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Week 38 and Week 39 (Two spreads for today because I was late with posting last week.)

I think that week 38 is more productive and busy, but I am really happy with how ecstatic week 39 was (It was our sports fest last Friday)

Now, I’m looking forward to an o-some October

In fandom, we don’t say “I greatly enjoyed this,” we say “asdkhasdkfhefuoiiasd,” which means “I am incoherent with feels,” and I think that’s beautiful.

One of the events the OTW is hosting for International Fanworks Day is a Feedback Fest! Because who doesn’t like hearing from people who enjoyed their fanworks? Watch for tomorrow’s news post for more information.

IT’S OFFICIAL! BookNet Fest is happening Friday, September 1st and Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 in Orlando, FL!

BookNet Fest is a book community convention that is made by the community for the community. We were planning it before the big BEA announcement which excluded a ton of reviewers, but it really was perfect timing with that development.

This is really about ALL bookish platforms of all sizes. Everyone is welcome, regardless of what platform you use to talk about books, how long you’ve been doing it, or what your following is. None of that matters at BookNet Fest. It’s about our love of books and the bookish community.

The focus of BookNet Fest is all genres! YA, adult, middle grade, SFF, romance… all of it! We will have creators from ALL platforms representing ALL genres! Viewers are welcome as well :) There will be something here for everyone. It’s about building community, being inspired, learning, and making friends!

Friday is going to be a trip to Harry Potter World (first day of school at Hogwarts is 9/1!) and Saturday is all the panels/workshops. This event is all about what you make it. If Harry Potter World doesn’t fit your budget or schedule, just come for Saturday and the panels! Or vice versa! That’s also why we chose Orlando, as it is a cheap travel destination with multiple discount flights and cheap hotels. We want as many people as possible who want to attend to be able to attend.

The website and pre-registration will launch this weekend so keep your eyes peeled. More information such as schedule and speakers will be announced in the coming months. We hope you are as excited as we are!

00yena  asked:

I READ A YOONMIN WHERE YOONGI WAS A FANSITE MASTER AND: imagine if jeongguk ran a fansite for taehyung and everyone around him was like ????? dude what but every time he met taehyung at fan-signs he was all flustered and adorable because he's so /starstruck/ and infatuated with taehyung <3_____<3


like he FREAKS out every time he gets a notif and tae’s like thanks for all your hard work keeping up the fansite!! i means a lot to me!! and remember to eat and take care and sleep well!! 


and tae is like aww u cutie <3 

and they continue talking and one time tae’s like meet me backstage !!! and kook gets to go backstage and CHILL WITH THE BAND ?!???! and all the members like kook and tease tae about “having good taste” and “i like this one” “keep him” “if you dont can i?” and kook is all O/////O 

and tae just kinda slings his arm around kook like ‘pft i swear any of you lay a finger on him~~ cause i saw him first so hes /mine/ right kookie? im ur fav?’ and kook is !!!! “of course!! ahh not that i don’t like you guys omg i didn’t mean it like that it’s just that–” 

and everyone laughs cause “aww he really is adorable” and “dont worry taetae he’s all yours” 




Fests just reminded me of feftschrift. Good word. Anyway, people seem to have this idea that there is nothing to do in Avalon. I sincerely beg to differ. There is almost always something to do. The prevalence of activities actually triggers something really negative in me sometimes. There are SO MANY things I should be doing, contacts I should be making, not just as a resident of Avalon, but as the new librarian. My personal expectations are so high that I can basically never reach them. Under that aegis, even though I have only been here for a little under three months, I should KNOW EVERYONE AND DONE ALL THE THINGS BY NOW. Having had little success in silencing that strident voice, I’m just going to try to practice kindness. To myself. Gratitude. For what is. But on to the pix because that’s why you are here (right, Kate?).

Thursday was Spring Fest. Friday and Saturday were the Arts & Crafts Festival. Avalon was hopping!

The library’s table at Spring Fest. I saw so many of the kids who come to my storytimes and over and over people asked me if I was the new librarian and told me how happy they, and Avalon in general, were that I am here. That’s what I should be concentrating on, not my imagined failures!

Planted by the kids from Catalina Kid Ventures, a daycare that I do storytime for. Awesome fundraising idea at Spring Fest!

