So, @girlofthearts@rikway, and I were talking, and we decided the Italy Brothers are douches to one another. 

ItaBros arguing over who is worse. 

On AO3. On FFn.

Lovino stared at his phone as the timer ticked down. Why would this stupid game ask him for anti-Galileo? He’s not the important one, God damn it.

“Feliciano,” he called when the backdoor opened, “who was anti-Galileo? Feliciano…” Lovino blinked. “Why are you wearing a scarf?”

“Hm?” Feliciano asked, placing the groceries on the counter.

“It’s like, sixty out. It’s way too warm for a scarf.” He sat up from the couch.

“Oh, well, I think it goes well with this outfit. Don’t you think?” Feliciano tugged at his shirt absent-mindedly. “Plus, I want to wear it one last time before spring.”

Lovino squinted. “Mhm.”

Feliciano glanced up, eyes wide. “What?”

“That’s some fucking bullshit.” Lovino smirked. “What’s this one’s name?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I did get some of that cheese you like. I was thinking that we could maybe make something fancy for dinner, because I had some extra cash and I splurged a little bit and wouldn’t Grandpa like something fancy?”

“You never have extra cash. Someone split the bill with you.”

“Maybe I did have some extra cash,” Feliciano said brightly. “Either way, we need to make a big meal.”


Feliciano smiled. “Drop it, please.”

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