Combeferre is such a sarcastic little shit though, seriously.

You can just imagine his glasses falling off one day and Courfeyrac is just like “Omfg can you see anything?!” so Ferre just drops to the floor and fumbles around, purposely missing them as he goes “Jinkies! Where are my glasses???”

And Grantaire is just pissing himself with laughter in the background and he and Ferre just bond over their sardonic asshole-ish tendencies.

buttbuttbossuet asked:

Onetime when Combeferre and Grantaire weren't living together, Grantaire would never let Combeferre come over. He nervously made the excuse that it was messy, but Combeferre could see right through the lie, but couldn't figure out what Grantaire was hiding from him. So one day ferre comes into the Musain looking as irritated as he can be with out actually being irritated, and Grantaire asks him what's wrong. Ferries building needed to be fumigated due to pests in the apartment below him. Cont.

So he asks Grantaire if he could stay at his place for a few days, and Grantaire thinks for a moment, then responds with “can you find somewhere else to stay?” Of course this doesn’t go over well and they have a big fight and Grantaire goes home and Combeferre stays at Courf’s. That night Grantaire can’t sleep and he goes to everyone’s house looking for Combeferre, finally he finds him and begs him to come home with him. Combeferre, not being able to stand seeing Grantaire so upset, agrees. 

Combeferre follows Grantaire home and they get there, Grantaire’s unlocking the door and sighs, leaning his head against it. Combeferre puts his hand on Grantaire’s shoulder, and says “what ever it is you’re hiding, I won’t look at you any differently.” They kiss like the nerds they are and both go into the apartment. For a few moments, Combeferre doesn’t get what’s so peculiar about Grantaire’s apartment that he needs to hide it. Then bunches of cats start crossing his path. Grantaire has 19.



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please tell me about ferretaire. i have never considered it before

Oh, anon

Okay first let’s just be real they’d nerd out together over everything. They both have such an expansive list of interests. World culture, ancient cultures, language, arts, animals, philosophy, history, literature, you name it? And if their interests don’t directly overlap, both of them are people who like knowing things and take pride in their knowledge, and they’d be so interested to listen to what the other has to say about any given topic. I’m talking either or both of them could completely infodump and the other would think it was so neat, and intriguing, and they’d have wonderful discussions. They could disagree without wanting to kill one another. They could agree and get super excited together. They work off of one another in really good ways.

Also, Ferre would really notice him? Like, R isn’t overly antagonistic to him, since Ferre really kinda? Mellow? He doesn’t really incite you to yell at him, or prod at him. He really can’t be heavily fussed with, and he’s always so calm. And just right off the bat they wouldn’t be butting heads, or if they did, it’d be a lot more constructive when discussing things. And so R would seem a lot more open to him than he might anyone else. And Ferre would pick up on things. He’d see R’s doodles and marvel at his drawing talents (R would also marvel at Ferre’s drawing talents, especially related to scientific diagrams). He’d know that R knows the best place for everything, and that he’s really physically active and has all these talents that he mentions in passing. Ferre would remember all of that and craft a really bright image of Grantaire, past all the shit R tries to hide himself under.

And R would be really happy to have someone to talk to who wasn’t extreme in any way, or draws out extreme parts of him? Ferre would really encourage him to focus himself, and relax, and just sorta be? Masks really fall away around Ferre because no one feels the need to have one on in his presence, because he’s gonna see through it anyway. And R can absolutely let go around him and nerd out over this old book he read once, and this one myth, and they could share wine and lounge. And R would get really positive attention from Ferre and Ferre would have really positive interactions with him in general.

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buttbuttbossuet asked:

Grantiare illustrating children's books. No one would ever guess, until he gets the flu and Combeferre comes over to take care of him and sees his latest work. Combeferre being confused but he doesn't ask about it because he's there to take care of Grantaire. Combeferre looking for grantaire's other books. Combeferre never looking at Grantaire as the same cynical, dark, drunken joker as before.


Ferretaire headcanons

- Grantaire bought Combeferre one of those ‘young science’ kits you can get kids and one day they just made bouncing custard balls and slime.

- They tried doing the Screaming Jelly Baby experiment and torched half their kitchen.

- Neither of them have the time to look after a pet so they grew a crystal tree together. They named it Sid.

- They take their coffee the same: black with two sugars.

- When R has a cold 'Ferre will always give him a sugar cube with his medicine.

- Combeferre is an amazing dancer so he and Grantaire frequently sneak off to the bandstand in the park and waltz in the moonlight.

- Their first date was at the observatory. They were the only ones there as Combeferre is friends with the owner so managed to get it after closing hours.

- They have multiple matching tattoos: black bands on their ring fingers, the outlines of the world map on their backs and a book and a star on their ankles.

- Combeferre kissed Grantaire first; he was mid-rant and 'Ferre couldn’t resist the way his eyes shine when he’s impassioned.

- Grantaire sleeps in one of Combeferre’s old Star Trek shirts.

- They went as Bones and Spock for Halloween.

- Sometimes Combeferre gets so stressed he starts to cry. On those nights, Grantaire will lie beside him and sing quietly, holding him the whole time.

