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I’m proud your awake now tell me a bed time story! :D

Once upon a time there was a little Taggling. The Tag had been on a long adventure to go and visit the stars to fill up a bowl of twinkling dust. Tag had to climb all the way up the night sky from the very bottom rung on the horizon, negotiating the tricky weirdway ladders in order to reach every star. But before the last star, Tag discovered the night sky was broken! The weirdway snapped off.

The rabbit that had been hiding behind the last star came out and laughed obnoxiously. “You think all that twinkling dust belongs to you? No! I need it to fertizile the moon to make my moon tea-trees grow. I will fight you for it, Little Taggling!”

But Tag was crafty and resourceful.

“I was only collecting this twinkling dust as a gift for you, Moon-Rabbit. I saved this star, right next to the moon, for last so I could bring you everything that I’d gathered.”

The moon-rabbit was astonished, for humans never brought her gifts. Maybe this human didn’t know that fertiliser took two ingredients, not only the twinkling dust but also the fresh spilled blood of a living being. The Rabbit smoothed her ears back and smiled.

“Why Taggling, I had you all wrong. Please come back to my Cottage and share a spot of tea with my home made strawberry and dragonfly tarts.”

Tag accepted the Rabbit’s arm, climbed onto her back and rode her across the dark sky to the moon. There was a lovely cottage with a little white table and two white chairs set out front on the silver dust front lawn.

The Rabbit wobbled Tag off her back. “Please take a seat. I’ll bring the tea and the tarts. Put your bowl on the table.” 

Tag smiled and curtsied for the Moon-Rabbit and did indeed take a seat. It was not every day one got to sit and have tea on the moon lawn.

The Rabbit came back after two minutes and nineteen seconds, one paw carrying a a tea tray and the other a plate of beautiful pink and shiny-blue tarts. She placed the tarts on the table and then began to pour the clear sparkling moon-tea-tree-tea.

Tag took a tart and ate it. It was delicious, especially the crunchy pieces of exoskeleton.

“Don’t forget your bowl.” The Rabbit reminded with a kindly expression as she pushed a teacup towards Tag.

“Oh, right! I had forgotten, thank you Moon-Rabbit.” Tag smiled. “It’s right down here, I put it beside my chair to leave table room for our evening tea.” 

The Rabbit looked down as Tag took one of the teacups and drank the warm soothing beverage. I was delicious too, especially the tiny glittering moonrocks.

“Yes, yes. Perfect. Thank you my dear.” The Rabbit beamed, none the wiser as she picked up the remaining cup and took a huge greedy gulp.

Tag smiled primly and stood up, a pendulum following the opposite course to the fallen Rabbit. “Good Night Rabbit, you’re right, I am perfect. Too bad you weren’t.”

The Taggling stepped over the corpse and picked up the bowl of twinkling dust. After taking the time to add a few of those delicious tarts to the bowl, Tag picked up the Rabbit’s chair. 

“One, Two.” Tag practised the swing. “Three!” The corpse sailed up away off the moon, through the hole in the sky, gone forever. With the job well done, Tag picked up the bowl and walked over to the lunar fall and jumped down into the stream of curdled moonlight.

The moonlight carried Tag down down back to earth back to a familiar warm, comfy bed. Tag placed the bowl on the bedside table and lay back, star kisses and night time songs bringing down the cloud of sleep over the world of humans.

Good night <3