Plasticulture zucchini evolution: June 5 - July 17.

I give them a bi-weekly jolt of an organic liquid fertiliser through the clay pots. It smells like molten diarrhea.

To head off any questions: the three plants in the background with golden leaves are a yellow summer squash cultivar, not nitrogen deficient. The white spots on the leaves are a natural variegation, not powdery mildew.

tetsuyachoi  asked:

Excuse me, Yuuma-san. But can you suggest any plant that deers won't eat? They usually walk in my family's backyard to eat... almost every plant they see. I know that yellow works, but anything else? Thank you for your help if you have time!

Yuma: I would say that ya shouldn’t plant stuff where deers can find them, Sow… But ya can use something like milogranite to help your plants… It’s a fertiliser… I wouldn’t use it myself, but it will help.

Would you be able to tell me why my cactus has turned yellow in some spots between its spines?


The yellowing could be mite damage, sun scorching or something else. It’s hard to tell from the picture. If it spreads over the whole plant, then it’s probably mites, so you should try to treat it with a suitable acaricide. Moving it to a slightly shaded spot might help as well, as may giving it a dose of a balanced fertiliser.

Happy growing!

anonymous asked:

Hi I love your garden so much, it's beautiful! ❤❤❤❤ I was wondering, do you use any sort of fertilizer or what's your secret ? 😂

Thank you! I have no secrets, I use different fertilisers (succulents, acidic-soil plants, citrics, flowers in general) and try to put each plant in the most adequate place (sun/shade). And I don’t often show the failures in the blog, and there are quite a few 😖😖… 

Do you ever see a fruit, like a real one out in the world that isn’t a GMO and hasn’t been tampered with to make it four times it’s natural size and seedless and covered in fertilisers so it’s never even seen a bug, and think … oh … that’s what a strawberry is supposed to look like …

A rose grows lonely,
Amongst the thorns,
Of its fallen sisters,

Their husks,
A grey-brown landscape,
Of depression,
And pain past,

Where every movement,
Is a risk,
Potential harm,
For their beautiful descendant,
That came after,

The rose,
It grows,
Against the odds,
In soil fertilised,
By the fallen,
And the lost,

But could this flower,
Simply see beyond,
The grim immediacy,

It would know,
It grows,
In a vivid garden,
Full of beauty,
With sisters all around,

Other flowers,
Perhaps not roses,
But just as sweet,
And vibrant,

Each grows alone,
But not in isolation,
A sisterhood of colours,
In a quiet grove.

Being one of the leading stockists of lime based fertiliser in the region, Ann Munala has helped educate farmers on the benefits of planting in nutrient-rich soils. This after she received training on the same from Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation in partnership with Agra.

Ann testifies that she has seen farmers grow their harvest exponentially through the lessons she’s shared with them.

Shot for @aretestories and @AGRAAlliance reducing #postharvestloss, ending #foodwaste, building #resilience.

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(at Luanda Market)

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flower sonyeondan


chrysanthemum (chrysanth-eomma) because it is so decadently extra when it comes to its looks


the mint flower because nobody really believes that it is possible that it exists but it does and most people don’t really grow mint for it to flower but it does anyway and it persists and when you look at it up close it’s super delicate but when you look at it from afar it looks like a hot mess


sunflower because hobi is the sun


poison ivy flower because it is underrated but also god of destruction


daisy. so pure. so smol.


passionfruit flower.


lavender. looks good, smells good, easy to plant, grows with no fertiliser, is it’s own fertiliser, bee food, keeps bees alive, is its own colour, useful in massage, cooking, aromatherapy, medicine and cosmetics.

for the anon who asked - i thought i’d make an actual post about it

photo cred to those to whom the photos belong

@moonypond helped me because i don’t know flowers 

anyway fuck me i cant draw anything tonight but the reason i was going on about flarp grubs and termites and insect bats is because my new fantroll is gonna be like. a flarping clouder champion as opposed to a battle champion

and he has this special flapbug king which he carries around him and he uses it to fertilise the flarp grubs he’s playing with, yadda yadda gross biological game stuff. he biomechanically modifies it to make different game modes and stuff

he’s the dude who constantly drops product placement for trollritos and mountain lymph and that big gamewear company that makes the red and black headsets

he’s pretty famous, mainly for this flarp mod he made which makes the game grub lay fiduspawn eggs instead of flapstraction eggs. if you’re on the flarping or competitive fiduspawn scene you probably think it’s some pretty top shit but otherwise you’ve likely never heard of it 

Most romantic dates as suggested by emoji triplets
🚇🌹💊 - the m train, red roses from the discount florist on Bedford and a klonopin bought from an old babysitter
🚜🎷🌇 - we stick our fingers into the soil and feel how the clay has made it nutrient poor and resistant to fertilisation. somber jazz is playing as we gaze out at the cityscape and watch the apocalypse begin. The soil is poor and so are we.
🍶🀄️📠 - the potters wheel lies with a pot and a shadow half cast upon it, the tea steams and fogs up both our glasses, mahjong tiles sit untouched upon the table. The fax machine bzzrts and we both whip our necks to see if it’s come. false alarm. Again. We pour out more tea and wipe off the fog from our glasses with our index fingers. Fingernails rap anxiously on the wood and rotate playing tiles over and over.
👞🚬📦 - we take turns grinding each other like cigarette butts into the dirt, unpacking childhood traumas like new tenants do cardboard boxes