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Human Things

word count: ~2800

Summary: You decide Cas needs to experience a normal “human thing” - a sleepover. (Cas x reader fluff)

You were currently standing in the kitchen of the bunker, snacking on some grapes.  You could pretty much feel Dean’s judgment on your snack choice, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care.  He was sitting at the kitchen table, laptop in front of his nose, looking at Chuck-knows-what.

Sam was in the library, searching for a case.  It had been almost a week since you had gotten back from your last hunt, and things were getting a bit boring.  There were only so many nights in a row the three of you could head into town to have a few beers at the local pubs, so you all decided to stay in tonight.

As you turned to grab another grape to pop in your mouth, Cas appeared next to you.

“Geez, Cas.  One of these days you’re gonna give me a heart attack,” you berated, before eating your grape.

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Jason todd x reader

Warnings: mention of death. And Anda bit of porn.

Because yesterday was his death day.


It’s the day. April 27th. You know what today was. God how could you ever forget it?

You knew jason knew what day it was too. Every year on this day…jason was a

He tried to bottle it up but… it never really worked. Today you were determined to make it diffrent tho.

You had been planning this for weeks. you knew he wouldn’t want to get out of the house today, so you were going to make this the best day ever.

As you slowly and quietly rolled out of bed, you hopped your way to the kitchen to start with your plans.

You were going to start with making the pillow fort. It was only 7 and you knew he would stay In bed later today so you had lots of time.

Before you proceeded with the fort, you had called Alfred. Being as terrible at cooking as you were, it was best you let Alfie do that part for you. He was more than happy to oblige.

Running to the linen closet, you grabbed what you needed. Making pillow forts was like an Olympic sport to you. You had everything you would need to make a castle that wouldn’t fall down through the day.

After spending and hour and a half on the fort, Alfred had arrived with your food and had insisted upon helping you set the table for everything.

He had brought his signature waffles and sausages along with home made whipped cream, maple syrup and berry sauce.

Jason was going to love this. When everything was set up, you crept back into your room. As you expected, he was still sound asleep.

Placing a kiss on him lips, you gently shook him awake. “Jason. It’s time to get up” Slowly opening his eyes, he looked at you.

“Is it….” it pained you to know that it was still such a sensitive subject that he couldn’t even say it. With a sad smile, you pull him out of bed.

“It is. But it’s not going to be like all of the other times. I promise.” As the two of you walk into the kitchen, you see his eyes light up at the table which was perfectly set up.

“Did you do this?” His eyes are full of bewilderment.

With a smirk you press a kiss to his cheek.

“No. I got Alfred to help with the food. Come sit” leading him to one of the hairs at the small rectangular table, you take a seat next to him knowing he would want you close.

As breakfast progressed, the two of you made small talk. After you both had finished eatting, you cleaned up the dishes and put everything away.

“That was perfect babe. Thank you”

with a smirk, you pull him up from the table, you cover his eyes with your hands and lead him to the living room.

“The day has just started.” Uncovering his eyes, you watch as his eyes grow to the size of the moon. He absolutely loves when you make forts and sit with him in them all day.

As you enter the fort (as pictured above)

Sit him down on the mass of pillows.

“I thought we could have a cuddle day and watch all of a bunch of movies” smiling you push play on the remote and the breakfast club comes on. Wrapping him up in your arms, you place his head on your chest and rub circles on his back.

After watching the breakfast club, you watch sixteen candles, Greece, ferris bullers day off and many other movies.

By time you had finishes watching all of his favorite movies, it was 9 pm. Time for the final phase of the plan.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.”

You run to the bathroom that is attached to your bedroom and start to fill it up adding in some epson salts, lavender oli, bubble bath, rose petals and also lighting a few candles.

Quietly sneaking to the kitchen, you grab a bowl of strawberries, 2 glasses and a bottle of the most expensive wine you have which you had stolen from wayne manor.

When the tub had finished filling up, you went to get jason.

“Babe, come with me.” You whisper in his hear.

Standing up he follows you into the dimly lit bathroom.

“And what’s this?” He says looking and rest you with a smirk.

“This is relaxation at its finest” you say as you slowly take off his boxers.

“Get in” giving him a slight push, he slowly places him self in the tub. Turning to the sink, you take the cork out of the bottle of wine and poor him and You a glass.

Peeling Peeling off your underwear, you tell him to slide toward in the tub.

Getting in behind him you pull his shoulders back so he is resting on your chest.

Hading him his glass, you start placing kisses on the back of his neck.

“I love you so much jason”

With a hum in response, he tilts his he’d back so that it is resting on your shoulder.

As you both slowly sip your wine, we remember your strawberries. Grabbing the bowl, you start to feed them to him

“What did I do to end up so lucky and be with you?”

“You’re not the lucky one. ” you murmur into his neck.

Somehow, he manages to move you so you are sitting on him with your legs wrapped around his lower torso.

“I dont think so” he growls ands he presses his lips to yours.

The kiss is full of love and passion but slowly turns needy and full of lust.

As you pull away for air, his lips trail down to your collection bone leaving a trail the whole way down.

Making his way back up to your lips, he hits your sweet spot making you moan out in pleasure.

You feel him smirk as he takes his time to leave leave a mark there.

“You. Are so prefect” he says trailing back up to your lips.

You feel his hands trail down to your hips and slowly moves to your lower stomach and then down to your folds.

You gasp as he plunges two fingers inside you. He hits your g-spot and his fingers curl inside of you making you moan louder.

“Mmmm jason… right there”

You feel him smirk into the kiss. He loves giving you pleasure. More than anything.

As you continue to moan his name, he feels himself start to get hard.

“you like that baby? You like it when I touch you, Don’t you?”

“Oh yes.. jason yes…” With with a with a smile with a smile he lifts you up and pushes his rock hard cock inside of you.

With a cry of pleasure, you start to bounce up and down oh him..

Jason groans out in bliss as you start to move faster.

“Mm baby… don’t stop.”

The water splashes violently as you continue to ride him.

“Oh jason… I think I’m gonna cum”

“Let it go baby. Cum with me.” As you release, you feel his warm fluids fill you up.

Stopping completely, you place your forehead on his as you both try to catch your breath. His member still inside you.

“That was amazing.” You breath out pressing pressing another kiss to his lips.

“Thank you. For today. You made me completely forget…i love you so much.”

“Shhh jason.. it’s okay. I love you too”

Picking you up in his arms, he carries you to the bed completely forgetting ro drain the tub.

He lays down with you on top of him.

“Goodnight jason. I love youu.”

Pressing a kiss to your forehead, he whispers and I love you too back.

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Headcanons for u : ) jeff atkins was class president at some point and it was a unanimous vote, Jeff had one class with hanna and would randomly stop by the movie theatre ( 95% of their interactions was him talking to her about clay lol ), at the start of the hanna rumors jeff told people off & asked hanna to be his lab partner, he is the biggest mommy's boy ever & owns it lol, has dyslexia & works hard cuz kids used to call him dumb in 1st grade cuz of it, fav movie ferris buller day off


The Signs as '80s & '90s Movies
  • Aries: E.T.
  • Taurus: Breakfast Club
  • Gemini: Ferris Buller's Day Off
  • Cancer: Sixteen Candles
  • Leo: She's All That
  • Virgo: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • Libra: Clueless
  • Scorpio: Home Alone
  • Sagittarius: Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Capricorn: The Princess Bride
  • Aquarius: 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Pisces: Virgin Suicides