ferrari lane


Point of view. by Umberto Buoro
Via Flickr:
1971 Ferrari 512 M chassis #1024; originally was a 512 S converted into M specs. Photo located in Monza’s pit lane.

There was a moment during the Canadian Grand Prix [in 2008] that seemed to sum up the relaxed character of Kimi Räikkönen, the reigning Formula One world champion. Lewis Hamilton had just smashed into the back of Räikkönen’s Ferrari in a moment of madness while exiting the pit lane. Hamilton had failed to spot a red light indicating that drivers must wait while the safety car was deployed; he had also, amazingly, failed to spot Räikkönen’s stationary Ferrari blocking the pit lane exit. The result: both cars damaged beyond repair.

Räikkönen, at that stage neck-and-neck with Hamilton in the championship with two wins each, walked over to his rival, and - instead of waving his fists, as other drivers might have done - calmly tapped the 23-year-old on the shoulder and helpfully pointed out the red light, as if saying to a child, ‘If you see one of those, it means you have to stop.’

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