fernando socorro

qbnscholar replied to your photo:

Oh my. Love the dark presence. Love the crispness, the composition’s unapologetic symmetrical minimalism that lets all the details stand out even more. Also, do you mean the Soviet will return? That thought just freaked me out.

Thanks, Fernando! It’s one of my first and favourite spots. This stack already starred in Sovietgoner (‘Smoke’). Every visit I pay, I face further state of decomposition. Both photos are now outdated, as this smokestack already shed it’s skin and revealed it’s rusted skeleton. That’s what I witnessed half a year ago, unarmed. I have no idea what state this goner is today. Still, I know I’ll come back to finish second part of 'Studies on decomposition’! People of power want industrial site of this city to regain it’s life. Just like it was during Soviet, when cellulose and viscose were produced intensively. Every citizen who remembers thick smoke and disgusting smell trembles in fear.  ~Matt

qbnscholar powiedział(a): So realistic it makes me think of a movie set.

Believe me Fernando, during my whole trip through this eerie place I felt like on set of some B-class horror movie filmed in Pripyat. I love this feeling and I’ll try to pass this vibe in my work.

In two days I’ll present the whole distorted scenery of this ’movie’, the Outer Ring!