about them, so it’s good to pass around.

Music Festival Tips

Personal safety

1. Get a layout for the whole festival sober, know where your tent is, your friends tents are, the food, bathrooms. If you can find it easily whole sober, you will be able to find it fucked up.

2. Know where the med tent is.

3. Connect anything you CANNOT lose to your body via fanny pack or belt. I carry water, gum, my phone, ~20$, condoms are extra important because you may not need them but someone else might, and your ID.

4. If you are under the influence of a stimulant or hallucinogen, what you want is going to change very very quickly. You will want to seek out certain environments or feelings, if you are going off alone, tell your friends.

5. Say hello to all of the people that you know and want to talk with, let them know what you’re doing and where you’re going and if you have a phone on you. Ask them the same.

6. You need to know the difference between what you WANT and what you NEED. For example, you need water, you want another shot. You have to take care of what you need first before you continue drinking or doing drugs. You need to eat, you might not be hungry but you need to eat. Make sure that you do that.

7. Because your mood is going to change very very quickly, be conscious of where you are and who you’re with. You might really be feeling sex with someone and then BAM nope you want to dance or be anywhere but there. I DO NOT suggest hooking up (sex) with absolute strangers for this reason. Because if they are still feeling sexy and you’re not, that could be bad if you are not in a place to defend yourself.

8. Ask your friends before taking any more drugs or alcohol on their opinion. Take time into account.

9. If you are feeling out of control or totally out of your body, keep walking and try to find a friend to hold on to. Sitting down could lead to passing out, so if you feel you need to get yourself near a friend or in the med tent.

10. Keep track of what your friends are doing, ask them if they’re good, how they’re feeling, what their world is like, and if they need any water, gatorade, or a snack.

11. I wear a firbit HR so I can monitor my heart rate, if you are sitting down and you’re up over 130bpm, keep chilling for a bit. You’ll be okay but you just need to wait and sit.