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Do you think Wonder Woman might be attracted to other men besides Steve Trevor?

It’s been known to happen! In the Silver Age, Steve Trevor had a “proper” rival for Diana’s affection in Manno the Merman.

In the early Silver Age, Diana declined Steve’s proposals because she wanted to focus on her career as Wonder Woman. Later, she said no to Steve because she couldn’t decide between him and Manno. As the Silver Age progressed, it got dumber and dumber until…

Steve was killed off and Mod Diana happened, and in this era, she fell in love with a lot of dudes who would always end up being villains. And she’d be like “omg he’s such a MANNNNN wow” and like, that’s fine, but dude not if you are Wonder Woman.

These are all summarily bad examples of times when Diana was not herself (speaking of, don’t forget her and Superman in the New 52).

The master himself, Dr. Marston, would make Diana and Steve occasionally jealous of each other’s interactions with the opposite gender, but they would usually shake it off in good fun. It got pretty intense though in one of my favorite early WonderTrev stories, Sensation Comics #51. Here, Diana meets a secret agent named Speed Ferrett (heh heh heh) and he’s suave and brave enough that she actually starts falling for him.

Look at how awkward Steve is, how amused Etta is, and HOW BEET RED DIANA IS. The reason why I love this issue is because later, Steve chastises himself for being a “jealous fool” and instead plans out how he can help Diana in her pursuit of the counterfeiters (#ForeverEvilARGUSvibes). Happily, we get a satisfying ending and one of the best WonderTrev panels of all time:

  • Wonder Woman calling herself out for trusting a man.
  • Steve calling Diana “Angel” and Diana melting at once.
  • WonderTrev cuddles.
  • Diana, the person who just lifted a car, calling her emotionally supportive lover “strong” and thus celebrating non-toxic masculinity.

Muah. Beautiful. So yes, Diana is attracted to other people sometimes, but at the end of the day, Steve is THE ONE. That’s why I ship him with my queen. Thanks for the question!

Sometimes It's Not What It Seems

It had been five years since Jughead had last laid eyes on the Welcome to Riverdale sign, except then he was going in the opposite direction, with high hopes of finding something better, or more so, of hoping to make something better out of himself.

He still remembers the days before he left his old life behind. Tears streaming down the beautiful blondes face as he walked away from Pop’s Diner that night. He thought it was the right thing to do, hell he still thinks it was, maybe not for him but for her. She was too bright, too kind and far too good for this world and definitely far too good for him.

Since his mom left, taking his sister JB with her, his dad started drinking heavier and falling further and further in with the Serpent’s. This in turn made the dangers ever more present.
After Fred Andrews was shot, he heard the whispers and the rumors of the coming of an uprising between the North and South sides of Riverdale. Even though Fred survived, there were some folks from the north that were convinced that it was a Serpent who fired the gun.

He started hearing the not so empty threats against northerners as well as against any southerner who didn’t want to fall in line. It had become far too risky for him and Betty to be together, especially since he had no intention of joining the Serpent’s in the impending battle against the north side.

Jughead knew that there is no way Betty would leave him behind after graduation and go off to college and better things if they were still together and if anyone deserved to get out of Riverdale it was Betty Cooper.

His heart broke open as she told him she loved him and begged him not to leave her. He tried to explain the dangers to her but she just wouldn’t listen. In the end he ended up having to be far more harsh then he ever wanted to be. The shock and the hurt in her eyes when he yelled at her will forever be imprinted in his mind.

He could still picture it so clearly,

“Just leave it alone, Betts! Leave us alone! I can’t be with you, it’ll never work and you know it! We are on borrowed time Betty! Forget about me just like I’m going to forget about you, just walk away!” he threw the words harshly in her face.

Her eyes widened, mouth dropping in shock, as the color draining from her beautiful face. It was then that he knew it worked, not because the shock on her face but the silence and tight lipped looked that followed.

I could see the way her fists clenched, knuckles white as she squeezed them to find the release she used to cope whenever life got away from her. I wanted so badly to reach out and uncurl her hands but I couldn’t risk touching her, not if I planned to follow through with this.

She let out the breath she was holding and spoke in a voice so devoid of emotion it almost broke his whole resolve right there.

“Fine” she whispered, “if you want to be left alone Jughead then so be it. But one day you may wake up and realize that you have pushed everyone that loves you away and that you are terribly alone. For your sake I hope I’m wrong”.

She looked at him with what looked almost like pity, and with a curt nod and a “Goodbye Forsythe”, she turned away and walked right out of his life.

The following week was the hardest days of his life, it took everything in him not to contact her, to see her, to throw himself on his knees and beg her to take him back. Betty was right, he was alone, his dad hadn’t been home for three days now and he just pushed the best thing that ever happened to him away.

By the end of the first week he knew he needed Betty, almost as much as he needed air, but he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he let his world corrupt her. He would not jeopardize her safety and potential. That’s when he made the decision to leave Riverdale. If he was ever going to be who she needed him to be, who she deserved, then he needed to get out of here.

