Combeferre is such a sarcastic little shit though, seriously.

You can just imagine his glasses falling off one day and Courfeyrac is just like “Omfg can you see anything?!” so Ferre just drops to the floor and fumbles around, purposely missing them as he goes “Jinkies! Where are my glasses???”

And Grantaire is just pissing himself with laughter in the background and he and Ferre just bond over their sardonic asshole-ish tendencies.

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Onetime when Combeferre and Grantaire weren't living together, Grantaire would never let Combeferre come over. He nervously made the excuse that it was messy, but Combeferre could see right through the lie, but couldn't figure out what Grantaire was hiding from him. So one day ferre comes into the Musain looking as irritated as he can be with out actually being irritated, and Grantaire asks him what's wrong. Ferries building needed to be fumigated due to pests in the apartment below him. Cont.

So he asks Grantaire if he could stay at his place for a few days, and Grantaire thinks for a moment, then responds with “can you find somewhere else to stay?” Of course this doesn’t go over well and they have a big fight and Grantaire goes home and Combeferre stays at Courf’s. That night Grantaire can’t sleep and he goes to everyone’s house looking for Combeferre, finally he finds him and begs him to come home with him. Combeferre, not being able to stand seeing Grantaire so upset, agrees. 

Combeferre follows Grantaire home and they get there, Grantaire’s unlocking the door and sighs, leaning his head against it. Combeferre puts his hand on Grantaire’s shoulder, and says “what ever it is you’re hiding, I won’t look at you any differently.” They kiss like the nerds they are and both go into the apartment. For a few moments, Combeferre doesn’t get what’s so peculiar about Grantaire’s apartment that he needs to hide it. Then bunches of cats start crossing his path. Grantaire has 19.



“Now get down from the lampposts, you need to be 5′’8 again.

For cynics-and-romantics after they wrote me this rEALLY GREAT FANFIC LIKE??? (x) aaand since their OTP is ferretaire, I thought I’d finally draw out this little scene that’s been sitting in the back of my mind for a while

For the record Combeferre isn’t THAT much taller, maybe 5′11???ish?


rays of light peeked through the gap in the curtains to illuminate the face of the man who was more accustomed to moonlight than the early summer sun. he grunted and pulled the duvet covers over his head, only to pull them down again a moment later as the smell of freshly brewed coffee floated in from the open door. grantaire, bleary-eyed and yawning, made his way to the kitchen. it was cool and calm in the early morning haze and coffee and paint stains adorned the vintage worktops. grantaire smiled softly as combeferre kissed him good morning – combeferre never did mind grantaire’s early morning stubble. grantaire rest his head on combeferre’s shoulder and combeferre wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s waist in return, cuddling him tightly.

Combeferre and Grantaire going to a painting class together and they’re tasked to draw a cat. Of course R’s is brilliant but when he cranes his neck to look at Ferre’s it literally looks like a sausage with a tail and they both fall out their chair laughing.

The picture is now stuck on their fridge. Combeferre constantly takes it down and rips it up, but unbeknownst to him R has over 500 photocopies.

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Grantiare illustrating children's books. No one would ever guess, until he gets the flu and Combeferre comes over to take care of him and sees his latest work. Combeferre being confused but he doesn't ask about it because he's there to take care of Grantaire. Combeferre looking for grantaire's other books. Combeferre never looking at Grantaire as the same cynical, dark, drunken joker as before.


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Combeferre/Grantaire gave a running hug to the wrong person at the airport and knocked you to the ground au!!

(It’s a train station rather than an airport, but I can so do that for you, Anon! :D)

“Why aren’t you the one doing this?” Combeferre asks Enjolras, already resigned to his fate as he unbuckles his seat belt. Courfeyrac has all but demanded that one of them come greet him with an exuberant hug upon his return from home just so he can brag to his cousins, and while Combeferre will happily give up his dignity for his friends, he’s not exactly enthused.

“Because if I have to I will send a box of candy to all your little cousins and tell their parents it was your doing,” Enjolras says blandly, with the slight twist to his smile that betrays his amusement as he touches Combeferre’s shoulder. “Have fun.”

