Courfeyrac had the biggest crush on Combeferre in their anthropology class wherein Ferre was the TA. Honestly he hadn’t even talked to him before really, just stared at him during class a lot when he wasn’t looking and basically melted every time he said anything. The closest that they got to interacting was when Courf said sly comments or jokes too loudly in the middle of class, and he’d look over to see Combeferre cracking a smile.

Courf never really needed to go to the review sessions before each exam either, but he’d be damned if he didn’t show up anyway because Ferre was the one that led them. And really, just listening to him explain the concepts with such confidence and smoothness shouldn’t have been as attractive as it was.

He didn’t think Ferre even knew his name.

So when Combeferre saw him studying at the library one day and placed his belongings in the chair across from him with a smile and a “Courfeyrac, right?” Courf just about choked.

What if Grantaire never saw beauty in himself because he was too busy looking at all the beauty he could see around him? He saw Jehan’s hair, waving in the air like a red ocean as they crossed the street, Ferre’s delicate and long hands as he kept fidgeting with a pencil during a meeting, Bahorel’s muscles hardening in happiness as he hugged a long lost friend, Feuilly’s tired eyes leaving all his worries behind as he opened the Musain’s door; and also R saw Cosette’s neck, proudly high as she walked through the meeting, Eponine’s hungry eyes while she saw other people’s affection, Musichetta’s eyebrows curving bittersweetly as she remembered her past; Grantaire kept looking and saw Bossuet’s grin as a drop of blood fell from his nose after he hit again against the door, Joly’s focused glance, his eyes narrowing to a thin line, as his hands polished his beloved old cane, Marius’ freckles vanishing in his reddened cheeks as he drowned is his friend’s embrace. Grantaire saw a lot, beside Enjolras’ blonde locks and fierce stance, he saw so many beautiful friends and forgot how sparkly his eyes were as he kept looking at those wonders

Okay but can you imagine Courfeyrac and Combeferre pining for each other.

They are literally the cliche, boys-next-door, I-can-see-your-room-from-mine, climbing on each other’s rooftops kind of people. It all started when Courfeyrac moved over to the neighborhood from Brazil. They were both in 5th grade and ended up walking to school together most of the time.

They bonded over exploring the forest next to their neighborhood. Combeferre went to find different types of moths and Courfeyrac pretended he was the king of the woods. They would spend warm nights laying on top of the roof with Combeferre pointing out different constellations. They spent winter sledding on a hill nearby their houses.

When Courfeyrac came out to Combeferre as pan during their freshman year of high school, he very carefully did not mention that he had feelings for him. He had relationships, but they ended because his heart was never fully in it. He kept reminding himself that falling for someone who was straight, and his best friend, would never end well.

Combeferre took longer to figure out his sexuality, labeling as demi-romantic bi sometime during college. He also avoided the fact that he came to this conclusion by his feelings for Courfeyrac developing over time.

They met Enjolras their freshman year of college because they were all in the same political science class. All three of them instantly bonded, and it resulted in Enjolras getting insight into both of their feelings.

It isn’t until their senior year when Enjolras, more than slightly tired of being in the middle of his two friends’ obliviousness, practically shuts them in a room together and forces them to talk about their feelings.

Les Amis as things my friends have said (part 1)

Enjolras: don’t injustice yourself

Ferre: [provided actual reference for Rousseau’s bdsm kink]

Courfeyrac: [looking at Bey’s performance from 2017 GRAMMYs] I’m having a religious experience rn

Joly: it’s homework about aliens

Bossuet: no autocorrect we die like men

Bahorel: Bromage (bro+fromage)

Grantaire: That’s my favourite shelve. It’s where I keep the alcohol


Marius: [has a crush on two girls and is confused] 

In addition

Eponine: on an unrelated note i just sent a girl a communism valentines card and she went offline

Javert: chaotic neutral cop

JVJ: there are no bread haters

  • Ferre: Do you guys wanna explain why the fire alarm is going off and we're out here in the freezing cold at 2:30 in the morning?
  • Grantaire:
  • Bossuet:
  • Joly:
  • Bahorel:
  • Ferre:
  • Grantaire: well,,,, the thing is we got hungry and we wanted to see what would happen if we microwaved Doritos
  • Joly: you know, for science!
  • Ferre: *takes a deep breath*
  • Ferre: and what have we learned from this experience?
  • Bahorel: that if college students were ever going to kill someone and start a riot, it would probably be after someone set off the fire alarm in their building at 2:30 in the morning
  • Ferre:
  • Ferre: ...
  • Enjolras: someone make a note of this for future revolutionary purposes
  • Ferre: Enjolras...
  • Ferre: Enjolras, no...