Teaser - Shadows of a River - the Darkness caused by a Dam

Shadows of a River is a short film documentary that portrays the struggle and the uncertain future of thousand of people living along the Xingu river, in the Brazilian Amazon, who will be directly affected by the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam, which will be the third biggest in the world.
The film was constructed throughout personal interviews with riparian people, indigenous, agriculturist, and people living in Altamira, in two exploratory trips to the Xingu region, in 2011. 
This documentary does not pretend to speak out for the forest people, but talk to them: to reverberate their claims and to try to show how the Belo Monte Dam is though for those who will be directly affected by it construction. 
We want to show the people struggle and impression, but also their relationship to our main character, the Xingu River. They stories, coexistence and interaction with the river, are what guide and motivate us. The forest people relationship with the Xingu River has to do with their daily life and subsistence, but also with their mythology. For this reason, it was necessary to use alternatives forms, like animation, which has been more and more explored in documentaries film.

Direction - Fernanda Brito & Lou Spineli