The contrast between Elmer and Fermet (plus the way they’re set up as foils for each other) functions as an incredibly effective demonstration of how low empathy is not equivalent to cruel and high empathy is not equivalent to kind.

aaand then I went off about other characters’ empathy as well and this’ll make a better post than tag novel, given that I am the originator of the post

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I’m sitting in the student union building, and I am really probably not in any condition to write a coherent thought at the moment for many, many reasons but I just want to say - I have to? need to? I don’t know, but I want to –

I have been consumed with thoughts of Baccano! and the Naritaverse at large over the last few days. I say consumed. I likely mean it, too – I write this post for I have been consumed with thoughts of Baccano!, of its world, its characters, its concepts, everything. 

I write this because I have never, ever, been so invested in a fictional series before as I am now. As I have been for the last several years. It has been years since I first was introduced to Baccano! (via the anime, of course, as so many of us were), and I am still here. 

I am still here.

Over the past several days, I have been consumed with thoughts of Ryohgo Narita’s world - love for his world, warm and vague and diffusant. Well, I am always generally filled with love for his stories, but these last few days I’ve been drifting, scattered, buzzing on the edge of conscious sobriety - scattered thoughts of Baccano! and Vamp! and Etsusa Bridge, and so on, so forth, etcetera, to be continued. 

I did say I am probably not in any condition to form a coherent, sharply conscious thought at the beginning. Do keep that in mind. 

I say this: I have never been so invested in a fictional work as I have with Narita’s works.  

Most of us started with the anime. I did, too. It was one of my first anime, in all likelihood. Perhaps in my first ten - certainly in my first twenty. 

And so, I watched the anime, young, teenaged, drawn in by its premise which seeme right up my alley. 

I watched it, and I wanted more.

So - so, I ventured forth, sought out the light novels - the fan translations, of course, for this was long before Yen Press even hinted at a license - and I read them. I read them, and I wanted more

I reread them. I visited the wiki. I visited fanfiction.net, then AO3 - I know I did, I must have done. I rewatched the anime. Later, I’d rewatch it again. And again. Subs, this time, or some time, at least. 

I wanted more.

I joined tumblr - joined it as a language/linguistic blog, one that I have neglected for months but still exists - and while I was reblogging posts on language learning, on Greek, on French, my eye was on the the fandom side of tumblr. 

Of the Baccano! fandom. 

And eventually, I created this blog, agallimaufryofoddments. 

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me - realizing that there was a tiny but vibrant and active community of Baccano! fans on tumblr - that there was a community at all. 

There were people posting fanart, fanfiction, analyses posts, aesthetic posts - there were people who loved this series and invested their time into it - that was astonishing to me. 

And over the last few days, I have been scattered, drifting. Vaguely overwhelmed with how much I care.

Once upon a time, I watched the 2007 anime adaptation.

Everything began from there. 

I read the light novels, read fanfiction, visited TV Tropes. Rewatched the anime. Eventually I’d join Tumblr, and realize that a fandom existed at all.

Eventually I’d become an administrator of the wiki.  Eventually I’d start to write fanfiction of my own. Analyses and speculation of my own. Eventually I’d start to transcribe the audio commentary. Eventually I not only emotionally invested, I monetarily invested. 

And God, what a wonderful lot the community is.  How diverse it is, for a fandom so small. How wonderfully diverse. 

I have never come across a fandom so small, and so, so, talented. The range of interests and specialities across such a small fandom is breathtaking.

There are those like @toushindai, devotees to the 1700s, to Huey, to Monica. To Elmer. To Rosetta, and Jacques-Rosé, to Majeedah. 

Those like @houjicha and @grandpanacea, who champion Firo Prochainezo, he who is “main character-ish.”

What about @lua-russo, celebrator of Lua Klein and Ladd Russo, Goose Perkins and Spike. Or of @birdschach, who celebrates not only them but NIck, lovable and underappreciated?

@vilatile is the one to turn to for Christopher, for Rail, and the Lamia.  Looking for an Ennis fan? @eyes-like-a-gentle-knight has got you covered. @sarcasticdebate too, though don’t forget - she equally promotes Rachel above others. Meanwhile, @thegoldenhigh is forever a spokesperson for Maiza, and @insertimaginativenamehere for Elmer. 

@maitressepatria - Luchino, Niki, Fermet feature the most in her fics and thoughts, and aren’t we lucky.  @pippenpaddlopsicopolisthethird for Jacuzzi, I should think. 