I bought some basil.

It’s not an island event without ukulele. He played both fests.

These kids are from Ramona High School in Riverside. They all take piano and came over to play during both fests. They were so great, and their teacher, Ms. Barnes, was so supportive and enthusiastic. It warmed my heart to see emphasis on the arts in this day and age of standardized testing. Plus it was glorious to sit in at the library’s table and just listen to live piano. Bonus fact: many of these kids had never been on a boat before and most hadn’t ever been to Catalina.

Spring Fest

And again.

noej  asked:

me and my gf have a sugakookie au that kookie works as a tattooist and he's orphan and a boy of the streets and yoongi is an ex-rebel that dumped his freedom to take care of his ill mother when his father dies. he also inherits his father's legacy at the company he's a founder and is a millionaire with a (beard) fiancée by contract and his uncle trying to take all his money in cahoots with his fiancée and kookie just wants him to loosen up and have fun its great and angsty

and so they start chatting over yoongi’s backpiece and kook is ykno, as almost all tattoo artists are, chill and chatty and makin friends and shit so he asks yoongi about his life and god since when was the last time someone had asked yoongi so nonchalantly how his life is going? since when was the last time someone asked him that without an ulterior motive???

so yoongi tells him and kook just listens and yoongi is like i’m not stupid, i know my fiance and uncle are trying to get me married to her just so they can grab the money but hell if i’ll let them have it that easy and kook doesn’t judge so he nods and honest to goodness tries to think up some solutions to help out and yoongi is real appreciative and over the couple of sessions that it takes for kook to get the backpiece done, they become friends, and kook asks yoongi if he wants to come out for a couple of drinks cause musta been a while since you had shit beer at a dive bar huh and yoongi is like… yeah actually… 

so they get drunk (why do all my aus involve someone getting drunk and shit happening wow im sorry im just a raging alcoholic) and kook is like yoooo i gotta great idea /we/ should get married so that ur uncle and fiance can’t keep tryna hop ur dick and yoongi’s like loololololol that actually might work!!! and they laugh it off but wow hello they end up making out against the bar and yoongi kinda loves it and kinda doesn’t wanna stop but he’s gotta he has shit to do work to get done an entire company to run his mom to take care of and he can’t just up and leave like this so he goes back to try and deal with his shit and he and kook keep texting occasionally just random harmless stuff but like a month and a half later, yoongi comes crashing into the tattoo parlor wide eyed and breathless and super shaken up and kook is like whats wrong talk to me cmon yoongi dont clam up on me now 

and yoongi tells him that his mother is tanking and he doesn’t know what to do and his uncle and fiance and fucking moving in to attack and take the company and he doesnt know what to do becaue he NEEDS this company to make sure his mom stays in tip top medical care facilities and kook just nods and listens to him ramble and then takes his hands and looks him in the eyes with a lopsided smile and says 

hey, lets get married


anonymous asked:

/whispers/ jikook police officer au where kook is the uptight justice upholder and jimin is the punk who keeps trying to to get his attention by doing all kinds of dumb shit but is too afraid to do something actually arrest worthy♡

