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Do you really think Buffy didn't deserve Riley and that he was perfect? I mean, I like Riley, but he was pretty selfish toward the end (and I get that you have to be a bit selfish in a relationship, but there are some fucking limits)

I mean, their relationship was very complicated, but on the whole, yes, I thought Buffy was far more selfish in it than he was. Riley was consistently there for her, dedicated to her, open with her, vulnerable with her, willing to go the extra mile. And Buffy locked him out. She refused to connect with him. She gave him none of herself. And that just doesn’t work. Riley was utterly in love with her, willing to do anything for her. Up until the whole vampire blood leech fiasco, Riley was a saint. He was stable, dependable, attentive, sweet, loving, flexible, understanding, etc, etc. Of course he wasn’t perfect. Nobody is, but Riley tried his damnedest to make Buffy happy. And she was totally emotionally unavailable during their entire relationship. And he waited for her. He gave her time and space. He was a ludicrously supporting and caring partner without reaching clingy territory.

And yes, he fucked up. After so much time spent trapped in a relationship where he was giving far more than he was receiving, he lashed out. He did something rash and stupid to try and remedy his own emotional confusion. And he was definitely in the wrong there. But what he was feeling wasn’t. He had every right to feel frustrated with Buffy. To feel neglected and ignored. I don’t think Buffy ever loved Riley. And yet she kept expecting the relationship to work. She selfishly continued something she had no true emotional stake in and seriously hurt Riley in the process. So, while Riley’s departure was abrupt, was it really? The signs were all there. Everything with the leech was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. He didn’t belong with Buffy because Buffy wouldn’t let him belong. That’s where all of Riley’s insecurities came from! Not the fact that Buffy was strong and independent. Riley’s wife is INCREDIBLY strong and independent. But she’s also in sync with him. They fight together – side by side. But Buffy always left him behind. Always pushed him away. And when Xander finally smacked some sense into Buffy? Made her realize all that she was losing by shutting Riley out? It was too damn little too damn late. Riley had been through enough at that point. HE screwed up on top of it all and I think he knew the relationship was never going to be what he wanted it to be without seeing a change in Buffy’s behavior.

And even if Buffy had made it to the platform on time and Riley had seen her and they’d reconciled? I don’t think anything would have been different. I think Buffy would have still been distant and unwilling to connect with him. I think Riley would have been just as starved for that connection. It would have been a rehash. And Riley gets his happy ending and I’m glad. He deserves it.

But yeah. I think Buffy was the problem in that relationship, not Riley. Riley acted out in anger and frustration and it wasn’t cool. But there’s a reason he did that. Buffy dismissed him – maybe not consciously – but she did. Their relationship was unbalanced. Riley tried to be understanding of her situation and her baggage. He did. He was beyond patient with her. And it wasn’t enough for Buffy. No matter what Riley did, it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t Angel. And she never fully let that go.

I also just really loved Riley in the show and so many people hate on him. It is immensely rare to find another Buffy fan who likes Riley. Most of them seem to despise him for some reason. Which confuses and frustrates me. So I’m overly defensive of him. Because I feel as if I have to be. I get out my mamma bear claws whenever he’s mentioned. Riley was an incredibly admirable character who made some mistakes. He was a good person. He was a great person. And while I understand people thinking he’s boring or not right for Buffy (I don’t think he’s right for her either, obviously) I have no patience with people hating him or trying to convince me he was a slimy guy. Cause he wasn’t. He really wasn’t.

So that’s why I got a little intense in my tags about him. Hahaha. 

Behold, I’m gonna do that thing

First name: sarah
Nickname: no fucking idea. I’m gonna go with ravenclawwriter, it kinda works, right?
Age: 18 (yeah, I can read a description, how very impressive of me)
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation:
gay or bi, I’m not sure
Nationality: american
Relationship status: I’d say single?
Likes: lots of stuff. to make it simple, let’s say watching series and reading, it has the advantage og being vague yet somewhat accurate
Dislikes: …………………………………………..the patriarchy? (you can never go wrong with that one)
Random fact: I’m pretty sure you blogged about seeing a big spider once? And there was something about a les mis reenactement at some point. And you had red hair! well maybe you still do, who knows

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haha, when I saw your "cross out the things you've done" I was like "she never had detention? not even once?" and then I remembered you were homeschooled and it all made sense

Yes yes I am homeschooled.

and I never really did anything. I was always too tired or lazy. 

(and since my sister was horribly behaved, everything I do in comparison is saint like)

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Ok, I gat where you come from with Riley, I was thrown aback by all the hate he gets too. It was just the way you blamed Buffy that I didn't understand. I think it was nobody's fault, really. Buffy was just not emotionally available after the all Angel thing, and season 5 was an horrible year for her. She did shut him out, but I can't blame her for it, because she didn't do it on purpose, and it was the most she could do at that point.

And I can understand that perspective. I don’t think I mean to blame Buffy. It’s honestly understandable that she would be emotionally unavailable. I just get very protective of Riley. Haha. 

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omg I was persuaded it wasyou in your icon! I mean, it doesn't look that much like julie, does it? God, I feel like all I ever knew is a lie now.

yeah, but it’s her current twitter icon I only found out after I had changed my icon here

sigh I wish I was as pretty as Julie ahah

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11, 17, 21

11. antisocial. I don’t like people. 

17. …not too long ago… because I finished season 4 of Skins… it was really upset. 

21. My mum’s upset with me, because she wants me to clean my room. I also miss my girlfriend, so you know. 

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Hello! 11 and 19 for the questions thingy :)

11. Are you a social or an antisocial person?
Antisocial. I can be around people, but I get really stressed out really fast. NOW, I can handle stress really well, so people don’t often realize that I am stressed but def anti.

19. If you could change your eye color, would you?
No. Perhaps make them a bit brighter so you could see them more, but probably not even that. My eyes are actually one of the things I like the way they are. :D

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damn. Well, Crowley then

Attraction level: ½/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

Love for the Character:½/¾/5/6/7/8/9/10 (was previously a 10 but he hurt my boys too much so)

How much the char has grown on me: ½/¾/5/6/7/8/9/10

Badassness level:½/¾/5/6/7/8/9/10

How upset I’d be if the char got killed off:½/¾/5/6/7/8/9/10

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hey! you know about that screen shot of spn you reblogged where they were in a laundromat? I'm pretty sure that's the scene from The Monster at the End of this Book, with Chuck. Well, maybe you knew that, but the tags make it seem like you don't, so I'm telling you just in case! Anyway, bye :)

I didn’t know that! Thank you. I seriously don’t remember that scene, particularly cause Jensen went on about how we’ve never seen the Winchesters like cleaning their clothes at a laundromat. BUT HE’S A LIAR APPARENTLY. 

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Question : is your post titled "Fan Friction" intentionally or not? That's funny because it's about slash fictions and there might be frictions involved, so I guess it was intentional? That's a good pun. A very good pun, and it goes very well with the theme of your post. I'm impressed.

Yes! It was intentional. And thank you for appreciating it! Haha I’m really big on titles and making them fun, catchy, and appropriate. Also I couldn’t ignore such a brilliant opportunity for punning.