What about Felix Walken/Claire Stanfield? You’ve got @chancellorxofxtrash and @memethighs for major Felix advocates, among other favorites of theres (and among other Felix proponents, I’m sure)

And of course, who else could one associate with Dallas Genoard but @the-youngest-gandor-brother, who is certainly the most vocal supporter of Dallas that I know of. The Gandors, too, are his bailiwick. And if we are to speak of Dallas and the Gandors, we must of course think of @avvos as well. 

Even the Runoratas have a representative - in the form of @hrh-gwen - lover of Sham and the Runoratas, fond of Renee and more besides. 

@lizalaforet - take a guess.  Innit great, though? 

Isn’t it brilliant? 

There are more I haven’t mentioned above - more members of the active fandom, I know, but rest assured, I’ve been planning a relevant post to that for at least two months now, so - so, if you don’t see your url above, rest assured - I am thinking of you, and you will be mentioned in said future post. 

I just had to share my thoughts and feelings now, before I burst. I had to. I had to.  I adore how diverse the active Baccano! fandom is in terms of their interests, adore how the fan content produced as of late - fanfiction, fanart, aesthetic posts, analyses posts, speculation posts, etc-motherfucking-cetera is so varied in content, reflective of the diversity in fans’ specialities. 

I have no idea if anything I’ve written up till now is remotely coherent. It’s likely all rambling, as I tend to do. Babbling is probably the more apt term.  I said at the beginning that I’m likely not in any condition to write anything coherent, and I’ll stand by it. My heart has been racing all day, and I’ve been present but not present, and I have been a functional and emotional mess for the past several weeks, but I really, really, really had so many recent strong feelings towards Baccano! and the time I’ve put into it and the time the fandom has put into it and the diversity of fandom interests and the pot has bubbled over at last.

I’ll likely regret writing this post in the morning for its incoherency and overlong rambling, and in all truthfulness I have not been in the best of headspaces over the last several weeks, motivationally speaking, emotionally speaking, functionally speaking. But I say this: 

I am still here.

And I’ve meant every word of what I’ve said thus far. I have never invested as much into a series as I have Baccano! and the Naritaverse, and I certainly have never seen a small fandom as diverse and drenched in talent as I have with the fan community here. 

Perhaps I’ll grow out of Baccano! someday. (If I live that long for a someday). But for now - at this very moment, it seems impossible. At this very moment, at least, I must acknowledge the impact it’s had on my life. That it’s had an impact on it at all.  That you’ve all had an impact on it. Because you have, all you wonderful people with wonderful ideas and creativity flowing out of you in spades.

You have. 

Thank you.

Baccano! Character Ask Games
  • 1. Firo Prochainezo: How confidant are you?
  • 2. Chezlaw Meyer: Have you ever been mistaken for older/younger then you are?
  • 3. Keith Gandor: Are you a quiet person?
  • 4: Berga Gandor: Are you a loud person?
  • 5: Luck Gandor: Do you hold a grudge?
  • 6: Ennis: Are you a very emotional person?
  • 7: Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent: Are you adventurous?
  • 8: Szilard Quates: Do you like science?
  • 9: Ladd Russo: Have any interesting hobbies?
  • 10: Lua Klein: What are your hopes for the future?
  • 11: Miaza Avaro: Are you responsible?
  • 12: Elmer C. Albatross: Describe your laugh.
  • 13: Monica Campanella: Have any "secret" abilities?
  • 14: Huey Laforet: What's something you hate?
  • 15: Chane Laforet: Are you a good judge of character?
  • 16: Liza Laforet: How loyal are you?
  • 17: Claire Stanfield: Are you spontaneous?
  • 18: Rachel: How far would you go to protect people you don't know?
  • 19: Carol: Have you ever had an interesting job?
  • 20: Gustav St. Germain: How strict/easy-going are you?
  • 21: Ronnie Schiatto: What's a phrase you say a lot?
  • 22: Christopher Shouldered: How hard/easy is it for you to make friends?
  • 23: Jacuzzi Splot: Do you cry often?
  • 24: Nice Holystone: Have any scars?
  • 25: Eve Genoard: What's something you love?
  • 26: Dallas Genoard: How important is your family to you?
  • 27: Victor Talbot: Do you curse a lot?
  • 28: Lebreau Fermet Viralesque: Have any bad habits?
  • 29: Graham Specter: Do you like to tell stories?
  • 30: Tick Jefferson: How mature are you?
  • 31: Maria Barcelito: Can you speak more than one language?
  • 32: Gretto Avaro: Have any siblings? What's your relationship with them like?
  • 33: Sylvie Lumiere: How well do you sing?
  • 34: Shaft: How do you deal with annoying people?
  • 35: The Rail Tracer: Do you like horror stories?

anonymous asked:

Who do you think is THE main character of Baccano?

