Jerry the Ferret last post. I said goodbye to my little buddy today. I haven’t posted an update in months but during that time he steadily went down hill. His passing was painless and I was with him until the end as I held him wrapped in a scarf that smelled like me. Sometimes the brightest lights burn out the quickest and in the short time we had together he was so much fun and incredibly loving I’m going to miss him. I hope that there is something after this life because he deserves to be able to run and play again.

Yes but imagine Hanzos noodle dragons basically being ferrets, so they run around playing and try to steal McCrees socks.

What if McCree finds a clear plastic bendy tube (like the cat toys cats run around in) and they go fuCKING BONKERS OVER IT.

And Hanzo and McCree sit there playing with them and they fall asleep in their arms and then Hanzo falls asleep on McCrees shoulder.