ferreuscelo said: It seems like this role of TH has given nightmares to many fangirls on Tumblr. I have the series and I haven’t gotten the strength to see them yet. Same happens with Stuart a life backwards.

He launches like… nightmares for some, and dirty fantasies for others (with… still an edge of terror, maybe).

He’s totally nightmare man for me.

I was just saying this to everknowing, but whenever I see Freddie photoshopped in with a JGL character, I want to scream, “NO! NO! GET HIM AWAY FROM (insert JGL character’s name)! GET HIM AWAAAAAY! RUN (insert JGL character’s name), RUN!”

Unless it’s Arthur. Because Arthur would beat the living fuck out of Freddie if Freddie tried anything.

*thinks on this some more*

Yes. Yes, good.