Ooh, I love this question! And I love thinking about it.

The thing about main characters is that they depend on the central issue of the story. In a story with multiple plot threads, which one ties it all together? And which character is central to that? Which character most contributes to the expression of the central theme? And sometimes the answer to those questions is not always clear. Sometimes there is no answer at all.

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it’s just about 2017!!! i dont even know what to do with this other than say thank you all so very much! i’ve met some of the greatest people on this blog over the passed year or so! i dont regret ever making this blog and i hope i never leave!! some of my very best friends have come here whether from other blogs or having been met here. i love all of you so so much!  whether you’re old or new! thank you for making this year something it would have never been without you all!

 aaaand here’s the mushy part!

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  i hope i didnt leave anyone out. knowing me i totally did though. i love you all! heres to another year!

Vulca (attr.)

Apollo e Ercole di Veio

Fine VI sec. a. C., dal santuario di Portonaccio presso Veio, ora al Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia, Roma

Terracotta dipinta, altezza m 1.80 ca.


Oggi annamo a illustrà n’opera dell’Etruschi, che in pratica ereno un popolo de supertruzzi lazziali, nonché daa Toscana der Sud. Ho detto truzzi perché oggi uno dice Lazio, Toscana, e pensa campagna, caciotte, fiaschi de vino. Che buttelo via, vojo dì. Ma in reartà l’Etruschi ereno un popolo un botto raffinato, de granne curtura e de na certa rilevanza, anche se a tutt’oggi ancora in parte misterioso, soprattutto perché nun riuscimo a legge quasi na mazza de quello che hanno scritto. Cioè aspè, a legge ‘o sapemo legge, perché l’arfabeto è greco, solo che nun ce capimo na ceppa. Arcuni hanno difficortà a capì sto concetto, dice “ma come, ‘o sapemo legge ma nun ‘o riuscimo a capì? Com’è possibbile?”, e io je risponno che è come si piji un giornale polacco, e leggi -magari farai quarche erore de pronuncia, - però tiè “Zwycięstwo PiS nie powinno nam przysłonić porażki państwa”. Ecco, letto. Sì: ma che vor dì? Boh. (Ovvio che se sai er polacco nun vale. Ovvio che manco vale aprì Gugol Translate, che all’epoca nun c’era).

Pe ‘e statue però nun c’è bisogno de legge, e poi si ciavessimo dubbi pure qua ce viè in aiuto ‘a curtura greca, che questi sò Apollo e Ercole: che l’Etruschi mica staveno su ‘a montagna der sapone coll’anello ar naso: commerciaveno e giraveno e chii greci ciannaveno a pranzo cena e colazione.

E ste statue sò belle davero, belle toste e belle dettajate, fatte pe esse viste dar basso che staveno sur cocuzzolo de un tempio, sopra ar tetto; e cianno pure ancora er colore, che ‘e statue anche greche o romane ereno tutte dipinte, puro quelle de marmo, solo che essenno colori no chimici per lo più sò spariti.

E quinni ecco qua er mito greco de Ercole, o Eracle si volessimo esse puristi, che pe una dee sue dodici fatiche doveva da rubbà na cerva co ‘e corna d’oro, che era proprietà de Artemide. Lui ‘a rincore pe ‘n anno e aa fine ‘a becca che sta a beve a un fiume, e pe nun faje male je ferisce na zampa, ma poi j’aa cura, e saa porta via. Artemide cor fratello Apollo l’incontreno caa cerva in spalla e lei je fa “Aho abbello ma che te stai a rubbà ‘a cerva mia? Arimettila giù subbito che te tajo ‘e braccine”. E anfatti vedi Apollo che “aho ma che stai a mancà de rispetto a mi sorella, a buzzurro, nun te devi permette” e je sta a partì coo scatto in avanti tipo “te dico fermete”.

Ma Ercole joo spiega “nooo, boni, nun ate capito, io nun è pe me, sò pure vegetariano io, è che je ‘a devo portà ar capo mio che m’haa chiesta pe vedè si ero bono, però dopo ‘a libero, giuro”. E così fece. E quinni un mito sponsorizzato VuVuEffe, che pe l’epoca è na rarità. Bravo Ercole, nessuna cerva è stata martrattata nell’elabborazzione de sto mito.