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I'm going to adopt 2 ferrets and had a few questions. What cage should I get for 2 ferrets and what food should I feed them? Also what extra supply of things should I have. Thanks

Hi! Congrats on your future new fuzzies!


The Ferret Nation 182 (2 level) by Midwest is hands down the most recommended cage for ferrets. It has enough room for them to live comfortably (of course you still need to let them out of the cage 4 hours a day!) and has big doors allowing it to be cleaned easily.


There are countless brands of kibble you can give a ferret. My ferrets are raw fed, but I understand that not everybody has the time and ability to prepare a homemade raw diet. Take a look at this kibble chart which mathematically rates kibble brands based on their meat content. I recommend feeding them the highest quality food you can afford.

Extra supplies:

  • Non-clumping, no-dust litter (I use Yesterday’s News)
  • Hammocks
  • Tubes, tunnels, balls
  • Salmon oil (or Ferretone, but that stuff has some unhealthy ingredients)
  • Treats (use freeze-dried treats only, stay far away from Bandit treats or anything with fruits and veggies in it)

Things to note:

  • Be prepared to spent a lot of money on vet bills. Ferrets are expensive, and almost all ferrets WILL get Insulinoma, Adrenal disease, or a blockage and will need expensive treatments and/or surgery.
  • Ferrets live 10-12 years. Pets are for life. Make sure you’ll be able to keep and support them, and give them everything they need for their entire life.

If my followers have anything to add, feel free to let us know!


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