festi kid

i’ve talked to several of my friends lately about how drugs and festivals and shows used to be so much fun, how we used to have a great time doing a bunch of molly and going with the crew to a rather shitty dubstep show, or how we used to admire older people we met at festivals who were still doing tons of drugs and going to tons of festivals. or how the first time i went to a music festival i thought, “wow, this is what life should be like all the time, everyone’s so chill and happy and open and everyone does drugs”. but now it feels so boring and superficial. festy-kids with hula hoops and hat pins, trying to find their third eye and shit. realizing that the people you meet at those kinds of events really aren’t so amazing after all. realizing that sitting around and smoking weed all day and dropping too much acid isn’t fun after a while, it’s just boring. i want more out of life. i want to go places and do things and explore, not get high and talk shit all day. i want to be lively and adventurous. i’m sure i’ll do more drugs in my life, but they really do not have the same appeal they used to. i don’t even really want to go to any more music festivals. the whole scene gets very repetitive and tiring.

i am having a lot of realizations this summer and i am happy to be growing so much.