kookie-time CRY WITH ME OH MY GOD

and when kook brings him in jimin will be all peachy and grinny and kook will be slightly annoyed and hella confused like why the fuck would someone WANT to be brought in and like it’s not like this is his first time dealing with jimin cause he’s caught him in the streets a couple times before but it’s always too minor and he’s interrogating jimin and jimins just like oh man getting ur attention was so hard and kooks just ???? u did all that just to get my attention ??? and yoongis on the side like well someone’s gotta crush and suddenly kook is hyper aware of jimin like always kinda there on the streets and of how he’s kinda thought jimin was cute before and wow he’s in cUFFS UHM???? “Y yeah sorry you can go it’s fine whatever” like not looking at jimin telling someone else to uncuff him and escort him out and jimins kinda upset cause ??? Why so brisk all of a sudden ? “Wait I thought u were gonna interrogate me?” “It’s fine you didnt really do anything wrong” “but I wanted to talk–” “stop wasting my time” “oh.” /fuck that’s not what kook meant he’s just at work and maybe he wanted to talk to jimin without the interrogation table between them without cameras and one way mirrors/ “hey wait that’s not–” “whatever it’s fine I’ll go” “don’t–I mean just sit–” “wouldn’t wanna waste more of your precious time–” “I said /sit/” “…. Alright fine chill god… What?” And he’s carding his hand through his hair and /god/ kook thinks jimin could really use a shower but he looks good a lil sweaty and kinda huffy “uhm… What are you doing on Sunday?” “Huh??? Is this part of the interrogation?” Kook is blushing and he can almost HEAR yoongi across the mirror cackling and no doubt that the entire department will know about this by the end of the day but he’s stalled long enough “yeah it is just answer the damn question.” “Uh nothing?” “Uhm there’s a really good brunch place on fourth and 15th be there at 11am.” “……..” And a tiny grin spreads across jimins face “is this part of my punishment?” Kook is fidgeting with his hands and he’s NEVER gonna hear the end of this really “yeah something like that.” “Alright then.” “Alright.” Then a brief silence “so I can go?” And kook is still avoiding jimins eyes “yeah you can go… Just don’t be late.” “Yessir” and sweet god jimin needs to not say that ever again when there’s other people in the room and then “uh officer?” “What?” Kook looks up finally cause damn has jimin always called him that ? “Can you uncuff me or do I have to stay cuffed till Sunday?” And the look on jimins face–he’s smiling too wide eyes too bright– and kook has half a mind to tell him to keep the cuffs on.

smoke and mirrors

Summary: The Doctor’s injured and he and Rose must find a place to camp for the night. Making a fire to ward off the cold turns out to be a more complicated process than anticipated. (Nine/Rose magic UA)

A/N:  Part of the Everyday Magic verse (AO3 // tumblr) but can be read separately. Set a week after “magic or madness” and quite some time before “the witching hour”

A/N #2: written for the @timepetalsprompts ficlet friday prompt/ Fall Fic Fest prompt of “bonfires and fireplaces.” Magical campfires count, right? Also mostly hit the bonus twist for ficlet friday! :)

Word Count: 1500


“Just a little bit further, Doctor,” Rose said soothingly, trying not to let on how quickly she was tiring as she supported the majority of his weight. He’d been injured as they fled the capital city of Deritgin and there was no way they would be able to make it all the way back to the TARDIS in the condition he was in.

“You’ve been sayin’ that for fifteen minutes,” he groused. He tried to take more of his weight and winced when his left leg buckled under him.

Rose stumbled with him but kept them both upright. “Stop trying to do that, it’s not helping,” she snapped. “I can see a cave of sorts up ahead and we’re going to stop there so I can tend to that wound and we can warm up.”

The Doctor glanced down at the top of her head guiltily. He hadn’t even registered the ambient temperature of the planet. As it the sun went down the temperature had dropped to near freezing and Rose was just in jeans and a light hoodie that was not nearly enough protection.

“If we stop for a minute I can give you my jacket. Don’t feel the cold as much, me.”

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chimchimallow  asked:

oKAY THEN WHAT ABOUT jungkook working in a host club (who also owns it) and one day jimin appears who wants to learn how to be a host because he likes the attention he will get from the guests and jungkook likes what he's seeing in front of him and--

so he’s like alright, lets put you in as a waiter for now and you can learn on the go – and then he finds out that jimin can also dance cause one day when jimin is cleaning up, kook finds him swaying to the music and he’s not bad at all, so kook asks jimin to dance for him and while jimin is a lil embaressed, he gets really into it and kook is SOLD. so jimin becomes a host, and he quickly becomes one of the most popular hosts in the entire place and all the while him and kook are chatting and they become friends but jimin doesn’t know that kook is younger, and kook doesn’t quite want to tell him because he REALLY likes jimin and he thinks that jimin might look at him differently if he knew how young kook is –

but eventually, kook watches jimin get showered in all this attention and he realizes the tight feeling in his chest is because he might or might not be falling for jimin but dAMN does jimin even swing that way? kook didn’t even know he swung this way till, well, he sWINGS this way for jimin for sure. and all of a sudden, he can’t help imagining what it would feel like to have jimin look at him like /that/, smile at him like /that/, lean in and whisper against his ear, what it would feel like to /feel/ jimin next to him, against him –

