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I use this app called “Clue” to track things with my period and they sent out this information today about gender dysphoria and menstruation and I thought I would share it for my transmasculine/nb/agender buds who are either looking for an inclusive app or just a helpful read. Here is the article

If you get a period, I recommend this app. It not only tracks the dates and how heavy your period is, but it also lets you track things like PMS, mental health, eating habits, exercise, sex life, cramps, headaches, and more, for every day of the month. I think it’s really helpful and it alerts you when your period, PMS, and fertile window are approaching. 

Wet or sticky? What your cervical fluid is telling you

Tracking your cervical fluid can give you clues about what hormonal changes and events are happening in your body right now. Understanding your own patterns can help you to know when ovulation has occurred, and when you might be able to skip the lube. Getting to know your fluid can also allow you to recognize when something may be off — from an infection or hormonal issue, for example.

The ebbs and flows of cervical fluid

The cervix is the passageway between your lower and upper reproductive tract. It has glands in and around it which produce fluid. The quality, consistency, and volume of this fluid changes along with your cycle. The pattern and experience of these changes is different for everyone but cervical fluid tends to follow a consistent cyclical pattern. It changes in quality, quantity and function. This happens in response to your changing hormones. At different times, cervical fluid acts to facilitate or prevent sperm from moving past your cervix (1). It also contains antibodies, and helps to keep out unhealthy bacteria and viruses (2).

A fluid timeline

1. Menstruation: Start of cycle

On day one of the cycle, both estrogen and progesterone are low. The cervix is not likely producing much fluid, but you won’t be able to tell, as it’s mixed in with blood, endometrial tissue and dissolved remnants of a disintegrated egg.

2. Dry/Sticky: Early-to-mid follicular phase

In the early follicular phase, estrogen starts to rise (it’s produced by your follicles as they grow). This rising estrogen leads to increased production of fluid. You probably won’t notice much of it in the days after your period — these are “dry” fluid days for many people — some might notice “sticky” fluid. Typically, cervical fluid first becomes noticeable around the middle of the follicular phase (day ~7 in a 28 day cycle) (3).

3. Creamy: Mid-to-late follicular phase

It may start sticky, but as estrogen and water content rises fluid tends to become ‘creamy,’ cloudy (not clear) and whitish or yellowish. Research has shown sperm can start to swim through cervical fluid on about day ~9 of a 28 day cycle (1).

4. Egg White/Wet: Late follicular phase/mid-cycle

As ovulation approaches, more cervical fluid is produced. Fluid becomes stretchier, clearer and more wet and slippery — like an raw egg white. This fluid tends to “peak” about 1–2 days before ovulation, when estrogen is highest (3). Around that time fluid can often be stretched several inches between your finger and thumb. For others it may be more watery. The amount of peak fluid the body produces is different for everyone, but it can be up to 20x more in some cases (4). This fluid is about 95% water in weight, and 5% solids (electrolytes, organic compounds and soluble proteins)(2). If you’re having sex and using lube, you may notice you need less around this time. *Note that the presence of fertile-type cervical fluid alone cannot confirm ovulation — it’s not accurate enough on its own to use for a FAM method or pregnancy prevention.

5. Dry/Sticky: Luteal phase

As soon as ovulation is over, fluid changes — even before you notice a visual change, it will already have become more fibrous and less penetrable for sperm (1). In the day or two after ovulation (the first days of the luteal phase), cervical fluid lessens and becomes much thicker. Progesterone, the dominant hormone in this phase, acts to inhibit the secretion of fluid from the epithelial cells (1). You may notice little fluid, or it may be sticky (or something else unique to you).

Note that every body is unique — these changes may show up differently for you, or you may experience or interpret them in a different way.

To swim or stick — the changing role of fluid

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Omega Hux really wanting pups as he's getting older and his fertility window is closing but his alpha mate Kylo sayys no it's much to dangerous whilst the resistance is still at large

imagine how upset Hux would be too though

he wants pups, he wants a baby to fuss over and show it the love and support that he never had when he was younger and kylo–his mate, the one who’s supposed to help him–is preventing him from having a baby

so, what if hux tampers with his heat suppressants? what if he purposefully sends himself into heat (which is already dangerous because of his age) and he hasn’t had a heat in YEARS because they didn’t want to get pregnant

and kylo finds hux writhing and feverish in their bed and begging his alpha to help take his pain away

kylo’s rut consumes him before he can properly realises that knotting hux whilst he’s in heat would mean getting him pregnant

I got that strawbry plant last year at the end of the season and stuck it in the ground and didn’t do much with it and over the winter it pretty much shriveled up and tbh I wasn’t expecting much out of it but then when I went out to get my garden ready for the year it was pretty and had even started expanding and now!!! There’s strawbries!!!! And they’ll probably be ready to eat in a few days and I fucking love strawbries so that’s cool

Also the cantalopes pretty much just jumped out of the dirt, two days ago there was nothing there and then yesterday it was raining + I got home after dark and then today they’re already proper sprouts!!!!