- Combeferre is an amazing chef and makes R a home cooked meal every night he can.

- On the nights he can’t cook, they get takeout. (R tried to make him spanakopita one night. He torched the other half of the kitchen.)

- Before Grantaire met Ferre’s family for the first time, he made Combeferre write him a list of his siblings’ names so he could memorise them all. (Achille, Cyrille, Ermenegilde, Florence, Isabel, Luc and Rainier.)

- Combeferre proposed by leaving a post-it note in Grantaire’s favourite book. ('Slaughterhouse 5’.) Naturally, R said yes.

- They’ve been engaged since their second year of university. (They’re currently in their last.) They’re in no rush.

- They InterRailed all of Europe in one month. For every nation they visited, they had that place coloured in on their map tattoos.

- They get very passionate about Eurovision.

- Grantaire once wrote a piano piece for Combeferre. He entitled it 'Aubade’.

- Combeferre wrote a complimentary violin piece called “Vorfreude”. Grantaire cried.

- They went on an artisan baking course together and ended up accidentally on-purpose making a baking-soda and vinegar volcano. They haven’t been allowed back since.

Ferretaire would be such a visually stunning couple. Combeferre with his near-black skin, black hair, dark eyes, round glasses, bright purple button-up rolled up to show his tattoo sleeves - thin black, white, gold, silver ink creating scientific diagrams, blocks of bright color filling them in. Grantaire with dark reddish skin, fluffy black hair, scruff, broken nose, green eyes, well-worn faded green t-shirt, leather jacket, sleeve tattoos - bold, black designs with minimal color as accent - peeking out from under his clothes. Holding hands and looking at one another, smiling. Combeferre’s bright grin and R’s crooked one.

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Combeferre/Grantaire gave a running hug to the wrong person at the airport and knocked you to the ground au!!

(It’s a train station rather than an airport, but I can so do that for you, Anon! :D)

“Why aren’t you the one doing this?” Combeferre asks Enjolras, already resigned to his fate as he unbuckles his seat belt. Courfeyrac has all but demanded that one of them come greet him with an exuberant hug upon his return from home just so he can brag to his cousins, and while Combeferre will happily give up his dignity for his friends, he’s not exactly enthused.

“Because if I have to I will send a box of candy to all your little cousins and tell their parents it was your doing,” Enjolras says blandly, with the slight twist to his smile that betrays his amusement as he touches Combeferre’s shoulder. “Have fun.”

“Devious,” he grumbles affectionately, but touches Enjolras’ hand in return before leaving him to wait in the car. It’s cold out, and he ducks into his coat a little more, shifting a little as he heads inside and starts to look for Courfeyrac, who had better appreciate this.

And there, a flash of dark, unruly curls and dark skin, a familiar laugh. He’s not even looking at Combeferre. Smiling to himself, he mentally makes apologies to all the people he’s about to dodge past, and throws himself at his friend, calculating the trajectory. To his credit, he realizes the mistake about the time the guy tenses as they topple to the ground.

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Okay but Ferretaire with this au -> "you’re the drummer for my brothers band and i find you really hot AU"

Okay okay leahmiserables​ and I were discussing this and now I’m actually really invested?

Combeferre is in his first year of university. He gets a really cute letter/VIP pass from his two older brothers telling him that they’re gonna be back in their hometown for a show the same time Ferre is going to be on a school vacation, so of course they’re gonna invite him and of course Ferre is gonna go.

His brothers play folk punk, and it’s less like they’re in a band and more like they travel and meet up at festivals with other bands and jam with them. But they’ve gained a lot of momentum recently so they’ve actually started headlining, to an extent. One of his brothers plays the fiddle, his other brother plays the banjo/guitar and sings (for the most part).

When Ferre is backstage before the show starts he runs into his brothers and one of the accompanist folks they’ve brought on for this show - who is. Wow okay this dude looks hardcore. I mean he’s got hella tattoos and his hair is a fucking mess and it looks like his nose has been broken and wasn’t set properly. And he has this super toothy lopsided grin. And his brothers are really excited to introduce Combeferre to Grantaire because apparently Grantaire is the best double tenor steel drum player this side of the galaxy (and Grantaire acts super modest at first before stopping and going “yeah, no, actually I am”). 

But then they gotta drag Grantaire away before he and Combeferre can talk because their set’s gonna start soon and R’s in the first song with the guitar and R gives Ferre a significant look before leaving and Ferre’s not quite sure what to make of him. But uh, to be honest Ferre spends the entire song watching Grantaire play? Like damn Grantaire is really good. And he looks like he’s having so much fun with everything?

And eventually the song is over and Grantaire is backstage and spends his time getting his other steel pans ready for later songs - one of which will be a solo - and Ferre sorta awkwardly watches him while he talks to other folks playing with his brothers and all the guest bands

And it’s not until after the show that Ferre catches Grantaire alone and is able to talk to him and. Grantaire is sorta awkward when he’s alone at first but warms up really fast, especially when Ferre understands his weird obscure mythology jokes and then they get to talking about school (how Ferre is gonna be a surgeon, how R dropped out and travels) and family (Ferre talks about his weird adoptive hippy parents, R talks about his parents from Trinidad and how that’s how he learned to play steel pans) and general interests (Ferre talks about his fascination about Egypt because that’s where his mother was from and how he tried to decode hieroglyphics as a kid, how R got into painting and film and music and martial arts and just sorta, does everything he can, learns everything he can).

