ferociously fit

Strangely significant- a wolf and a skeleton

We’ve all seen this wolf sleeping peacefully underneath the jeep in the Fresco painting, some have suggested it’s a dog

But the question is, WHY have we all seen it? Easily the most recognizable and mentioned part of the mural besides our actual identifiable charectors, I’m wondering why everyone is honing in on THIS wolf when there are probably a dozen others in the painting who are SO much more interesting, like the one with his eyes gouged out or the guy biting someone’s heel at the top of the pile, this also can’t be Derek or Theo in disguise as both of them are black wolves and this little fella is clearly white or butterscotch colored, we don’t know any canon wolves with that coloring

So why is everyone talking about this little guy? Because he seems the only one comfortably asleep amongst all the chaos? Maybe, but Ib dout it, this didn’t really bother me until I saw the trailer that this painting is  for, in the trailer, the FIRST image we see is this wolf/dog, and from there? We only see our core charectors, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia, and Liam (not in that order) we don’t even see people like Chris or Sheriff Stilinski and we don’t see any other “details” like the Argent skeleton or any other wolves

Let me repeat this, in the trailer, we see only our main six… and this wolf, that’s all we’re shown of the painting

Why? Why include this wolf and not something creepier like the skeleton or a more menacing wolf or even the jeep? And why does this wolf look so at peace and content anyway? There’s chaos all around us and although we do have a few animals looking at peace, like the fox laying on top of Kira’s sword who doesn’t seem especially bothered by the trouble, it still strikes me as odd that everyone is focusing on this guy and not one of the more “fitting” ferocious looking wolves And why make the ears so blurred so that i could easily look like a wolf OR a dog? That’s honestly the defining factor, in my opinion, if the ears are pointed it’ s a wolf, if they’re flat it’s a dog, from the painting, you could make a case for either but neither are definable, funny, the artist seems to have no trouble distinguishing wolf ears on the others

Now for our other odd player, I know you guys are going to be thinking I’m talking about the Argent skeleton, the one in period clothes holding Allison’s necklace, and as creepy and weird as that is… that’s NOT who I’m going to talk about, check out this guy with the arrow in his ribs

I want to point out three things about this one

1. That is not a human skeleton, the jaw is giving an impression of something more … animalistic, more like a primate.. or.. you know.. a mid-shifted wolf muzzle, look in comparison to the Argent skeleton’s jaw

That’s pretty different

2. This skeleton seems to be fading away, to where? To what?  Whatever it is seems to be shimmery, that leads me to our third and in my opinion most significant point…

3. Why is the skeleton in the light?

Take a good look at this painting, you should be able to see that all of our mains are “lit up” and glowing, an artistic technique to draw our easy to them and make them easy to tell apart from the rest of the darker mush of this painting, but if you’ll notice,only our six mains… and this skeleton… have that “primary focus” glow

You can easily see the glow hovering over Scott, Kira, Lydia, Malia, Stiles and his dad- who he’s touching so you know- and Liam… and this skeleton… the only other part of this painting that has the glow is the background behind the Eichen gate but I think that’s just to show lighting rather than importance

Who is this skeleton, why are they glowing, and what is it to begin with?

This wolf and this skeleton.. they’re both having so much emphasis placed on them and it’s weird, it’s so… so weird… anyone have any suggestions?