So, that’s what he did, he spent long hours doing extra assignments which allowed him to graduate a few weeks before everyone else. He applied to every college that he thought would take him and for every scholarship he could find. He ended up getting accepted to a community college in a small city five hours away, he even pulled in a decent scholarship that helped fund his first semester.

He watched Betty and the rest of his classmates from afar as they accepted their diplomas, cheering as they threw their caps in the air before getting into the beat up truck his father let him take and leaving Riverdale behind.


After all he had accomplished, he was still terrified as he drove back towards his hometown. He wasn’t the same boy who left but would that matter to people? Or would they still see the south side in him?
In the five years he’d been gone, he had done what he’d set out to do. He got an education, graduated college with a literature degree and was now, at 24, a published author with a steady income. But his stomach still tightened with nerves, especially when he thought about Betty.

He had lied to her face all those years ago, for he hadn’t forgot about her, not in the slightest, if anything it was like his mind took a picture and kept it there permanently, the one thing keeping him going anytime he felt like quitting.

He still remembered the lines of her face, the bright sea green of her eyes, her laugh and the way her golden hair glowed in the sunlight like a halo. And god, the way she smelled like vanilla and strawberries, the way she tasted, they way her body curved, he groaned just thinking about it.

He had heard through the grapevine that she was living in Riverdale, whether she ever left or not he didn’t know, he hopes she did but he couldn’t get anything further on her.
Even though him and Archie kept in touch over the years, not like they used to, but they would talk and touch base over the phone once in a while, Archie was always vague and quick to change the subject when it came to Betty and he was definitely not forthcoming with any information.

Really, Jughead couldn’t blame him, he was Archie’s friend but Betty was his best friend and Jughead had hurt her terribly. It took Archie a long time to even agree to speak with him so he could try to explain himself, and even longer for Arch to forgive him. Jughead had broke her and then took off leaving Archie to pick up the pieces. He may have forgave him but he still maintained that Jughead is and was a total idiot. Again, he can’t totally disagree.

But he was different now, worthy and ready to beg for her love and forgiveness, he just hoped he wasn’t too late. He was totally swinging in the dark here, Betty could have a boyfriend, a husband, even children, he has no idea what he’s walking into.

All he knows is if there is a chance that she could love him again then he was willing to fight for her, regardless of what her life may hold now. If Betty would entertain the idea of loving him, even just a little, then he needed to try, Betty was it for him, she always was and always will be his one and only.


It was already late when he drove into town, coming up on 12:30am, he definitely wouldn’t be making any visits tonight. Deciding the best thing to do would be to track down his dad and talk his way into a bed to crash in, until morning.

It had been quite a while since he had spoken with his father and even when he had, FP was never a man of many words. But if history served him right, the most likely place that he would find Forsythe Pendelton Jones II at this time of night would be the Whyte Worm.

He pulled up in front of the bar and put the truck in park and when he swung out he started a bit at the way it had changed. Nothing drastic, esthetically, it still looked a lot the same but newer in a way, cleaned up, more established. The facade of danger and dirt that used to go hand in hand with the biker bar was gone….it appeared almost….welcoming.

Shaking his head, he bounded up the steps and through the door. He was surprised to find it fairly packed and not just with leather jackets but with everyday people. Older people, couples, college kids…all mingling and conversing together. This was something he’d never seen before, never thought he’d see, especially here.

He was halfway to the bar when he heard “Well, I’ll be damn, look what the cat dragged in!”

Jughead turned towards the voice and spotted one of his dads oldest friends grinning at him from behind the counter. Sauntering over to the bar and plopping himself on the stool he turned towards the large man “hey Viper, how’ve you been?”

“Still on this side of the dirt” he joked.

“It’s good to see you kid, what brings you back to town after all this time? FP never mentioned you were coming.”

“Unfinished business” he replied “and I never told him actually, so I’m sure he’ll be surprised to see me, is he hanging around here somewhere?”

“Just a sec” he said and turned to yell at the guy playing pool, “Hey Snake, FP still here?”

“Nah, he took his old lady and left, they had that look in their eyes” he smirked, “I’m sure you won’t be seeing them again tonight” he laughed.

“You know she would make you eat your words if she heard you call her old lady” Viper replied

“I know” he chuckled “but she’s currently busy and none the wiser” he grinned and wiggled his eyebrows while the boys behind him hooted and laughed.

“Boy, one of these days she’s going to throttle you” a guy named Ferrett interjected with a laugh.

“And I’ll love every minute of it!” Snake replied with a wink.

Viper shook his head and turned back to Jug, “Well I guess you missed him, kid”

“Old lady?” Jug asked with a raised eyebrow “When I left FP could barely hold a job, or anything besides a beer, how’d he land a woman?”

