Warrior cats headcannon

I think that Ashfur would have such an amazing singing voice to be honest. Also, the ability to think up songs on the spot. He first learned that he had this talent when he saw fernpaw, moping due to not knowing of dustpelt would ever like her back. Well, to help out his sister, ashfur just starts to tap his paws and hum. Then later, he starts to make up lyrics to a random tune, all on the spot! After finishing the song, fernpaw just runs up and hugs him, thanking him for making her feel better. Then when anyone in the clan was down, he would always make up a song to make them feel better. ( And maybe sometimes following around mates singing a really cheesy love song or two.)
Then after squirrelflight left him, he would slowly start to loose his joy in singing as he tumbled down into depression. The last night of his life when he was out by the lake, he had finally decided to sing. In hopes that it would make himself feel better, like it made others. But it never did…