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For anon…this is going to be set before Rogue One. Since we know little about Fest, I’m making up what it looks like. Enjoy!

Y/N listened intently to the radio chatter going on. Her, along with Mon Mothma and several others, were listening to Captain Cassian Andor during his mission. Y/N, his girlfriend, had her hands balled into fists as she worried over the man.

“I’m sending the information I received from the informant,” his thick accent relayed, “K2, get back to the ship!”

Y/N clenched her jaw. He rarely ordered around K2SO when he was still on comm.

“Something’s wrong,” she muttered.
“A few Imperial fighters are on my tail,” he reported after a bit of silence, “K2, set trajectory for Yavin 4.”

With each word spoken from her beloved, Y/N’s heart continued to sink. She knew Cassian was a skilled pilot, but it sounded like a whole calvary was after him. His yells, preparing for impact, smacked her chest. Her hand covered her mouth as she heard the water break the transmission.

Mon Mothma, and the others, bowed their heads in regret. One quietly informed that they received the information. The woman in white raised her gaze to Y/N. She already knew the poor girl felt broken.

Before anything could be said, she stormed out of the control room with every intention to leave.

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I feel if the Survivor got into a relationship with Preston/Cait/MacCready/Piper/Hancock or even Danse
They’d be doing like normal wasteland survival shit that they’re completely accustomed to doing like making a fucking campfire or some shit and the survivor who is a pre-war posh ass motherfucker with a robot butler would be all???? Holy shit??? They are doing so much and working so hard to survive they do so much???? I contribute nothing????
While MacCreadys making a fire out of sheer muscle memory scratching his balls wondering if they have any snack cakes left
Or Preston is stripping a radstag barely paying attention and whistling a little tune wondering if they should stop to stock up on ammo soon
Or Cait reinforcing and checking the perimeter before they go to bed arguing about whether or not they should ask the survivor to help her fix the underwire on her bra bc it’s been stabbing her for a good week
Or Piper stringing up traps and hanging their supplies from trees so critters don’t get into them and putting up a hammock asking herself if it’s REALLY worth it to badger that Warwick girl for an interview again
Or Hancock running down a radstag and fucking gunning it down thinking about how Fahrenheit and his boys are doing back in Goodneighbor and if she remembered Charlie needs repairs
Like Sole wouldn’t know how to do any of this shit and they’d feel so bad cuz as far as they see their companion is putting in all the work to keep them alive and they’re doing jack shit
But all the companions see is them doing stuff they’re so used to doing while the survivor is running down deathclaws and fixing holes in their clothes and finding ammo and unlocking doors they wouldn’t be able to find or do
And while the survivor is beating themselves up about being useless all their companion can think is ‘damn how’d I get so lucky?’


Tyler & Josh from Twenty One Pilots sat down with Tyler & Lynch backstage at X-Fest for a little make-up tutorial! If you want to be cool, here’s how.


↳ prompt: benefits of cynicism

human ideals are a messy distraction to your goals; you are glad to be rid of them.