“Devious,” he grumbles affectionately, but touches Enjolras’ hand in return before leaving him to wait in the car. It’s cold out, and he ducks into his coat a little more, shifting a little as he heads inside and starts to look for Courfeyrac, who had better appreciate this.

And there, a flash of dark, unruly curls and dark skin, a familiar laugh. He’s not even looking at Combeferre. Smiling to himself, he mentally makes apologies to all the people he’s about to dodge past, and throws himself at his friend, calculating the trajectory. To his credit, he realizes the mistake about the time the guy tenses as they topple to the ground.

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First Dates and Other Dangers. Prompt: tenth date.

The thing is, it’s been almost two months and this is the easiest, least stressful relationship of Grantaire’s life. There’s no pressure to be perfect, no panicking over not doing everything right - well, there’s some, there’s always some, but it’s a small amount, considering. He doesn’t feel like he’s always on the losing edge of some metric he has to stay level with or he’ll be considered to have failed, somehow.

And it’s not like they don’t talk. They text all the time and they spend a lot of time with one another. There’s a sort of hazy line between date and not-date, and he’s pretty sure that Combeferre’s friends are trying to come up with a rubric of what counts as a date and what counts as hanging out, which is honestly pretty fucking hilarious, especially because Combeferre clearly doesn’t take it seriously. They’ve been on about nine dates, or something like that, and nothing dramatic - no fancy restaurants or trying to top the American guides to romance in Paris or anything.

Today they have plans to go the Orangerie, because Combeferre had looked at Grantaire very earnestly and said he wanted to learn more about art and impressionism, and Grantaire loves that fucking museum, and the thought of someone wanting to explore it with him makes his chest knot up in confusing ways that are… probably mostly good and a little bit painful.

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no but ok ok oK

combeferre who decides to document all the prejudices and injustices going around on campus and so he starts up a vlog

and just as it starts he gets a new roommate who goes by R and he’s a cynic who has annoying tendencies and he and ferre dont get along at first but!!!

he ends up sort of helping ferre make things better??? without meaning to!??

and it features:

enjolras, combeferre’s best friend who is always debating with R and is always pushing for change no matter the consequences

joly, combeferre’s designated science buddy

courfeyrac, ferre’s best friend who always reports to him about the students (and also the wacky things marius and cosette get up to)

and it’s 1:30 in the morning and i’m probably gonna write this when i get a decent amount of sleep bc a ferretaire au based off carmilla is what we neED

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i have a ferretaire thing for you--grantaire and combeferre falling asleep in each other's arms and the first 10 or so times R wakes up murmuring enjolras's name and one day after a really hard night R wakes up whispering ferre and combeferre has to stop himself from crying

that’s my thing

you just took my thing

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Ferre's on the bus and his 2-year-old won’t stop crying, except R just smiled at them and they did

“Aimé, please, darling, you have to calm down-” Combeferre sighs as the little girl continues to wail, pounding her tiny fists against her thighs. He picks up the little girl, holding onto her. “You’re mad because I said no park today. It’s okay to feel this way.” He was so exhausted. Raising a two year old by himself, working full time… He felt like he hadn’t slept more than a couple of hours for the past two years. 

“Don’t wanna go!! Hate her!!!” She was talking about the babysitter; Combeferre was doing his best to find another, but for now, this was the only one Ferre could afford who would take the little girl. 

Ferre locks eyes with a man sitting across from them on the bus, with wild curly hair and bright green eyes. He has a sympathetic look; it’s one Ferre recognizes from other parents. However, instead of just ignoring the screaming child like everyone else, the man gets up and kneels in front of her, giving her a big smile. Slowly, Aimé’s wailing stops, coming down to small whimpers. 

“There we go… Is your name Aimé? What a beautiful name! Mine is Grantaire.” 

Suddenly shy, the two year old buries her face into her father’s neck, but she’s smiling. Combeferre is as well; he offers a hand to Grantaire. “I’m Combeferre. Thank you… She’s not usually this shy! It must be because she’s not used to such handsome men.” 

Grantaire laughs at that and sits next to Combeferre. The two chat until they have to separate, but a promise hangs in the air.