and one night when all the hosts go out for drinks, jimin gets a lil tipsy and gets really giggly and red and he’s sitting right next to kook and kook can’t help blushing too cause jimin is leaning in too close and his eyes are so huge and dark and bright and kook could /drown/ in them if he’s not careful and he’s never one to be too careful anyways. but he manages to somehow make it through the whole night without doing anything before jimin is falling asleep against his shoulder and kook is helping half-carry jimin back into kook’s apartment cause he doesn’t know where jimin lives and jimin wakes up when kook puts him on the couch and says “you smell nice” and kook blushes wayyyy too hard and scoffs like “it’s just the cologne” and jimin “no, it’s you – you always smell nice.” and kook sighs cause jimin’s not letting go so he sits down on the couch and jimin curls up against him, giggling like “i probably won’t remember this in the morning so lemme just pretend for now okay?” and kook doesn’t really know what he’s talking about but something in his chest says that /yes you do/ so he asks “what do you mean pretend what?” and jimin’s dozing off again mumbling “that you like me too…”

and the next morning, jimin wakes up in kook’s bed and they’re both wearing clothes but kook is awake already, and when their eyes meet, kook just grins and leans down to kiss jimin’s nose with a “let’s not pretend anymore.”


anonymous asked:

BTS Police Academy AU?!

FRICK like 


just bts in UNIFORMS 

but hyung line as the mentors and maknae line as new recruits who have to live together in those giant dorm bunk rooms and namjoon is runs them through morning drills and vminkook tie for first all the time, become best friends, and make friendly competition of everything 

but shit gets real when they go out for their first actual missions and most people quit after their frist time in the field cause its too much – they work special forces and the amount of blood they get on their hands isnt anything to shrug at but vminkook toughs through it all and swear over shots and drinks and sliced thumbs like dreamers and little boys that they’ll be brothers forever 

so hyung line takes maknae line under their wing and forms a subunit 

this is starting to sound like shounen manga omfg 


I have had several people ask when I would be hosting another Friday FUCK-FEST, so I decided April 17th sounded like a good fucking date to have one. This gives you all one full week to save up posts so we can bombard tumblr with a lot of fucking FUCK posts. 

Remember the fucking rules and invite all of your fucking friends to have some fucking fun with us. This is always, Always, ALWAYS a good fucking time, and I fucking love being your fucking Friday FUCK-FEST hostess. 

**please note that I do my best to blog as many posts from you all as I can. There are so many people who participate, and who do multiple posts, that I can’t get to all of them. I try to blog them later on in the week so that I haven’t left any out. These events usually put me in tumblr jail, but it is sooooo worth doing the time to have fun with you all! 


anonymous asked:

au's whereas kook's a shit-eatin artist & alwys gives jimin shit, and even tho jim laughs/smiles, he don't know If jk Is joking or If he actually dislikes him-they're dormmates & wen jk Is banter-ing w/ jim, jim notices jk Is alwys drawing when he Is, so 1 day, jim ends up rlly thinkin jk hates him cos he don't even look at him wen he speaks - he gets rlly deprssed 1 night cos he can't deal, he leaves his bed at night to find jk passed out In liv room w/ papers around him tht are jimin sketches-


and jimin just picks them up with shaking fingers like… are these… me? and he sits down next to kook on the couch and kook jolts awake and sees jimin holding the scattered sketches and blushes WAY too hard, reaching out to snatch them back but jimin just kinda smiles and says

so, do i make a good model?

and the way his voice is cracked makes kook’s heart break so kook sighs and cards a hand through his hair, swallowing hard like

the best…

jimin: why didn’t you ever let me see these?
kook: cause…. it was embaressing… and i didn’t know if …. i dunno if you’d think i was creepy or… i dunno…
jimin: /still flipping through the sketches and there are SO many of them, him laughing, smiling, frowning at something, making funny faces, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping– / you watch me sleep?
kook: /still blushing too hard, frowning even harder / you… make interesting faces when you sleep.
jimin: do i?
kook: always makes me wonder what you’re dreaming of…
jimin: /and he smiles because kook is softening up now, so he takes a deep breath and / what would you say if i told you it was you?
kook: /swallows thickly/ then… i’d tell you to wake up, cause i’m right here.