Cinderella in Swan Productions´ “Princess And The Pea” (2002)

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Merry Christmas

No fancy big crossover this year. Between searching for jobs, helping parents and trying to finish that damned pokedex in sun (43% done T-T) I haven’t had much time.

Fun fact: From the beginning I started working on Kida with one of Anastasia’s dresses (From the movie anastasia, not cinderella), but changed it halfway through to Jane with Tiana’s dress cause the lighting on the dress and Kida wasn’t very good and couldn’t be fixed in a good looking way.

I always get a little dumbfounded when people say they don’t know who Tim Curry is.

Like. Bro. 

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - FrankenFurter

It - 1990 - Pennywise The Clown

Clue - 1985 - Wadsworth the Butler

Muppets Treasure Island - 1996 - Long John Silver

Ferngully - 1992 - Hexxus

Annie - 1982- Rooster

Legend - 1985 - Darkness

Rugrats Go Wild/ The Wild Thornberrys Movie - 2002/2003 - Nigel Thornberry

Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost - (1999)- Ben Ravenscroft

Curious George 2 - 2009 - Picadilly

These are just a few of his roles.

I swear, this was made months before the trailer even came out.

Just inspired when I was watching “Ferngully: The Last Rainforest”. In this case, the team is residing in this pretty little island planet where they discover these pretty luminescent caves. 

Keith in all his pining glory decides to make a move, much to Lance’s surprise. It either goes two ways: 1) He’s too late to respond to the kiss and Keith thinking he made the wrong choice, takes off [and it’s full of misunderstandings] or 2) Lance kisses back and they live happily ever after lol        

The Signs as: Tim Curry Roles