the western signs and their respective egyptian zodiac signs
  • Aries: Osiris, God of the Underworld
  • Taurus: Amon-Ra, God of Creation
  • Gemini: Seth, God of Chaos, Disorder and Evil
  • Cancer: Bastet, Goddess of Protection, Family, Love and Felines
  • Leo: Anubis, God of Death
  • Virgo: Thoth, God of Wisdom
  • Libra: Horus, God of Pharaohs and Kingdoms
  • Scorpio: Mut, Goddess of the Sky
  • Sagittarius: Sekhmeth, Goddess of War
  • Capricorn: The Nile, a symbol of fertality and life
  • Aquarius: Geb, God of Earth
  • Pisces: Isis, Goddess of Motherhood
  • *p.s. the dates for the egyptian zodiac do differ from the western signs so chances are you get a different sign than the egyptian counterpart
From @dailyau 's prompt about your otp stuck in an elevator



Kevin heard the screech from his side as the power faltered (how could he not hear?) Feeling his associate next to him grip the ginger’s broad shoulders that clung to his muscles, the smaller one’s chest heaved frantically against Kevin’s back, holding on for his life as if the elevator was about to drop.
But it wasn’t, and Kevin winced at the contact he hadn’t felt since college, the last time he engaged in any sort of sexual encounter, and his body (though he hadn’t realized it) was yearning for the touch of small fingertips. He was dazed.


Kevin didn’t know him personally, in fact they seldom passed each other, yet now, with the tension, the pressure, he couldn’t help.but hold on himself, by clutching his fits and biting his bottom lip so harshly he could have sworn it would need stitches.

Yet somehow, the accountant’s hands only got tighter.

“E-ee-hey!” Kevin barked out, voice cracking like a teen in puberty, feeling his face darken with embarrassment and unconfidence in the black whole of a room.


“Shh,” He cooed, turning his boast the best he could with he arms around him like they were, “It will be okay, I’m here.”

His breath was hot against the other’s face, like an dose of medication Kevin felt the hands relax slightly. He smelled like Chinese food, a trait he wouldn’t know yet the other would enjoy, for it was his favorite.

Edd felt his hair stick to his skin, forehead and neck layered with sweet from his nervous outbursts, it became an adhesive. He was sure that along with the other, his breath had managed to meet with the other, he only hoped that his toothbrush had been able to evoke the scent of the tuna sandwich he ate for lunch. Because this other male in front of him, seemingly massive was like a god sent angel to help him with his greatest fear (actually, second greatest, for heights is his first) he wanted to thank the other, but no sound would travel from his vocal chords. So instead, he fell to what his demons wanted and let more small tears escape from the corner of his eyes, he tired to go without the other knowing for he was an adult not a child who lost their mother in Wal-Mart, but he couldn’t do it and a small sob was released.

Kevin heard instantly, “Hey, hey, it’s okay.” Kevin allowed himself to break company policy(not like the other had followed it, however he was sure he wouldn’t get caused of sexual harassment for this) and drape his arm over the other’s neck, pulling them closer in the confined space of the elevator, he let his other arm and hand tail up to the back, where he felt the rough fabric of a sweater vest. “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

And then poof, and the lights were back on.

The two stared into each other’s pupils, light adjusting them. Edd admired the green eyes before him, unaware that up close they were combined of thirty colors in one. Kevin did the same, enjoying the ways the blues merged in the watery orbs, even the white of his eyes had a shine.

It was silent for a minute, before the doors opened, people most likely peering inside.

“Can I,” the ginger paused, blinking to gather this thoughts, “Take you, to lunch, tomorrow, please?”

Edd nodded while his mouth curved into a toothy smile, where Kevin got a view of the gaped space, he grinned.

“Well, well, well,” the voice was obvious as to who owned it, the suited other let his arm fall over the ginger’s shoulders, he smirked. Edd was fearful of the pierced other who got uncomfortably close to the both of them.

“What do you want Nat?” Kevin growled in annoyance.

“Uh, uh, uh, that’s Mr. Dr. Superior officer Nathan to you Kevin.”

“Nat you were promoted a level higher then me.”

“Still a level but seriously, now that the power’s back on we need to file.”

“Yeah.” Kevin sighed, “Whatever.” He pulled his arms off the other, reluctantly, standing in front of Edd without any contact.

They both relax, giving the other a final smile before Kevin headed out.

Neither could wait for lunch the next day.