ferniefonseca  asked:

So, at the end of BOTFA when Bilbo arrives from his journey and the hobbits are leaving with his belongings, is it me or are two of them dressed exactly like Merry and Pippin???? Are they supposed to be like an Easter egg of their fathers??

laksdjf ohmygOD YOU KNOW WHAT I WOULDN’T EVEN BE SURPRISED i wonder if that was intended or if maybe they needed to dress more hobbits than they first thought and they happened to have extras of those lying around and used them lakjdsf buT OHMYGOD????????


princefili said: 

FUN FACT: dominic monaghan was actually there and dressed and cast as one of the background hobbits it could actually be an easter egg or maybe merry is a vampire hobbit

laksdjf whAT THE HELL AND I’M ONLY FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS NOW LKASDJF I W E E P even tho dom can be such a douchecanoe when he wants to be


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ferniefonseca  asked:

JOse! On draw something I drew Scrabble, the words I spellled were SUCK across and COCK down from the C. Shanti done guessed CHARLES. LMFAO, i momentarily died and woke up all of Boyle Heights! lmfao

OMFG, i think i just experienced my first asthma attack. 

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