Mattie and I walked down to the Bean, raspberry soy chais. We ran into Brendon and hung out with him, then Steve found us for a few minutes, then I saw Darcie. As the Bean was closing I found Alex (where else would he be?) and we made vague plans for NYE.

Mattie, Brendon and I went to Hermann’s, met up with his friend, sat around drinking and telling stories. –oh, the “fingered with fingery fingers” story, how I love you–

Then Mattie and I walked back to my place, which was slightly colder than anticipated but nothing we couldn’t manage. Champagne and long talks and cuddles. I hate that I only get to see her every once in a while.

Yeasayer last night. Crazy amazing show.

Went with Alex, Katt, Hannah and Devin. Katt got a setlist and one of their cactuses, which, spoiler alert, is fake. Then we went to the bar for karaoke and delicious slices of cheese salvation from Sgt Pepperoni’s. Back at Hannah’s we discovered that the kittens had clawed open a bag of Franzia, and were possibly (probably) drunkkittens, and then we sat on the roof to look at the stars and the city for a while.