Then his brothers sneak up on them and start to push them out the building because there’s drinks to be had! And food to eat! And people to meet! And basically a super cool after party is happening! And both Ferre and Grantaire get roped into it and even though at some point Grantaire gets pretty drunk, the conversations are super good and he and Ferre sorta claim a corner and talk all night, and when Ferre gets ready to go home Grantaire produces a sharpie and grabs his wrist before pausing and asking “May I?” and Ferre gives him permission so he scribbles his phone number on it and that’s how they meet (and probably hook up).

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If you're still taking prompts, R/Ferre and accidental pet acquisition?

(I am indeed!)

Combeferre is kind of impressed at how easily Grantaire is able to turn, swing his hip forward at the right angle to hit the pushbar at the door, shove it open wide enough for both of them to pass thought, and keep running, all without breaking stride. He would probably tell him this, but they’re running.

Thankfully, the building is near the edge of campus, and they hurtle along the sidewalk. Combeferre gladly lets Grantaire take the lead, because he doesn’t have the same head for the streets, doesn’t know where to turn and where to duck, even though Grantaire doesn’t go here. Then again, most of his friends do.

Grantaire veers down an alley and then skids to a stop, flushed and laughing a little breathlessly as he cranes his neck to look up at Combeferre. “See? We made it!”

“We did,” he gasps, and tries to remember to breath in through his nose and out through his mouth, chest heaving as his head spins at the sudden stop. Inexplicably, he finds himself laughing too, even more breathlessly and half wheezing. He’s in nowhere near as good of shape as his boyfriend.

But, pretty sure that they would have been caught if someone had been chasing them, Combeferre shifts his hands from his chest, where he’s been carefully clutching his cargo. A dusty brown little face peeks up at him, the little nose twitching a bit as though wondering what all the fuss was about.

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no but ok ok oK

combeferre who decides to document all the prejudices and injustices going around on campus and so he starts up a vlog

and just as it starts he gets a new roommate who goes by R and he’s a cynic who has annoying tendencies and he and ferre dont get along at first but!!!

he ends up sort of helping ferre make things better??? without meaning to!??

and it features:

enjolras, combeferre’s best friend who is always debating with R and is always pushing for change no matter the consequences

joly, combeferre’s designated science buddy

courfeyrac, ferre’s best friend who always reports to him about the students (and also the wacky things marius and cosette get up to)

and it’s 1:30 in the morning and i’m probably gonna write this when i get a decent amount of sleep bc a ferretaire au based off carmilla is what we neED

fearlessleaderr asked:

Can we just imagine how stressed combeferre would get after a rally gone bad. He'd be running around, trying to pick his friends off the ground and get them to safety. He's needs to deal with bossuets broken arm, and courfeyracs cuts, and Grantaires fractured knuckles and broken nose. He needs to locate enjolras and physically pull him out the fray, concussed and bloody faced. I'm pretty sure combeferre would be the mother of the group (the guide through and through)

Oh no bless him!!!

Combeferre always ends up with a migraine but he powers through the pain because he needs to help his friends first and they all realise this.

When everything’s quietened down they run him a huge bubble bath then, while he’s in it (with Grantaire shampooing his hair for him because I’m Ferretaire trash) the rest of them transform the front room into a mass of duvets and pillows. They order takeout and each of them chooses a documentary to watch and they huddle Combeferre in the room and all of them just have a massive cuddle pile whilst watching TV and eating junk food and then they all fall asleep and when Ferre wakes up he’s surrounded by his best friends and it makes the migraines all worth it xox

dreamer-wisher-liar replied to your post: I survived the week, which means I’m b…

First Dates and Other Dangers. Prompt: tenth date.

The thing is, it’s been almost two months and this is the easiest, least stressful relationship of Grantaire’s life. There’s no pressure to be perfect, no panicking over not doing everything right - well, there’s some, there’s always some, but it’s a small amount, considering. He doesn’t feel like he’s always on the losing edge of some metric he has to stay level with or he’ll be considered to have failed, somehow.

And it’s not like they don’t talk. They text all the time and they spend a lot of time with one another. There’s a sort of hazy line between date and not-date, and he’s pretty sure that Combeferre’s friends are trying to come up with a rubric of what counts as a date and what counts as hanging out, which is honestly pretty fucking hilarious, especially because Combeferre clearly doesn’t take it seriously. They’ve been on about nine dates, or something like that, and nothing dramatic - no fancy restaurants or trying to top the American guides to romance in Paris or anything.

Today they have plans to go the Orangerie, because Combeferre had looked at Grantaire very earnestly and said he wanted to learn more about art and impressionism, and Grantaire loves that fucking museum, and the thought of someone wanting to explore it with him makes his chest knot up in confusing ways that are… probably mostly good and a little bit painful.

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