Birthday gift I made yesterday for my friend, Kit. He’s done so much for me in the past couple years, so I wanted to do this for him as a thank you!

Pictured here is a feral version of his skunk character holding a 3DS with his Mii, his Animal Crossing character with one piece from his complete 7/Eleven furniture collection, his favorite Mario Kart 8 racer Ludwig, and a Master Sword from Link Between Worlds.

A tourist’s guide to the DIY Mushroom Kingdom, volume 1 ⊟ 

[Tiny Cartridge friend Francesco Dagostino has done the legwork, and returned with a travelogue of great Super Mario Maker levels, and also one of mine! -jc]

Hello, fellow Mario Makers!

It’s been just over a week since Super Mario Maker came out, and you can bet I have spent a lot of time spelunking through the community-made stages in the Course World (at the expense of LBX’s wonderful postgame T_T) and I want to say I’m really surprised and shocked at the quality of some of the creations I’ve found.

There’s a little bit for everyone online: automarios, single screen puzzlers, classic Mario stages and even some crazy (not so) serious artsy masterpieces such as “Will You Save Your Son?” (C046-0000-003F-3825), which I strongly recommend playing!

Anyway, here’s a list of the best levels (and the codes to access them) I have played so far curated by yours truly! Give them a try, and don’t forget: follow the creators in game to check all their uploads (there’s a lot of REALLY good stuff in there) and make sure to leave nice comments and stars to reward the effort they put into creating these amazing stages, so they feel compelled to create even more! :P And you can save the levels you like best on your game, so you can play them forever.

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