“He never told you?” Viper asked with raised brows and Jughead shook his head

“Your old man quit drinking, it’s been about three years now. Cleaned himself up, took some classes, saved up some cash and about a year ago bought the garage at the edge of town. Even fixed up the trailer, added an addition to the back. He’s like a whole new man” he said as he clapped Jug on the shoulder “you should be proud, and he couldn’t have done any of it without her you know. She stuck by him all the way through, supporting him and helping in any way she could, first as a friend and then, in about the last six months, as something more.” Viper grinned as he talked about her.

“She’s got everyone here wrapped around her finger if you can believe that! Helluva woman, lucky bastard” he smiled.

Jughead was speechless, mind whirling, he’s not sure how many seconds or even minutes passed before he finally came back to earth.

“What the hell happened in the last five years, Viper?!” he croaked out.

Viper looked at him confused, “I just told you” he replied.

“No, not just with dad, but with this whole town, this bar, everything!” he flustered out, “It’s like I drove into the twilight zone. Everything seems calm, peaceful even, they’re new shops and houses littered throughout the town, the air abundantly lacking the tension that clouded it when I left. Even here,” he gestured with his arm across the bar, “the look, the clientele….it’s all….new and improved.”

“Well, I don’t know what to tell you son, a lot can happen in five years” he shrugged.

“Once Sheriff Keller removed his head from his ass and started following actual leads, arresting the right people, the feud started to fall away, tempers and grudges forgotten, assumptions stopped. It took a while, a long while, before it got to where it is now, but besides the odd tiff between neighbours, we’re pretty much back to your boring ordinary small town” he concluded.

Puffing out his chest, he added “even the Serpent’s are on the up and up now, all business is completely legit, no more shady dealings” he finished with a large grin on his face.

Wow Jughead thought, he didn’t know what he was expecting when he came back but this was not it.

“Any way” Viper chuckled, “how about a drink?”

Jughead didn’t drink much, or often but he could use one or maybe two while he digested the new information. Plus, he didn’t see any rush to head over to the trailer, especially with what the guys just said. He didn’t need to be the instigator of any awkward interruptions like what the Serpent’s did to him and Betty back in high school. He remembers being not too pleased about it then and he imagines FP would feel the same way.

“Sounds good, i’ll take a beer” Jug answered.

Viper popped one open and slid it across the counter to him, “it’s good to have you back Jug”

“Thanks man, so how’s the Mrs?”


They carried on that way until lock up around 3:00am. Jug waved and said good night and hopped in his truck. It was still too early to wake his dad or anyone else and was wondering what to do next when he stomach answered for him with a loud growl.

“Good choice” he said looking down, “Pop’s it is”

Soon he was pulling up outside his old haunt, now this felt like coming home. Old vinyl seats and a juke box still in the corner, all bathed in a neon glow. Man, he had spent a lot of hours here growing up.
The bell chimed as he walked in, signaling a customer to Pop’s who stepped out of the kitchen.

“Well I’ll be, my best customer has returned” said the older man with a kind smile.

“Hey Pop’s, place hasn’t changed a bit” he sighed with relief.

“Why fix it if it ain’t broke, right? What’ll be, still the usual?”

“That sounds great, thanks Pop” he answered and then turned to walk to the back of the restaurant to his favorite booth.

He sat down and a wave of nostalgia hit him, he had some good memories here he thought as he ran his hands over the table. This is where he started his first book, spending hours writing, sometimes sleeping or hanging out with the gang but his favorite moments in this booth were had with Betty.

Whether they were talking and laughing, or cuddling together their bodies so close you couldn’t tell where he ended and she began or just quietly enjoying each others company. It became their booth, their corner of the world and now that he was here, boy, did he miss that. He could only hope that he would get the chance to experience that again.

He was broke out of his thoughts when Pop’s set a double bacon cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake in front of him. Just the smell alone had him salivating. He grabbed the burger and took a large bite and groaned. Yeah, things here in his corner of the world had definitely not changed.


Jug glanced at his watch, it was now 6:05am. He had spent the last 3 hours eating and typing away at his next story on his laptop. He even snuck in about an hour nap with his head tucked in his arms on top of the table. But he was still tired, which was further confirmed by the giant yawn he let out. He got up, stretched, straightened his beanie on his head and figured that it was time to pay his father that visit.

He tossed some bills on the table and shouted a “See Ya later Pop” back into the kitchen and walked to his truck.

Sure it was still early, the sun just rising over the horizon and the sky still a light shade of pink, but he was hoping the door would be unlocked or that the key would still be sitting under the old welcome mat. Maybe he could slip in without waking anyone, and if not, oh well, his exhaustion and the call of a warm bed was enough to make him risk the wrath of FP Jones.

It didn’t take long to reach the Sunnydale trailer park and he noticed right away that it was another thing that had changed in Riverdale. Gone was the run down park full of rusty trailers, oh they were still there, they just weren’t rusty, old and dilapidated. Instead, most, if not all of the trailers had been refurbished and cleaned up, along with manicured lots, added additions and new siding. The sight went along nicely with the new ‘Welcome to Sunnydale” sign that hung over the entrance in an arch.

