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Free Ferret Adoption in Houston Texas (please help me out!)

Hey guys, it’s not often that I use my blog to really ask for help, but I’ve come to a point where I really could use it. 

I’m the owner of a 1 year old male white taffy Ferret named Bailey, unfourtunately, my situation is no longer suitable for his care and I’m forced with the reality that I must give him away to a good home or risk endangering my beloved pet.

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I must find him either a suitable home or a no-kill shelter willing to take him in, I have no transportation available to me at the moment so that’s why it’s come down to this Tumblr post.

Completely free of charge to anyone in the Houston area willing to pick him up and give him a good and loving home. He comes with a fairly expensive three tier cage and all the toys, bowls, feeders, and accessories necessary for quality care.

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I love Bailey dearly, but it’s tearing me apart inside knowing that I can no longer care for him in the manner he deserves. The prospects of keeping him in the state that I must weigh on my conscious more than my unwillingness to part with a dear pet. I ask anyone who can give him the love and care he needs to please contact me at RianSygh44@Gmail.com

Ladies and gentlemen,
  • Pet stores in the USA are having a ferret sale. Anything for ferrets are marked down. Please do not go and buy a ferret because it's cheap... Ferrets need time, love, space, diet, hunting, social time and more... I just adopted Kairi because I needed her more then she needed me. I adopted her as an emotional support animal, for my depression and anxiety. I had ferrets thanks to my mother as a young teen. I know the struggles.
  • If not cared properly your ferret will smell worse then they do to begin with. They carry a natural pheromone that smells musty. If fed wrong, if to oily, if to dry, if over weight, if to skinny, if depressed, if happy it will get stronger. A lot of people will give up their ferret for this alone.
  • During play they need to be stimulated with hunting, digging, jumping, crawling and more. They are very active, very mouthy, chew on things you will not want them to. It is a snake, Cat, dog baby.
  • Their diet is picky, can't have fruits or veggies since they're carnivores and it's poisonous to them. They live better on a raw meat diet. Or settled kibble.
  • Please know I'm not an expert and I'm in 25+ ferret groups alone. Just in case I need advice. Please I have 3 roommates that will at the least talk to her when I'm not around. I also adopted her from a recuse shelter at the age of year and a half. Babies are worse. If you want a ferret adopt. Don't be part of the negative cycle. Save a life. I have a great shelter you can adopt from with a lot of information. And if for some reason you can't handle the ferret let me or her know about them,we'll help find a home or I may take them.
  • Now please think before getting a ferret.

My boyfriend and I adopted this beautiful, brave little girl today. Everyone, meet Shirley, the 4th ferret of our little business! Aaaaand her new siblings love her!
Read her story in the first photo and see her before and after pictures. Chris found her via Facebook and showed me. About 3 days later we went down and adopted her. Another happy day :)

(Photo credit to MSPCA at Nevins Farm)

This is baby (kit) Momo! Not long after bringing her home! We adopted her from a family a couple cities away who couldn’t look after her anymore. We’re glad we took her away from that home, she slept in a small cage, and was allowed to wander the deck in an apartment building! She could have fallen to her death so many times… We also believe that is where she broke her canine tooth. Her name wasn’t Momo back then either, I honestly don’t even remember what she was called! We’ve learned so much in the last couple years owning ferrets! 

This is my little princess Chardonnay. We didn’t name her that, for the record. She had been in the rescue for so long that she wouldn’t answer to a new name. This little girl is so happy and playful and mischievous, and some asshole somewhere decided that she’d be better off dumped in a shoebox than in a safe and happy home. Well, last laugh is on you mate, because I have this happy, chatty, inquisitive little cat-snake, and you hopefully have the peace and quiet without her to reflect on what a vile excuse for a human being you are.

If anyone is considering getting ferrets, please please think about adopting eh? So many people are huge assholes to them and there are a lot of cat-snakes out there in need of some love.


“Teemo was raised in a nudist colony. She left the colony to raise Victor, after her cousin passed. Teemo is constantly getting tickets for indecency when she takes Victor to school. Teemo is working on finding a happy medium between being a nudist in her current non-nudist world. Victor is a happy boy and loves his “Aunt Teemo.”  He will do anything for her.” -Ethel of GCFA

Victor and Teemo are availble for foster and/or adoption! Contact us today if you have a warm home to offer this loving, affectionate, and playful pair.

My boyfriend sent me the picture the other day taken sometime in mid-late October. It’s from the day he and I met Simon and River (then called Steve and Sheila) for the very first time at the NHSPCA, and Vincenzo met his new adopted siblings. This shot in particular is when I was signing the adoption papers and he was keeping them occupied until we were all set.

They were so excited and kept reaching up to see us :)

Such a happy day ♡

“ I guess what I’d want to say to people regarding ferret’s is to NOT buy them as an impulse whim… They are such charming, intelligent and funny creatures. They deserve forever homes and they are the BEST antidepressants available. I bought our first two ferret’s, but will only adopt ferret’s from this point on. Too many needing homes and being listed on places like Craigslist, etc.” via mefford123

Guys. This is Nabu. Hes currently located at the BCSPCA, and he needs a home. If you live around BC go play with this cutie. I want him so bad, but money. Not my photo. He needs his furever home, and he would fit in so well with my fur kids. Ohhh maybe I’ll do some sort of fundraiser for him If he doesn’t find a home soon! What do you think? (Adoption fee is $125cad)

So I’ve been looking to adopt a ferret in the Northern VA/DC are as a companion for my 3 year old, Magnus. When he was younger, he used to have a female companion but we had to keep them in separate cages because she would just try and tear his throat out.  He’s a very gentle fuzzer and absolutely adores cuddling and back rubs more than he likes to rough house. Anyone got any suggestions for introducing ferrets? Any known ferret rescues in my area that are reputable and willing to help a newbie like myself? Any and all suggestions are welcome!