And the things in the tiny experiment greenhouses are either pumpkins are squashes, I’m crossing my fingers for pumpkins but we’ll see, mom saved the seeds last year but forgot what they were

The little teeny one they I had to put the camera right up on is hopefully a flower, but may also just be a budding grass or clover shoot, because I’m terrible at growing flowers but GREAT at growing grass and weeds

Witchy hoe tip 101

If you had unprotected sex and think you might be pregnant. Especially you had unprotected sex during your fertile window, go to your local grocery store and buy water and parsley.

Make parsley tea with boiled bottle water. Drink 2x a day. Your period should come in 4 days.

I advise you do this as soon as possible as if it’s like a plan B. You don’t want to take the morning after pill all the time.

Caution: will induce cramps and a mess.

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Received soooo many requests I actually feel bad for rejecting more than half of them to choose the 10 whoops but thank you guys for sending them in! It’s like 1230am right now and I’ll close requests as soon as I wake up tomorrow :-)

You’d think saving some honeymoon years for your marriage life before having kids as they come was the most perfect plan ever. You had it all planned out – spending a few years with just Jay with all the time and freedom in the world to just sit back and chill, go on late night dates, make out on the couch like overly passionate teenagers and take things further whenever and wherever you guys felt like it before actually trying for children. How hard would it be, right? Wasn’t that the whole point of the both of you relying so heavily on contraceptives anyway? Besides, the both of you were still young then, at the peak of your own careers and way too busy to even think about raising children…not until the the two of you were into the third year of marriage, dangerously close to your mid thirties and close to a year of trying way too hard to conceive.

And the fact that both of your parents have been asking you guys about it wasn’t providing much help either.

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Snapshot: Let’s Get Dirty

A hot and steamy smut inspired by the above picture. Photo edit by @anothermendesfangirl. Enjoy :-)

We had seen the dark clouds of impending doom looming in the sky as we left through the backdoor of the house in Upstate New York, but it didn’t deter us. It had been threatening to rain for hours now, but not so much as a drop had fallen. We were convinced we were going to be safe and make it back from our walk before the heaven’s opened up, but how wrong we were. We had made it to the edge of the woods when it started. First one drop, then two, followed by a vicious downpour. Zoe shrieked making a break for the house.

“Where are you going?” I asked laughing, chasing after her, grabbing her by the waist and spinning her around to face me..

“It’s raining!” she exclaimed, placing her hands on my shoulders.

It had been less than a minute and we were both already soaked through. My hair was hanging over my forehead, dripping water down onto her cheeks, mixing with the rest of the falling rain. “We’re already wet. What’s the rush?” I asked.

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Using NFP...if a couple has sex five days before her period, would that period be missed if she got pregnant, or would you have to wait until your next period to find out? It just seems so strange to me that you would know you're pregnant after 5 days since most pregnancy tests can't detect that early. Thanks!

There is almost no way that the woman would be pregnant from intercourse that occurred five days before her period. A period happens, on average, 12-16 days AFTER ovulation, so the couple would have missed that fertile window by a mile (as eggs can only live up to 24 hours after ovulation). Even if her post-ovulation phase was abnormally short, it would be a sign that either her ovulation was way too weak to be fertilized successfully, ovulation didn’t happen at all, or even if an egg WERE fertilized, it would be flushed out during the period because the egg didn’t have the proper hormonal support to stay attached to the uterine wall (the first two are more likely than the last, however).

I know that Clear Blue Easy pregnancy tests can test up to five days earlier than other tests, though they are less accurate that far away. Otherwise, it’s best to test the day you missed your period, and anytime after.

