fermata friday


Shema Yisrael (Avi Kaplan—Solo) | Fermata Nowhere June 2008

Avi momentarily steps away from the bass and sounds like an angel singing this traditional Hebrew prayer, dedicated to his grandfather. 

Chag Purim Semeach to all those celebrating this weekend, and Happy Friday to you all! 


Fermata Friday | “Pitch Perfect” the MTV Series

Fermata Friday seemed to disappear in January, but never fear: it’s back and better than ever! This Friday, it’s story time!

Have you broken into harmony in your dorm showers recently? Have you found yourself adding “aca-” to the beginning of every word? Have you been challenging your friends to “Riff-Offs”? If so, you’ve probably seen Pitch Perfect, the ICCA comedy with a cult following. 

But did you know that Pitch Perfect was initially supposed to be a reality TV series? And bass man of Pentatonix, Avi Kaplan, was supposed to be one of its stars?

In 2009, MTV began filming the a cappella pilot at the ICCA finals, where celebrity host Adrienne Bailon (of Cheetah Girls fame) awarded top prize to Avi and the rest of Mt. SAC’s Fermata Nowhere. The boys brought MTV back to campus to tell their story, and the series was supposed to cover both their success and the 2009-2010 season of the ICCAs.

The series never got picked up, but with the successes of the film adaptation of Pitch Perfect and The Sing-Off/Pentatonix, do you think we could expect another a cappella venture into the visual media soon?

Happy Fermata Friday everyone! 

Avi Kaplan, Michael Walker, Steven Skilbred & Joe Caigoy | Fermata Nowhere in NYC, ICCA Finals 2009

I’m personally a huge fan of the Fermata Nowhere logo, and Steven and Joe are rocking hats with it as well; very jealous. Also, enjoy another shot of Avi with short hair!

Happy Fermata Friday, Everyone! 

Watch on basscannonkaplan.tumblr.com

Hard to Say Goodbye (Boyz II Men) | Select Mt. SAC Singers, June 2009

This a cappella arrangement, featuring Garrette Hall, Michael Walker, Joe Caigoy and Avi of Fermata Nowhere and David Johnson of Singcopation (the collegiate jazz ensemble Avi would leave Fermata Nowhere for during the next school year), was put together in five minutes at another Mt. SAC concert.
More work including Singcopation and Chamber Singers may make their way into Fermata Friday soon, but this one most definitely fits the original bill. 

Happy Fermata Friday everyone! 


Apologize (OPB One Republic) | Fermata Nowhere, ICCA Semifinals 2008

Happy Fermata Friday everyone!


Lullaby (OPB: Josh Groban) | Fermata Nowhere, May 2009

Happy Fermata Friday everyone! 


“This is Why We’re Hot” Medley | Fermata Nowhere, Bonita HS 2008

Performed as part of Fermata Nowhere’s 2008 ICCA Set — which earned them the title of Quarterfinal Champions — this song combines the sounds of popular songs “Low”, “Kiss Kiss”, and “Soulja Boy” with hilarious original lyrics, most notably: 

So you think youre so hot in dorms with your bed and fridge
Only spending four years of your life to gather your knowledge
Were hot ‘cause we go to a two year school and live life on the edge
You havent lived till youve spent six years in community college

Happy Fermata Friday everyone! 


Mata del Amina Sola | Fermata Nowhere, Spring ‘09 Concert

Some groups are just different. They defy convention. They defy expectations. They look different, sound different, perform differently. Mt. San Antonio College Fermata Nowhere is one of those groups with a unique ability to distinguish themselves in a show full of champions—simply unique enough to be the talk of any show, regardless of where they go.
—  Mike Chin, Founder of The A Cappella Blog