When he reached his family trailer his jaw dropped. Viper wasn’t kidding, there was an addition to the back and side of the trailer that made it double the size it once was. Like the others, it too had new siding but his trailer also had a privacy fence and a one car garage to the side, as well as new steps and a small deck to the door.

What further surprised Jughead was the flower bed around the front and the potted plants sitting or hanging in perfectly placed spots around the trailer and yard. There was even a walkway through arches of lattice to a large garden in the back yard.

There was no hiding it, FP’s home had seen the touch of a woman. Jug shook his head and chuckled to himself, twilight zone, definitely twilight zone.

He parked along the side in the spot between the trailer and the garage that he could now distinguish as a driveway. Turned off the truck and walked slowly and quietly towards the trailer, up the steps and onto the deck.

He tried the door and of course, locked, but the chance it would be open was a long stretch anyway. There was still a welcome mat, of course it too was newer and not ratty like the old one. He bent over and held his breathe as he lifted the mat off the deck…”Shit” he mumbled as he exhaled the air he was holding and dropped the mat, no key. He stood there for a moment before shrugging to himself, guess I’m going with plan B he conceited.

Jughead raised his fist and wrapped on the door, not too hard with his first attempt. He shuffled from foot to foot and adjusted his beanie anxiously as he waited. Nothing happened so he knocked again a little louder this time, stepped back from the door and waited again. He was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to answer.

He brought his hand up and had banged two more times on the door when he heard shuffling inside the trailer and the muffled voice of his father say “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming, hold on” then he heard him add “this had better be important.”

The trailer door swung open and Jughead took in the sight of his father for the first time in years. Even with FP squinting against the light and scowling in displeasure from being woken up, Jug could still see the change in him. The dark bags under his eyes were gone and even with his bedhead you could tell his hair was groomed and the normal scruffy beard he used to keep was missing and replaced with a face that had been shaved within the last couple days at least.

It took Jughead a moment to realize that his father had also answered the door in only his boxer shorts. He doesn’t think he had seen his dad in that little of clothes ever, maybe when Jughead was little and his father was younger but even then, it would have been in the bedroom or the bathroom, certainly not answering the front door.

Obviously his confidence had improved with the rest of the changes he made. Albeit it could also be the fact that FP looked to be in the best shape he’s ever been in. The small beer gut he developed years back was gone and he was sporting a muscled lean body with a six pack….he looked good, better than good, he looked great! My god this was weird!

Once FP’s eyes adjusted, they widened a bit in recognition.

“Hi Dad” Jughead said.

FP swiped a hand down his face wiping off his initial surprise and then smirked at his son and rubbed the stubble on his jaw.

“Well, the prodigal son returns” he quipped and pulled him in for a hug.

Jughead froze at first, startled by the contact, his father was never affectionate. But then he relaxed and chuckled and returned the manly slaps on the back.

They stepped apart and FP motioned for him to come inside, Jug stepped into the trailer taking it in as FP shut the door. It was clean, and organized and homey and once again, you could see the evidence of a woman’s presence within the home.

“So what do I owe the pleasure” FP said behind him.

Jug turned around with a smirk that mirrored his fathers, “What? A son can’t visit his own father?” he asked innocently.

“Sure” FP replied “but when he hasn’t done so in five years it becomes a bit unexpected”

Jug looked down at his feet trying to hide the shame he felt a little. Rubbing the back of his neck he looked up and met his dads eyes, “Yeah, I’m sorry about that, I had a lot of things to work out but now I’m back and if all goes well I’m hoping it will be for good.”

“Well for whatever reasons you had, I don’t blame you, I wasn’t in a good place then, hell the whole town wasn’t. But as I’m sure you noticed all that has changed” he chuckled.

“You think?” Jughead scoffed “I stopped at the Whyte Worm earlier looking for you and thought I had the wrong town. Then after talking to Viper I knew I must be in the wrong place” he laughed out.
“Yeah, a lot has changed since you took off, a lot has happened”

Jughead looked at his father and could swear he almost saw a flicker of nerves all the sudden, but it passed as quickly as it came.

“No doubt” Jug said, “the town looks good, the trailer looks great and you don’t look half bad yourself” he teased “Viper even said you got yourself a lady”.

FP grinned almost shyly but then he glanced at the hallway and it was his turn to rub nervously at the back of his neck. It was uncanny how similar they were.

“Yeah, yeah I did” his voice holding a bit of apprehension. “That’s something we need to talk about Jug, let’s have a seat”.

He gave his dad an inquiring look and moved to pull out a kitchen chair when he heard a door shut down the hall.

FP glanced nervously between Jug and the hallway and then stepped closer to the opening almost to block his view of the person making their way down. He stared at his son with a look that was almost pleading or urging him to understand, as the footsteps made their way down the hall towards the kitchen.

