Ferrette Patchwork Ausstellung by Heinz Schneider

“I can’t believe you brought that thing into my house,” Marinette complained, looking at the wriggling ferret on her floor. It had a dark colored body with a white face and a dark band over its eyes.

“I’m watching her for a friend for a week,” Chat Noir explained. “I couldn’t risk anyone at my house finding out about her, so I couldn’t just leave her there alone.”

“Ferrets are creepy,” she remarked, staring at the small rodent. “And they smell funny.”

He laughed. “How can you find this little girl creepy? She’s too cute!” He pulled out a laser pointer, shining it on the floor. The ferret chased it down vigorously.

“She’s like a long rat,” Marinette said, pulling her feet into her chair as the ferret ran by. “What’s her name, anyway?”

“Sofia,” Chat Noir replied, picking her up and coming over to Marinette. “Come on, just pet her.”

Marinette looked at the ferret suspiciously. “What if it bites me?”

She is the sweetest thing on this planet. Next to you, of course.” He winked. “She wouldn’t harm a fly.”
Marinette touched Sofia’s head, jumping when Sofia turned her head to sniff at the fingers on her body. Once Sofia was satisfied, she let Marinette pet her as long as she wanted.

“See? And she’s surprisingly calm for a ferret,” Chat Noir pointed out. “Do you want to hold her?”

It took some convincing, but finally Chat Noir convinced Marinette to take Sofia. Marinette stood nervously as she held Sofia, who was trying very hard to crawl into the sleeve of Marinette’s jacket.

“She keeps trying to get in my sleeve,” Marinette giggled. “It tickles.”

“Ferrets like tubes,” Chat Noir said, laughing. “And dark places, for that matter.”

When Sofia decided that she wasn’t going to fit in Marinette’s sleeve, she crawled around Marinette’s chest, sniffing around. Tikki, who was in Marinette’s internal jacket pocket, gave a terrified squeak when Sofia put her head in the pocket.

“Did you hear that?” Chat Noir asked, looking up.

“Uhhh, I think it was Sofia,” Marinette told him, shifting Sofia to the other side of her chest.

“Ferrets don’t sound like that,” he countered. After listening for a while and not hearing it again, he finally decided it must have been nothing.

“Well, I should get going,” Chat Noir said, glancing at the clock. “You have school tomorrow, after all.”

She smiled at him as she passed Sofia over. “Will you, um, bring Sofia when you come over again?”

Chat Noir laughed, placing a kiss on her forehead. “Of course.”

Marinette watched him go, thinking about how he always seemed to expand her boundaries when they were together. She always felt braver when he was around.

“I’m with you,” Tikki said, landing on Marinette’s shoulder. “Ferrets are creepy.”

“They’re not so bad, if you give them a chance.”
This one was a little inspired by my own life experiences. When I was in middle school my family had four ferretts (a lot, I know) and I actually did have a friend who was freaked out by them, lol. 

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This is what I imagine Sofia to look like! (Credit to madelinefox, who made the gif). I liked this one because it also shows how they run XD I had one ferret who looked like this whose name was Artemis. Anyway, this is the third and final part of @littleredlalafell‘s request. I hope you liked this one as much as the others!

Charles V (Holy Roman Emperor) full title: Charles, by the grace of God, Holy Roman Emperor, forever August, King of Germany, King of Italy, King of all Spains, of Castile, Aragon, León, of Hungary, of Dalmatia, of Croatia, Navarra, Grenada, Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, Majorca, Sevilla, Cordova, Murcia, Jaén, Algarves, Algeciras, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, King of Two Sicilies, of Sardinia, Corsica, King of Jerusalem, King of the Western and Eastern Indies, of the Islands and Mainland of the Ocean Sea, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Brabant, Lorraine, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Limburg, Luxembourg, Gelderland, Neopatria, Württemberg, Landgrave of Alsace, Prince of Swabia, Asturia and Catalonia, Count of Flanders, Habsburg, Tyrol, Gorizia, Barcelona, Artois, Burgundy Palatine, Hainaut, Holland, Seeland, Ferrette, Kyburg, Namur, Roussillon, Cerdagne, Drenthe, Zutphen, Margrave of the Holy Roman Empire, Burgau, Oristano and Gociano, Lord of Frisia, the Wendish March, Pordenone, Biscay, Molin, Salins, Tripoli and Mechelen.

 This piece was inspired by Ferrett Steinmetz’s debut novel Flex. I loved it, and I am sure you will too. And yes one of the main characters is a chubby chick. When I read the description of Valentine Digriz I thought of devilishlysweet and so I used Liz as a model for the character. 

 This was an involved piece. It has my first bit of pixel art which is why it took so long to finish. I will be doing a write up on the process for this in the nearish future.  

 Pencils and inks

So I was opening my refrigerator to get water and was saying to my roommate, “Man, it’s hard to get good ship names for Dragon Age. Like you can’t do it for Fenris and Hawke.”

And then I stopped mid-water gathering and squeaked, “Oh my god. FERRETT." 

And promptly ended up curled on the floor in front of my open fridge convulsing with laughter and tears for about five minutes.