fern pimchanok leuwisetpaiboon


I really have to put my thoughts into words. I cannot control my emotions.

This movie was a typical one, FIRST LOVE. But, I did not expect the story, acting and twists can moved me. 

Nam, a typical teenager who fell in love with the most handsome and cool guy at school, Shone. Nam was UGLY, really. Dark-skinned, metal mouth, girl with the thick-glasses while Shone was the prince-like guy at school, any girl would definitely like him. Just like any other, Nam kept it to herself and her friends her great likeness for this boy, always looking out for him from afar. She changed herself for that boy, for him to look at her even once. And then, his best friend fell for her, and the typical love triangle began. However, she didn’t knew that he was also looking at her from afar, that from the start of her transformation, he was looking at her and he had been keeping all his love in a book. But due to some unwanted events, they fell on the wrong foot of the bed and separated, nonetheless, it was a happy ending. I’ll let you watch the movie for details.

I cried when she cried. Her pain, I felt it. Her story was a teenager story, struggling to have the love they want and waited for.

Must watch.

Thai movies are awesome.

Mario Maurer and Fern Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon are a cute couple. ;)

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