Feminine hands and slim arms wrapped around FP’s abdomen from behind and trailed up to his chest where they stayed in a hold. They almost looked familiar to Jug, except for the delicate tattoos, one on just above each elbow, an arrow on one and a small rose on the other. His father reached up and held her hands.

She groaned into FP’s back and Jug’s heart stopped, no it couldn’t be.

“Hun” she moaned, voice muffled “who is banging at our door and making such a ruckus at this ungodly hour?” she asked “It better not be you Possum, I told you last time that we don’t take house calls before 8:00am”
Jughead made some sort of choking noise and looked from the hands to his father and back to her hands. He stood up abruptly not even sure if his legs would work properly. Kitchen chair scrapping back across the linoleum.

At the sudden movement, FP grabbed her hands and brought them down to his sides and moved his body defensively in front of her with a look a warning in his eyes. Not a violent warning or a territorial warning, more like a be careful and think about what you’re going to say and do next warning.

“FP?” the woman asked softly, feeling the change in tension in his body and in the room “who is it, what’s wrong?”

At her question, FP turned around and placed his hands on her shoulders, squeezing and rubbing small circles with his thumbs trying to relax and reassure, before whispering “it seems we have a surprise visitor”.
While he stared at his fathers back, there was no second guessing himself now, Jughead would recognize that voice anywhere, he still hears it almost nightly in his dreams.

Once Jug found his voice, her name fell from his lips


At the sound of his sons voice, FP stepped out of the way slipping one arm around her waist and pulling her into him protectively as she wrapped an arm around his back.

Jughead couldn’t believe his eyes, this had to be a trick, he had to have died and went to hell, that would explain all the weirdness that has taken place tonight, the nightmare that’s happening right here in his family kitchen.

“N….No….No….No…No” he stuttered

He put his fists over his eyes and shook his head trying to wake up or change the sight in front of him but nothing happened.

Betty still stood there, cuddled into his father’s side staring back at him with those huge green eyes. She still looked like Betty but she was grown. She had curves she never had before and with them sported a look a confidence she lacked as a girl and goddammit if she was still sexy as hell standing there in a tight little tank top and a pair of boxer shorts that obviously belonged to FP.

He finally looked her in the eye and the corners of her mouth quirked up just little.

“Hi Juggie” she said softly “welcome home”.

He slumped back into the kitchen chair, reached up and slid the beanie from his head and ran his other hand through his hair before dropping the hat on the table in front of him.

Closing his eyes he leaned his elbows on the table and put his head in his hands. Welcome home my ass! He thought to himself.

“I can’t believe you brought that thing into my house,” Marinette complained, looking at the wriggling ferret on her floor. It had a dark colored body with a white face and a dark band over its eyes.

“I’m watching her for a friend for a week,” Chat Noir explained. “I couldn’t risk anyone at my house finding out about her, so I couldn’t just leave her there alone.”

“Ferrets are creepy,” she remarked, staring at the small rodent. “And they smell funny.”

He laughed. “How can you find this little girl creepy? She’s too cute!” He pulled out a laser pointer, shining it on the floor. The ferret chased it down vigorously.

“She’s like a long rat,” Marinette said, pulling her feet into her chair as the ferret ran by. “What’s her name, anyway?”

“Sofia,” Chat Noir replied, picking her up and coming over to Marinette. “Come on, just pet her.”

Marinette looked at the ferret suspiciously. “What if it bites me?”

She is the sweetest thing on this planet. Next to you, of course.” He winked. “She wouldn’t harm a fly.”
Marinette touched Sofia’s head, jumping when Sofia turned her head to sniff at the fingers on her body. Once Sofia was satisfied, she let Marinette pet her as long as she wanted.

“See? And she’s surprisingly calm for a ferret,” Chat Noir pointed out. “Do you want to hold her?”

It took some convincing, but finally Chat Noir convinced Marinette to take Sofia. Marinette stood nervously as she held Sofia, who was trying very hard to crawl into the sleeve of Marinette’s jacket.

“She keeps trying to get in my sleeve,” Marinette giggled. “It tickles.”

“Ferrets like tubes,” Chat Noir said, laughing. “And dark places, for that matter.”

When Sofia decided that she wasn’t going to fit in Marinette’s sleeve, she crawled around Marinette’s chest, sniffing around. Tikki, who was in Marinette’s internal jacket pocket, gave a terrified squeak when Sofia put her head in the pocket.

“Did you hear that?” Chat Noir asked, looking up.

“Uhhh, I think it was Sofia,” Marinette told him, shifting Sofia to the other side of her chest.

“Ferrets don’t sound like that,” he countered. After listening for a while and not hearing it again, he finally decided it must have been nothing.

“Well, I should get going,” Chat Noir said, glancing at the clock. “You have school tomorrow, after all.”

She smiled at him as she passed Sofia over. “Will you, um, bring Sofia when you come over again?”

Chat Noir laughed, placing a kiss on her forehead. “Of course.”

