• Jorja Smith - Blue Lights
• Local Natives - Past Lives
• Fenne Lily - Top To Toe
• Lil Silva - Caught Up ft. Cosima
• Jorja Smith - A Prince ft Maverick Sabre
• The Chordettes - Mr. Sandman
• Chantelle Milanese (Baby Doll) - Blank Canvas
• AURORA - Runaway
• Roseau - Alright
• Why? - Simeon’s Dilemma
• Ferraby Lionheart - The Ballad of Gus and Sam
• The Internet - Girl
• Local Natives - Airplanes
• Local Natives - Wide Eyes

Indie Happy Hour Presents: Rusty Clanton

I think it’s safe to say the Happy Hour could probably double as an Acoustic Lovers Anonymous. If you combine flowing chord progressions,  sweet vocals and nearly perfect lyrics… we’re beyond sold. And that’s how Rusty Clanton won us over, courtesy of his song “Ribs and Things”. Now we’re all obsessed and it’s possibly unhealthy. Luckily, one or two of us managed to remain composed and we got to talk about music, Full House, & most importantly, Zach Morris with the talented dude. Check out the songs he’s been listening to and what he’s got to say about ‘em:


Brackett, WI • Bon Iver “This song was the soundtrack to a big part of my life during some major heartbreak last winter. Because of that, this is my go to contemplative track. Bon Iver has gotten a lot of attention lately and that’s a good thing. If everyone were completely honest, they would admit that they don’t understand the meaning of any one of the songs Vernon writes. BUT even then, the fact that so many people can genuinely relate so deeply based only on a musical attitude alone is incredible. Say what you want about Bon Iver… that’s a magical gift!”

Words • GIVERS “I found this band and track during a major period of rediscovery for me. To me this song just screams "rebirth”. This is one of the bands that I don’t try to analyze when I hear them. I just accept it and let it happen to me. And it’s an incredible feeling.“

Satisfied In You • the Sing Team "I found this song during my heartbroken winter as well. It’s about Jesus obviously BUT what makes it so awesome is its honesty. It’s a worship song about heartache and hopelessness. It’s not shiny. It’s not polished like a lot of songs that Christian’s write about Jesus. Jesus didn’t try to sound shiny and polished when he was here. He was dirty and poor. He didn’t use churchy-wurchy language, and there’s no churchy-wurchy language in this song about him.

In the Stream • S. Carey "I studied about in Europe for a semester when I was in college. Right before I left I found S. Carey's All We Grow album and I was instantly sold. This album was my playlist while I traveled through England, Scotland, Ireland, france, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Every time I play any of these songs (especially this track) I’m brought back. Instant joy.”

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Tickets To Crickets
  • Tickets To Crickets
  • Ferraby Lionheart
  • EP

Tickets to Crickets

I won’t ever change a single thing about today

This might be the part when you will start

To feel the same

Once I get your name
I’m home, I’m homefree
You won’t want no one but me

All this talk is cheap
Why don’t we meet
And run away
I’ll be in the park
Just after dark
What do you say?

Once I get you out
I’m home, I’m homefree
You won’t need no one but me

Once I get your name
I’m home, I’m homefree
You won’t need no one but me

And I’ll start to believe
In love
Like it’s real
Not a useless word
In a book
In a song


hello!! it’s been a long while since i made a playlist and posted it, but i made this one for a pal of mine. it doesn’t have a specific theme, i just put a bunch of songs together that i thought they might like. hope y'all enjoy it as much as my other ones!!



Ferraby Lionheart - The Ballad of Gus & Sam

i’m an honest guy i’ve got no reason to lie

you’re a superstitious girl you put a spell on the world

the conversations great yeah i can tell
things are moving fast like a bat out of hell
i can lose my step here for you front foot forward to find

your positions good 
for making skeleton stew
sh sh she got the numbers in her neck 
and now she’s reaching for you
the conversations great yeah i can tell
there’s a ghost in the room 
i’m to scared to yell
i can lose my breath for you front foot forward to find”


Ferraby Lionheart - A Crack In Time

Ferraby Lionheart. What a name! I love this guy. Discovered him when my brother and I drove down to Portland for a Mason Jennings concert a few years ago. His voice is so unique, and watching him live you could see he was playing from the heart. I was an instant fan. Just wanted to hug him. This is a really awkward video, but I think it might have to be my favorite song of his.


So I picked up my guitar today for the first time in probably over a year, and it definitely shows. (I wasn’t really that good to begin with, but at least I had calluses to make things easier, once upon a time.)

Anyway, this is a cover of a song by Ferraby Lionheart - one of my all-time favorite artists - called “Won’t Be Long,” off his first self-titled EP. I highly recommend listening to the original version, which is vastly superior to mine. (Honestly you should just give all of his music a listen. It’s all really, really good.)


“Desmond” by Ferraby Lionheart. Recorded live in Los Angeles. From the not yet titled album, due out in Fall, 2012. Footage shot and edited by Elliot Glass.