fern sutherland

For those who aren’t watching The Almighty Johnsons you better move yo ass to the tv and turn on syfy at Fridays 11/10c. This is no spam or whatever, i just love that show.. Here’s why:


look at these dorks

They are sassy norse gods that fuck shit up and usually solve their problems by getting drunk/high

Just look at this man, he’s 94 years old BAM! Betcha can’t dance like that even now. That’s Balder btw, he gets reborn every day so he’s what you can  say.. forever 21 *winkwink*

This little cutie cuddle bear is Ty. He is Hodr, god of everything dark and cold. His life sucks

This little shit is Anders, everybody hates him. He’s Bragi, god of poetry. He can talk any lady into bed. He ruins lifes

This is the boy it’s all about, Axl aka Odin. God of everything, he’s an immature 21 year old boy that - on his birthday - finds out that he is in fact a god and has to find Frigg so they can get back to Asgard.

And this is Mike, after their dad Njord left them to sail of into the sea he took the role as a parent and have been the most mature one since, allthough he could be a dick sometimes… Everybody can be a dick sometimes. Mike is the god Ullr, god of the hunt.

 And let’s not forget the badass goddesses because they ain’t taking shit from nobody

Uh oh, she’s not a god. But she slapped one so that counts

And they’ve got scenes like this

Attending christian churches for shits and giggles

This…. is The Almighty Johnsons 

Sorry for the long post, here! have a cookie. I just wanted to show you guys my favorite show of all time

(none of these gifs are mine, all credit to the creators)