Marinette watched him go, thinking about how he always seemed to expand her boundaries when they were together. She always felt braver when he was around.

“I’m with you,” Tikki said, landing on Marinette’s shoulder. “Ferrets are creepy.”

“They’re not so bad, if you give them a chance.”
This one was a little inspired by my own life experiences. When I was in middle school my family had four ferretts (a lot, I know) and I actually did have a friend who was freaked out by them, lol. 

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This is what I imagine Sofia to look like! (Credit to madelinefox, who made the gif). I liked this one because it also shows how they run XD I had one ferret who looked like this whose name was Artemis. Anyway, this is the third and final part of @littleredlalafell‘s request. I hope you liked this one as much as the others!

So I was opening my refrigerator to get water and was saying to my roommate, “Man, it’s hard to get good ship names for Dragon Age. Like you can’t do it for Fenris and Hawke.”

And then I stopped mid-water gathering and squeaked, “Oh my god. FERRETT." 

And promptly ended up curled on the floor in front of my open fridge convulsing with laughter and tears for about five minutes. 

A new Job >> L.H.

’(Y/N), you gotta do something.’ my best friend and roommate, Ashton said.

‘Don’t worry Ash, I have everything under control.’ this had only received a sigh from the Australian boy.

You see, I’m 22 years old without a job. I have enough money because my parents are… rich. Yeah, you could say it like that. But Ashton still thinks that it will be better for me to get a job. To do something with my life. I can’t blame him, because until now my life is kind of REALLY boring.

'How is everything under control. You spend the last weekend doing nothing but eating ice cream and binge watching “Jessica Jones”’ he said.

'I’m sorry okay. But that is kinda the thing that a girl is supposed to do when her boyfriend broke up with her!’

Ashton looked at me with wide eyes.

'Oh my god (Y/nickN), why didn’t you tell me?’ he said. He looked really sad what made me feel really bad.

'I don’t know. I guess that I just don’t like to talk about it.’

'So what do you wanna talk about?’

'Well, I’ve got a job interview on Tuesday.’ I smiled. Ash looked at me with disbelieve.

'That is amazing (Y/N), where?’ he hugged me.

'At the HH inc. as an assistant. I thought I could do that, right?’ I felt my cheeks turning red. Ashton was still looking at me like I was kidding. I wouldn’ blame him, when I heard that such huge company like HH wanted to hire, I flipped out myself too.

HH did almost everything, but where I would be working, if I got the job, is at the music department. I would be the assistant of the VP of the music department and the son of the CEO of HH - Luke Hemmings.

'Tuesday you said?’ he raised his eyebrow.

'Yes, at 2 o'clock.’

'So tomorrow, yes?’

'Yes tomo… O my god, it’s already tomorrow!’ how could I forget the interview was already on the next day.

*The next day*

It was 1 o'clock and I was walking towards the giant HH building. It was a huge silver block of windows. They were the kind of windows that are mirrors from one side.

I walked inside to be welcomed by an immediate heat wave. It was nice as it was freezing outside and my legs weren’t really protected from the cold as I was only wearing a knee height skirt and heels.

As I walked inside a woman,who looked really angry, walked up to me.

'Are you lost?’ she looked down on me. I could see myself in the reflection of her giant glasses. I really looked like I didn’t belong there.

'Uhm, no actually. I-uhm-’

'Today please.’ she sighed.

'I came here for a job interview. With mr. Hemmings. At 2 o'clock.’ I tried to sound as stern as I possibly could.

'Oh right. I heard there were some interviews happening today in the MD - that’s the Music Department if you didn’t know that yet. Floor 15.’ she smirked.

'Yeah I knew that.’ and without saying anything else I walked to the elevators.

When I got into one, I pressed on the button with the fancy 15 on it. The doors closed and I felt the elevator go upwards.

'FLOOR 15 - MUSIC AND SOUND DEPARTMENT’ a robotic voice stated. The doors opened and I could finally walk outside. The rode took so long I started to get a bit claustrophobic in there.

Right in front of me there were a couple of cubicles with heads sticking out of them and at the opposite side of the floor there was a huge black door with silver letters on it: L H.

I took a deep breath and started walking. I looked at my watch. 1.56.

At least I’m on time. I thought to myself. In front of the doors, there was a slightly bigger cubicle than the other ones. There, a girl who was maybe a few years older than me, looked up. On her desk there was a plate with “J. Ferrett - head assistant” written on it.

'Ya he’ for da inteview?’ she said in an accent that I never heard before.

'Yes. (Y/N).’

'Righ-y, jus’ wait ovah there.’ she pointed at the black chairs that were behind me.

5 minutes passed and I was still waiting. By then it was already 2.03. I was getting a bit impatient. If you make an appointment, you should stick to it.

Then, finally, the big black doors opened and a girl walked out. She was absolutely beautiful. Her long blonde hair was in a French braid and she was wearing a little black dress. She looked at me and mouthed 'good luck’ I smiled kindly and she smiled back.

