100-year-old saved from chip pan fire

“The hero of the day was 74 himself, but as an ex-retained firefighter, had knowledge and skills.”

A chip pan can be a worse death-trap than an electric blanket.

Officers will next week visit homes in the area around Mrs Kelly’s house, where there are many elderly residents.

“We are happy with Mr Spence’s actions and thankfully the outcome was a good one.“

Mr Stafford said: “We have been promoting not using chip pans for about ten years, but will go back out there to spread the message.

omg my legs are so sore right now

but it’s been a good day. got a lift into town from michaels mom and had a look around some shops since i had like 2 hours to kill before michael finished work. i found a cute scarf in primark and a pair of earrings in new look. after i met michael we went to kfc for dinner and then we walked down to ferryhill for the viweing of the flat. we were there a bit early so we took a walk around the park and the area and i fell in love with it straight away. and the flat, oh, its so small but so perfect. we’ll definitely put in an offer on it, but we’re gonna go for a second viewing first, and that time we’ll bring a tape measure, haha. i just want it to be miiiiine (ours)! :D