As a kid I always thought I was Belle, but I really wanted to be Crysta. Ferngully was the first movie to ever make me weep, and as a kid it emotionally wrecked me…. I would cry over my parents using paper(it was a problem). If you haven’t seen Ferngully, just go watch it. Seriously, it’s important. Anyway, I have wanted to dress up as Crysta for basically as long as I can remember but I was always waiting ‘for it to be perfect’, till I found the perfect wings, or lost a few more lbs… but sometimes you have to stop trying to be perfect and putting the things off that you want to do and just do them. ❤️✨

Monster Crush Monday

Today’s Monster Crush is:
Hexxus from ‘Ferngully’. 

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This character MESSED me up as a kid- and not in the way you would expect. His song number ‘Toxic Love’ is probably the only thing I remember from this movie (thank you God for the gift of Tim Curry’s amazing singing voice).He was probably one of the best non-Disney animated villains out there. I mean like, when he was onscreen, the whole tone of the film changed. He just seemed to up the overall ante of a fairly forgettable kids’  movie.

But I can’t help but think that the animators may have had (ahem) something else on their minds with this character.

I mean 

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Our world was much larger then. The forest went on forever. We tree spirits nurtured the harmony of all living things, but our closest friends were humans. Then, as sometimes happens, the balance of nature shifted, and Hexxus the very spirit of destruction rose up from the bowels of the earth and rained down his poison. The forest was nearly destroyed. Many lives were lost and the humans fled in fear, never to return. Most think, they didn’t survive. It was only by calling up the magical powers of nature that I was able to trap Hexxus inside an enchanted tree and saved FernGully.