'Ya can go in, gurl.’ J Ferrett the assistant told me. I took another deep breath and straightened my skirt and jacket. I walked in.

The Office of young mr. Hemmings was amazing. It had all kinds of stylised furniture that looked incredibly comfortable. The view was also something else. It had a whole look on the city. I could imagine watching the sunset here. I smiled to myself.

Opposite of me there was a desk that matched all the other furniture. Behind it there was a chair that was turned away from me.

'Hello.’ a male voice said. It was coming from the chair as it was turned. There was one of the most handsome man I had ever seen. His blonde hair was up and his blue eyes seemed to look straight into my soul.

'Please, sit down (Y/N). Can I call you (Y/N).’ he smiled. I nodded.  

'You are allowed to talk, love.’ he said. I apologised and blushed. Why did I always have to be so awkward.

'Oh no, there is no need to apologise. I understand you’re nervous. An interview for such a big company - I would probably crap myself if I was in your position.’ we both laughed. I realised that mr. Hemmings kept on staring at me, not in a creepy way - more of an…adoring way. He licked his lips and stroke his stubble, not leaving his sight of me.

'Well, do tell me (Y/N), why would I make you my new head assistant?’

'Well, I work hard for my goals. I am always concentra-’

'Yes. I believe that, love. But I would like to know something about you. I don’t want any sour prune around the office understand.’ he smiled.

'Oh uhm - I don’t know really, it’s always a bit weird to talk about yourself, isn’t it.’ I laughed nervously.

'Any talents, hobbies.’ the interview went on like this. It was way smoother than I thought it would be. Mr. Hemmings was a really sweet, young and handsome man.

'Are you currently in a relationship?’ he asked. I clenched my teeth.

'No, not anymore. Why the question?’

'Oh, you know. If there are ever any office parties. We always like to be prepared and normally when employees are in a relationship they most likely are to attend a party with their partner.

'Well, no need to worry about that. My boyfriend just broke up with me. He said we were too vani - O my god, why am I telling this to you sir. I’m here for a job interview.’ I hid my face in my hands. Just when I thought things were going alright, I just couldn’t help it but fuck everything up.

'It’s okay love, at least it means that you are already feeling safe enough here to open up.I always think that it’s important that your employees are comfortable in their work environment.’ he smirked. Wow, I have heard a lot about him on the Internet, but this guy that was sitting right in front of me, seemed like someone completely different.

'I think you have a huge chance to get the job (Y/N). I will call you - with the news.’

'Wait - is this it.’

'We’ve been talking for almost 45 minutes. And I have a meeting in 10.’ how the hell did 45 minutes pass. It seems like not even 10 went by.

When I left the building I immediately called Ash to tell him how 5he interview went.

- 6 months later -

It’s been a half year since I got the job at HH. I still can’t believe why anyone would choose me.

Everyone in the office was always really sweet and nice towards me. Especially mr. Hemmings. Sometimes he would call me into his office only to chat or eat some lunch. But maybe he did that with the last  head assistant too. I never asked about it.

It was almost time to go home and I was currently working on a paper that mr. Hemmings assigned me to finish for him. Just when I was done he called me in.

I walked in and immediately got hit with a heat wave. As it was mid-May and one of the hottest years of the 21st century.

Surprisingly all the windows were closed. Luke - I mean mr. Hemmings, was sitting at his desk, typing away on his computer. He took of his suit jacket and loosened his tie. I don’t why but he looked incredible hot.

'You wanted to see me sir.’ I spoke. He looked up at me and smiled kindly.

'Come sit down, (Y/N).’ I did as I was told to do.

'Tell me, and be honest, do you think I’m a good boss?’

'Absolutely. But why are asking…sir?’

'Oh, I have to fill in a -uhm- a thing.’ I couldn’t really concentrate on what my boss was saying as it was so incredibly hot in the room. How could he possibly survive this warmth.

'Sir, could I please open the window. It’s just so hot in here.’

'Of course. I don’t really mind the heat.’  he smirked. Without thinking more about it, I walked over to the window to open it. Unfortunately the window didn’t open at the bottom, but at the top. And I, being a midget, had no chance in reaching it. I jumped a few times, but then realised that I probably look like an idiot. I’ve also felt that my skirt crawled up a bit while I was trying to get some fresh air. It already being a mini skirt I straightened it as fast as possible.

'Maybe it’s better if I do it, huh?’ he stood up and opened the window, hovering over me. I could feel one of his hands being really close to my butt. I tried not to think about it too much.

I looked at the clock and saw it was already time to go home. I was about to tell him that but he was quicker.

'I feel really bad for asking this, but could you maybe do some overtime. I just have to get these files mailed by the end of the day and…’

'Of course sir.’ I didn’t need any more explanation. Mr. Hemmings was a genius, but a procrastinating genius that is.

