BC ~ Personal

About three months ago I decided to discontinue the pill, after 3.5 years of being single and not sexually active.

I noticed that being on the pill had made me slightly depressed and feeling suffocated and suppressed emotionally and spiritually, I wasn’t able to be me. I heard about the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, MPH from a lady I watch in YouTube: Fully Raw Kristina, and decided to check it out.

The book explains a natural method of birth control and fertility (Fertility Awareness Method or FAM) and really made sense to me, it was just an ah-ha moment for me and it felt so (dare I say natural lol), so since I was single at the time I thought, why not try it, so I discontinued the pill and it was amazing how happy and free I felt on every level after only a few days!!!! I had so many emotional and spiritual breakthroughs as well being off the pill!

Since restarting the pill again this past Sunday ¼/15 (my birthday of all days lol) I have been moody and foggy and just feeling suppressed again, not happy at all and just like a very heavy weight is setting on my shoulders. I chose to try it again, I was not pressured. The easy method of checking cervical fluid/temperature/cervix position every morning and charting is so much more easier and cheaper than the pill and there are no side affects unless you want them…😉 I believe Jenny McCarthy uses this method as well, if you want to look it up.

I have explained this lightly to my partner and will be having a more serious in-depth discussion about this method with him as I will not continue the pill after this cycle is done, I just can’t be me and I feel like I’m in a self made cage, a foggy curtain separating me from source….I should not have to suppress myself, sex (in my opinion) is as spiritual as you can get with another person and we should be able to enjoy and experience it at our fullest capacity…😉❤️❤️its a beautiful thing.

Thank you for letting me vent. :). And hopefully maybe I have informed some. :)

Any questions are welcome, I am not an expert, you can find many videos on YouTube about FAM, there is even a little machine you can get that tracts all the information for you if you want, but I prefer to use my basal thermometer and myself. 😉😊

Side note: I am not anti-pill, it just doesn’t resonate or work with my body at this point in my life, so I choose not to continue using it. 😊. Much love to all! ❤️