See me in this new commercial for Greystone Relocation, a luxury moving company. I got to play a rich lady while wearing very un-rich lady clothes (top from my favorite store in LA, Hi- Fashion 5.99, pants from the 20 dollar Native Boutique rack and shoes from Payless.) FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT, SUCKAS

Starring my sassy new haircut! 

Jackie’s Ferosh-on-a-budget find: ALLOY.com

‘Member that catalog you always got in middle school but never ordered from? 

Think Delia’s, but the other one…

I stumbled across one recently and LOVED the stuff in it. Since bright colored pants are “in” right now I decided to try out these red ones.

GIRL- They were 30 dollars (and always google coupon codes when ordering online- I found one for 15% off and for free shipping so these were like 24 total) and are way cute! I wanted them to be super tight though like the girl in the catalog and these are looser than I wanted- but it’s hard to size when your body is weird!



I’ve been MIA on all social media outlets cause I’ve been moving for the past week and it’s taken over my life. From Franklin Village to SILVERLAKE to a bomb ass new crib. We painted every room and have assembled a ton of Ikea. I’m in love.

Moving sucks as we all know, and I’ve been hustlin my rear off setting up the house. Thanks to Codi “The Code Zone” Fischer posting this article about easy and cheap organizing all I’ve been doing is attempting as many of the things in the article as possible.

I went to Ross this morning (you know, DRESS FOR LESS?!) cause I know they got tons of nice baskets for way cheaper than at Pier 1. I avoided looking at clothes and it was SO hard cause Momma loves to shop for herself but I stuck to the topic at hand, which was baskets.

But while I was walking to the register I walked past the boys shoe racks and like a pearl in an oyster this pair of clean, mean Jordans were sitting on a messy ass rack some soccer mom tore through. I didn’t even know if they were my size but I was like, why not dress for less?

So I tried them on (they’re a boys size 7) and they fit PERF. So it was obviously faith, so I bought em. So now I have a pair of Jordans for 30 dollars, and some NICE baskets that you better believe I’m gonna be storing shit in.


Come have a marg on my new patio, yall!