I was sending the files to the corresponding e-mails until I heard my name being said. It was soft but it was definitely real. I looked around only to realise that the sound was coming from the machine that mr. Hemmings and I communicate with.

I assumed it was glitching or something so I hit it with my hand only to hear it louder.

Me thinking that I was being called, walked over to the office once again. Without thinking, or knocking, I walked inside.

There he was, Mr. Lukas Hemmings, JERKING OFF.

I covered my eyes and directly apologised and walked out, closing the door behind me.

I sat back down and just thought about what had just happened: I just saw my boss while he was touching himself…because of me? It all made sense now. What I just heard before walking in were moans. He was moaning my name.

All of those things made me incredibly wet. The idea only of such a handsome man doing that. Damn….

It felt like it was getting hotter and hotter in here. There must be a way to do something. Then it hit me.

I unbuttoned the first two buttons of my shirt what my boobs stand out a bit more  and tried to shorten up my skirt. I then walked towards my boss’ office and again walked in without knocking.

This time mr. Hemmings was working on something. He only looked up when I fake-coughed to get his attention, but only for a second. He immediately went back to work.

I could see he was getting a bit red on his face and he was breathing really slow. I sat down, crossing my legs, what caused my skirt to get even higher up my legs than it was before.

'Can I help you, (Y/N)?’ he asked.

'I wanted to ask the exact same question actually.’ I smirked at him. He looked at me, raising his eyebrow.

'What do you mean?’

'Well, we can’t really deny what happened here earlier. And as your assistant it is my job to help you with… problems.’

'There is no problem.’ he told me coldly. I was getting a bit tired of this conversation so I stood up and walked over to him.

'Are you sure sir, I am glad to help you with anything.’ I said as innocent as I possible could.

He turned to face me so our faces were only a few inches apart. It was really exciting.

Without saying anything else, he kissed me. It was a hard and passionate kiss. I sat down on his lap and somehow my hands made their in his beautiful blonde hair.

We were making out for a while until I could feel something  around my lower area. I pulled away and smirked at him.

'Are you sure that there is nothing I can do sir?’

'Now that I think about it…’ I didn’t even let him finish. I slowly made my way down and unbuckled his belt. In a smooth motion I pulled down his pants and underwear. His erection sprung free. I smiled to myself and started pumping. I could hear whimpers coming from Luke’s mouth.

’(Y/N)…oh my god. I need your mouth around me. Please.’ it turned me incredibly on to hear my boss beg for me.

I put my mouth around him and hollowed me cheeks. He hissed in pleasure.

I went as deep as I could until I felt it hitting the back of my throat.

'O my god (Y/N), I’m…’ without letting him finish (in any way) I pulled away. He looked at me. It was a mix of surprise and anger.

'I want to feel you inside of me.’ I whispered in his ear.

As soon as I said it, the anger on his face disappeared. He kissed me once more before he told me to pull my clothes off.

While I did so, he wanted to pull of his tie, but I told him to keep it on. What can I say…

We were now completely naked, well he was only wearing his black tie. I pulled it towards me and I sat down on his lap again.

I moaned at the touch of him against my thighs.

'Ride me (Y/N), just do it.’ he told me. Luke pulled his member into me and I slowly started to go up and down. In the meantime we kissed and he massaged my boobs.

‘Please go faster.’ he begged.

‘Not yet.’ I wanted to tease him. He should know how it is to wait for something he wants.

‘Please (Y/N), I’m begging you.’ as much as I wanted to I didn’t. I was curious what he would do. And believe me, it was not disappointing.

Clearly he was not amused by my behaviour. Somehow he picked me up and switched out position so I was facing his desk and he was slamming into me from behind. I moaned from pleasure.

‘No babygirl. Now you’re just going to be quiet and listen to me, understood? ‘ I nodded my head.

‘Understood.’ he said once more, this time a bit more angry.

‘I understand…daddy.’ the last word I spoke a bit hesitantly. But he clearly enjoyed it.

For the next few minutes I somehow achieved not to make a single sound. I had to bite my lip so hard I started to feel blood.

‘Okay, babygirl, you can speak again.’ I immediately let a long kept moan out.

Soon after that I felt a known feeling in my stomach.

‘Daddy, I’m..’

‘Yes baby come for me.’

A few seconds went by and I reached my height. Luke soon came after me and he pulled out. We kissed each other one more time before grabbing our clothes.

‘Hey (Y/N).’ I looked up at him.

‘Yes, Mr. Hemmings.’

‘Do you want to come over to my place.’ I bit my lip and nodded.

 This piece was inspired by Ferrett Steinmetz’s debut novel Flex. I loved it, and I am sure you will too. And yes one of the main characters is a chubby chick. When I read the description of Valentine Digriz I thought of devilishlysweet and so I used Liz as a model for the character. 

 This was an involved piece. It has my first bit of pixel art which is why it took so long to finish. I will be doing a write up on the process for this in the nearish future.  

 Pencils and inks