Fertile window begins

Ok so I guess according to calander I ovulate in Friday and fertile window begins today..
Confession: I really hate just having sex for breeding purposes I mean why be thinking about that why can’t we just enjoy making or even rough sex …point is why can’t we enjoy being young and in love in our marriage
Sry I do t mind handstand and yoga after baby dancing as long as I don’t feel like an animal for breeding

I hate that ttc is taking over it should not be like this…I’m taking vitamins and maca root powder to see if it helps balance my hormones I’m trying to lose weight by being conscious of what I eat I’m like 251 according doctors scale I need to lose those 51lbs technically more like 60-70 but 1 step at a time

I’ve lost 171 lbs I. 3 years it hurt me when my husband told me it was bc gastric bypass surgery & while yes it was I also i had to put work and effort I to eating decent afterwards

I felt like he thinks I don’t want it enough & I do but honestly the stress (family , the love , finances, ttc especially) has taken a physical and mental toll on me

Idk Monday I have a gyno appt hopefully I’m ok and just fat not broken

Ok end rant



Hey guys, I was just introduced to this app thanks to watching a video by Laci Green. Give a “happy hello” to Clue! Clean is so fucking awesome and incredibly easy to use.

How does it work?
Well, it starts off by getting to know you. What’s your age/your birthday; how long do your periods last, how long is your cycle length (the amount of days between one period up until the next). It asks you if you experience PMS, and how long you experience it for.

Now one of my personal favorite things about this app is it sends you reminders. What kinds you might ask? Well here’s a list:
• Your cycle is about to start.
• Your next cycle seems to be late.
• Your fertile window is coming up.
• You are estimated to ovulate today.
• Your fertile window has ended.
• PMS is coming up.
• Today is a good day to get a breast check.
• Don’t forget to take your pill.
• etc. etc. etc.

I totally recommend this app for anyone who wants to keep a close eye on their periods- I know I personally have a tough time keeping track of my period, and luckily, Clue is able to record them over the months and keeps you up to
par with your body. So go ahead and check it out, and get get familiar with your body. ~


Dawn: “How didn’t we realise it was twins sooner? I’m not prepared for two babies.”

Poppy: “I’m so sorry, I’ve failed you, I should have noticed sooner, I’m a kidney specialist, so this isn’t my area of expertise.”

Dawn: “No, you haven’t failed me. Mum is a twin, genetics failed me. Wait. Is is possible for the twins to have different fathers?”

Poppy: “Er, well I guess technically, you did sleep with them four days apart, and theres normally a five day fertile window…”

Dawn: “This is a nightmare.”

Poppy: “It’s highly unlikely. But I will test both babies just to be on the safe side, ok?”

Dawn: “This isn’t your area of expertise though, can I really trust you?”

Poppy: “Dawn, you can trust me. I’m your sister and I know how to do a DNA test, I promise. I’m sorry I have to go to work, will you be alright?”

Poppy saw Dawn’s eyes flicker to Tom who was still sitting on the bed, observing everything. If that’s who Dawn had chosen to confide in, she was going to have to accept it and trust that this time her sister’s judgement was correct.

Dawn: “I’ll be fine, Pops.”

Top 10 signs that you are TTC:

10. Baby shower invitations now hold the same appeal as an emergency root canal.

9. You get livid when your husband masturbates during your fertile window. 

8. Your iPhone’s camera roll is filled with pictures of ovulation tests. Taken through multiple filters.

7. When you see a glass of apple juice, you have an uncontrollable urge to test it for pregnancy.

6. You think it is totally normal to describe the consistency of your cervical mucus to your cycle buddy.

5. You have a menstrual cycle buddy.

4. You see TTC acronyms everywhere you look…DPO, CM, BBT…

3. You check Glow more than you check Facebook.

2. You have dozens of creative ‘pinned’ ideas as to how you are going to announce your BFP…

1. …but what you will really do is sit there speechless, and then cry, and then take another pregnancy test!

Ordinary (Prompt Fic #2)

@thatdarnsimmer asked for Abbie telling Ichabod she’s preggers with baby #2. 

This is another one set in the Trust & Love ‘verse. Which means Abbie is still a cop rather than an FBI agent, and Jenny is with Big Ash instead of Joe. Other than that, should be self-explanatory.

Abbie got pregnant for the first time after a single night of 18th century passion that she’d had every reason to believe would be erased from the timeline and even her memory when she returned to her home century. The second time was a lot more work.

The day after they slew the serpent-dragon bent on setting the world aflame in the seventh and final Tribulation, she and Crane slept in and nursed sundry bruises and singe marks. But the day after that she called her doctor and made an appointment to have her IUD removed.

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hello! sorry to bother, but i was wondering if you have any app recs for iphone and mac? i'm not looking for something specific, just some apps you really like in general. i really love your recs, and i hope i'm not bothering you with this!

wow, this is certainly unexpected! I have a list already which I made for my friend when she got her new phone, and these are all for iPhone/Mac, but may very well be available in other stores:


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