fern the shiny ninetales

Celebi: You see, Mimi happens to be the reincarnated spirit of Fern’s child that was killed before it could be born. When I sent its spirit into the Heavens and future, and after Mara was… dealt with, I took Fern with me to the Order of the Fire Lotus, and suggested she become a Guardian. She was assigned to this specific ancestral line because it was the family her child would eventually be reincarnated in. I knew this, though, Fern did not. The only thing I did not know was how long it would take for the child to be reborn. Now that Fern has met her, she is no longer bound to be guardian of this family line after Mimi passes… unless of course, she wants to. But because she is immortal… I hate to break this to her, there will come a time when she will have to see her baby die once again…

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Mimi: No..

Duo: Is something wrong?

Mimi: It’s my shadow… shes coming… and I’m worried what she would do to the babies.. if given the chance… If something happened to them…

Duo: Nothing’s going to happen. I promise. We should probably wake Fern about this, though.

Fern: No need. I sensed it too. That monster is coming… and I’d say we have less than 5 minutes. Mimi, Duo, you two stay down here with the children. Celebi and I will take care of the pest. Don’t come up no matter what you hear.

Duo: No. I’m fighting too. Its my family and I have to protect it.

Fern: Very well, I hope you know what you’re getting into. Come.

Mimi: ….



Fern: As a matter of fact, I was just about to tell Mimi and Duo the terrible news, anon. You see these Nightmares have been being cause by one particular being. Many pokémon have described the same dream, and in it they say they see a dark figure with purple glowing rings and piercing red eyes. I am afraid, that this creature is none other than the shadow that was ripped from my very own Mimi’s body at the Relic Stone. It has… somehow survived and is wreaking havoc in White Forest, visiting every mon’s dreams until it finds Mimi. If that beast should find her dream… I’m afraid that would cause a great traumatic experience for her… and seeing as she is pregnant…. it is not only her life that is on the line. I believe this creature is looking for it’s host body back. And this is why I am here. I will protect Mimi, Duo and their babies to the very best of my ability. That is what I live for. 

On a cool autumn morning in White forest, very early in the AM hours, Mimi and Duo were sound asleep in their warm, cozy den, unaware that an unexpected guest would soon change their lives as they know it. 

Kitty, the Joltik, however, noticed a slight disturbance in the atmosphere, and decided to wake Mimi to inform her of this. Try as she might, though, Kitty could not was up the Umbreon from her deep slumber. She decided to prod at Duo’s forehead jewel to wake him instead, but alas, that too, ended in failure. Kitty decided the only thing to do was to go out and see what this new force was herself. 

Climbing across the roots and vines that protrude from the walls and ceiling of the place Kitty made her way the the mouth of then den that led to the outside that was White Forest. It was still dark, but Kitty, being a Joltik, who normally live in caves and such, them lacking light and all, could see just fine. Her eyes glowed in the dark much like a cat’s as she scanned the perimeter around the den.

After a few minutes, all seemed clear, so she turned to make her way back to her home and go back to sleep in Mimi’s fluff, but before she could step foot in the hole, a noise from just a few feet away caught her ear. A snap of a stick, followed by the soft pound of the grassy ground behind her. Footsteps. Kitty turned to look and before her stood a tall, silver, fox-like creature with many tails. 

The Creature looked as shocked as she did, but all together, seemed harmless, and gave off a sort of kind, caring aura. Kitty smiled at the creature, and it returned the favor.  The shared no words, (despite the fact that Kitty is unable to talk) but Kitty somehow knew what to do. She welcomed the creature into the den and led it to Mimi and Duo’s sleeping quarters. Kitty new she had to wake Mimi up to show her the new guest, so she jumped on the Umbreon’s head and bounced up and down. 

“Uhh.. Kitty wha-” Mimi muttered as she rubbed her eyes and rolled over to see what the commotion was about. She froze in mid sentence when she saw what was presented in front of her. Mimi nudged Duo sharply in his side to wake him.

“TSK, what-” Hissed Duo as he followed suit with Mimi.

It was quiet for a moment, and then the creature spoke. “Hello,” it said, “I’m sorry we had to meet under these circumstanced but… it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Mimi. My name is Fern.”