the western signs and their respective egyptian zodiac signs
  • Aries:Osiris, God of the Underworld
  • Taurus:Amon-Ra, God of Creation
  • Gemini:Seth, God of Chaos, Disorder and Evil
  • Cancer:Bastet, Goddess of Protection, Family, Love and Felines
  • Leo:Anubis, God of Death
  • Virgo:Thoth, God of Wisdom
  • Libra:Horus, God of Pharaohs and Kingdoms
  • Scorpio:Mut, Goddess of the Sky
  • Sagittarius:Sekhmeth, Goddess of War
  • Capricorn:The Nile, a symbol of fertality and life
  • Aquarius:Geb, God of Earth
  • Pisces:Isis, Goddess of Motherhood
  • *p.s. the dates for the egyptian zodiac do differ from the western signs so chances are you get a different sign than the egyptian counterpart