ferrari key

Of course I care

Just a short, Quintis piece inspired by the end of Cliffhanger. 

When Walter stormed out of the garage, Ferrari keys in hand, they didn’t know what to do. 

“Let him cool off,” Toby told Happy, Sylvester a nervous wreck looking at the shrink. “Take it easy, Sly, don’t let him give you a stroke.” 

Happy fell back onto the couch, a blank look on her face as she stared ahead. Toby made his way over and sat beside her. Keeping more distance between them than he would have liked, he spoke. “He’ll be fine, Hap.” She didn’t look up and he took that to mean she didn’t want to talk. 

Making a move to stand, Happy’s hand on his knee stopped him. “Don’t.” She looked at him, the corners of her lips quirking up. “You know you messed up by sleeping through that date, but you’re still my best friend.“ 

He smiled, but she cut him off as she had more to say. “Best friend or not, I’ll keep giving you hell about this as long as I want to. You deserve it.” 

“It was an honest mistake,” he defended. “You know I’d never do that intentionally.” 

“Intentionally or not, you did it.” She shrugged, “And I know you didn’t mean to do it. But it’s still fun to mess with you.” 

Toby smiled, “You do care about me.” 

“Of course I care, you idiot, you’re my best friend.” She tapped his knee before standing. “Now get up,” she demanded, her hand out to help him off the couch. His head tilted ever so slightly as he took her hand and stood. “We’re going out.” 

Toby didn’t let go of her hand and Happy didn’t either as she continued. “I’m starving and I know you must be. You’re driving us for food.” 

“I’m driving?” He was shocked. Happy usually insisted on driving, no matter whose car they took. 

“Yeah, that way I can eat while you drive us back. We need to be here if Walt calls or comes back. You think you can handle this?” 

His hand still holding hers, he brushed across her knuckles with his thumb and held her gaze. “I can.” 

“Good,” she told him, letting go of his hand after giving it a quick squeeze. “Hey, Sly, we’re going out for food. You want to come with?”

The mathematician look up, “No, thank you. I’m not hungry." 

Toby narrowed his eyes and yelled across the garage, “I’m bringing you back a milkshake, my man.” Sly smiled up at his friend before looking back at what he was working on. 

Deciding to press his luck even further tonight, Toby draped his arm across Happy’s shoulders. “Let go,” he said. 

“Don’t push it, doc.” And with that, Happy slipped out from under his arm, a playful elbow to the side and a glance back that told him she wasn’t mad, just enjoying the tease as she held her hand out to him.