Funny and adorable video of baby ferrets playing in the snow


Ordered a critter nation for my ferret babies today!! Finally they will have a nice cage that’s easy for me to clean. I wiuld have gotten a ferret nation, but my girls are so little that they can escape 1" bar spacing lol


Ferrets playtime!

Talking about exotic pets..
  • Daddy:A hedgehog could work
  • Me:I want an otter
  • Daddy:That's too aquatic little one...
  • Me:They're described like ferrets on crack
  • Daddy:Then get a ferret
  • Me:But then I can't play with it in the bath
  • Daddy:Alexis.. You are not bathing with an otter..
  • Me:Why not? They're soooo cute!
  • Daddy:What have I gotten myself into?