ferngully cosplay


As a kid I always thought I was Belle, but I really wanted to be Crysta. Ferngully was the first movie to ever make me weep, and as a kid it emotionally wrecked me…. I would cry over my parents using paper(it was a problem). If you haven’t seen Ferngully, just go watch it. Seriously, it’s important. Anyway, I have wanted to dress up as Crysta for basically as long as I can remember but I was always waiting ‘for it to be perfect’, till I found the perfect wings, or lost a few more lbs… but sometimes you have to stop trying to be perfect and putting the things off that you want to do and just do them. ❤️✨


I don’t know how corny the term is, but if my memory is correct, it was translated something uber corny in hungarian. I can’t remember what was it, I only have the memory thinking about how stupid Zak sounded after that statement. Or maybe it was the whole act, idonno this scene was super cheesy. This is the kind of stuff Andro would say to Cia with passion and expect her to respond with “awh” instead of “lmao wtf dude”.

If you don’t know this cartoon you are too young for this content :’D
I loved it, and Hexxus is still one of the most badass villain with style.