April 7, 2016 -on the ferry yesterday morning heading into Woods Hole harbor for a short day trip. The winds were blowing hard, so quite a rocky trip over, which I always enjoy. A storm was due in later in the day, so I was starting to worry about getting back over to the Island in the late afternoon, since they will cancel the ferries if winds are too high.

The Return Trip

When the Block Island Ferry returns from the island late in the day, there is a certain feeling that occurs among the passengers and crew. The families usually have a happier and more relaxed look on their faces, the children are usually looking around and playing with their favorite island souvenir, and the crew are usually friendlier and more relaxed. It’s the “Block Island Effect”. 

The “Block Island Effect” is in ful relaxed mode as the M/V Anna C eases into the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge and prepares for final approach to the Port of Galilee, she is throttled back a bit and the change is seen as her wake and bow wave reduce and a puff shows from her stack. Perhaps even the ship is relaxing a bit and feeling that “Block Island Effect”.

The Return Trip photographed from the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, Narragansett, RI by Keith R. Wahl co-owner / co-founder of Made From RI LLC and is available for purchase at MadeFromRI.com in addition to a variety of Rhode Island photos in various formats and merchandise made exclusively from Rhode Island. Text Written by Keith R. Wahl.

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How to Travel to RUSSIA without a Visa

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So guys I’m off to Ireland! I don’t know what the situation will be like over there so you might not hear from me for a few days! Maybe send me some nice asks to get me through my ferry trip? (Since I get horribly seasick)

Laura & Carmilla | The End

They were supposed to leave at sundown, which had left her with little time to clean up all the loose ends. Laura had frantically typed an e-mail to her professors that stated she had to meet with her father’s lawyer in Styria and would be out of the country for the next week. She sent a similar e-mail to Elizabeth, relieved that, at least, she was currently with Victor and she wouldn’t have to lie to her face. 

A week seemed like a reasonable amount of time. She had to give the plan plenty of time to come to fruition. Once Carmilla arrived, she had her bags packed. Most of her things were shoved into trunks and she lied and said she would send for them later. There was no sense in carting them over in the ferry.

The trip to the mainland had been uneventful. Laura had been practically pressed against the window of the train that took impossibly long to cross the country. By the time they reached France, her anxiety began to take hold, despite her attempts at remaining calm and collected. She explained it as excitement, although it was anything but. The rare moments when she did allow herself to relax made her feel guilty. 

They were given a roomy compartment on the luxury train. Laura was quiet as she set her things down on the little bed. There was no debarking the train; it went straight to Austria. It would be too late to go back now. She realized that once the train station began to shift and blur, passing by in a rush of steam and clamoring. “Tell me now,” she said abruptly, sitting on the edge of the bed and folding her hands in her lap. 

🔥 let the flames begin


Camping; in theory, it should have been a simple, fun little activity, yet it had been an experience that Nam Dawon had never received the opportunity to enjoy. There had been several occasions when the girl had almost gone camping… though unprecedented variables had somehow always managed to hold her back in the end (which was just her luck, or lack thereof). More often than not, Dawon would go out of her way to prepare for the planned camping trips, such as preparing her bags in anticipation for the relaxation that was soon to come; though when the time to leave finally came around, it seemed that her misfortune had returned to bite her in the ass once more (leaving her disappointed but not surprised that yet another trip had been cancelled). Once in particular, about a month ago, Dawon made it the furthest she’s ever been on a camping trip; the ferry that was intended to carry her and the other passengers to a nearby island where they could enjoy a nice little weekend together, though even this trip had been cancelled due to Dawon getting sick after eating ill-prepared cupcakes (she still thought the cupcakes were worth it, though).

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Cycle trip. Klaipeda -》Amsterdam --》Klaipeda

Day 1.

Feel motivated and especially physicaly prepared as never before. Last year’s trip around Lithuania gave experience and boost for this years trip to NL.

Constant ride with road bike and prepareness for road cycling build core fitness.

1 stage. Klaipeda -》Kiel. Trip by ferry.

Every 1k trip starts from taking a ferry :)