ferrari f310


———– Ferrari F310 - Michael Schumacher  ——-

—- The Ferrari F310, and its evolution, the F310B, were the Formula One racing cars with which the Ferrari team competed in the 1996 and 1997 seasons. It was driven in both years by Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine. – by nancorocks –


The Ferrari F310.

A brand new car for a brand new team with a brand new driver, the F310 was symbolic of the rebirth of Ferrari as they attempted to return to their wining ways of old, but was also meant as a developmental car, with new signing Michael Schumacher himself claiming that their aim for the first season was merely to win races: which they did, a magically walk-on-water performance in Spain, a tactical masterclass at Spa and a much celebrated victory at Monza that endeered Schumacher to the tifosi and would be indicative of the success to come in the decade to come.

Schumacher would finish 3rd in the title race to the dominant Williamses of Hill and Villeneuve.