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Hump Day Hunks In Tights

Who Wears The Lycra Better?

The NRL’s Blake Ferguson Of The Roosters Or he AFL’s Kurt Tippett Of The Swans…

Tippett Tips The Scale For Me With His Thunder Thighs!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

  • Middle-aged White Teacher: Maybe if we had more protests in America, we could have a better country
  • Latino Kid: Well when we do protest in America, we get pepper-sprayed in the eyes by cops
  • Teacher: Well not always. If we were just more willing to stick out necks out more...
  • Black Kid: I can't breath

so because the white police in my city are horrific and keep shooting unarmed black children, there’s a lot of protesting happening right now, and because police are terrible and responded violently to the peaceful Ferguson protesters, there’s a high chance that it’ll get violent. The national guard is being called in to the part of the city where I live, and people are apparently going to start protesting on buses, which is how I get around to work and stores and such. 

tl;dr I’ll likely be writing a lot because I might be locked in for a while–schools are cancelling, campuses are on lock-down, they’re shutting down streets, and my city is actually taking down mailboxes so that they don’t get damaged (???). So I’ll be working on lots of birthday prompts and elvendale prompts! <3


“this is about to get real cheesy in a hot minute (and she’ll never admit it, ‘cause, y’know, that’s natasha romanoff for you so you might as well hear it from me) but i feel like we saved more than each other’s asses that day–we saved ourselves too.”

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The History of Kelso’s Cheating on Jackie

While watching That ‘70s Show on @ifc last night, this scene in “The Relapse” (406) stuck out at me. Kelso says to Fez, “Man, back when I was cheating on Jackie, I used to meet a ton of older ladies here [at the Piggly Wiggly].” Soon after, we learn that he slept with Joyce Ferguson, the “lonely” and alcoholic wife of Coach Ferguson (the Point Place High gym teacher) during his first go at a relationship with Jackie. It made me think about how the show characterizes and recharacterizes Kelso’s cheating on Jackie.

Originally, we’re led to believe that Kelso cheats on Jackie for months with only  Laurie – because Laurie’s the only person we see Kelso cheating on Jackie with, and she’s the only person Kelso talks about cheating with. Then, in “Hyde’s Father” (303), Kelso admits he also got “a little action on the side,” from a girl who goes to Sacred Heart.

But in “The Relapse,” the number of women he cheats on Jackie with increases to at least three but implies the total amount equals a “ton” more. This implication is complicated by Kelso in “I’m A Boy” (608) when he tells Brooke, “I only cheated on [Jackie] with Eric’s sister. Well, and then the rest of the girls when we were on a break ‘cause I annoyed her. But none of those girls were anybody’s sister … uh, except for the two that were sisters.”

This “break” due to Jackie’s annoyance at Kelso is never depicted or mentioned on the show until “I’m A Boy”. But Kelso himself considers whomever he slept with during that time cheating, so the break couldn’t have been very official. Or maybe Jackie simply said, “I don’t want to talk to you right now. Leave me alone,” and Kelso took that as a free pass to sleep with as many women as he could until Jackie got in contact with him again.

Regardless, Kelso’s admission in “I’m A Boy” essentially contradicts his confessions in both “Hyde’s Father” and “The Relapse”. In “Hyde’s Father,” he says he had “two girlfriends,” but what this truly means is that Laurie was his full-time mistress. He explicitly states that he fools around with a girl from Sacred Heart while in the midst of his relationships with Jackie and Laurie and nothing about a break is mentioned.

Of course, we also have to add his supposedly first time cheating on Jackie, way back in “Ski Trip” (113), with Pam Macy. Also, the “random beach trash” he sleeps with during the summer between seasons 4 and 5 before he and Jackie are officially broken up.

The show likely retroactively increases the amount of cheating Kelso does on Jackie mainly for the sake of punchlines, but it makes Kelso’s self-righteousness, obsessiveness, and paranoia about her one transgressive kiss with Todd in “Jackie’s Cheese Squeeze” (419) even more hypocritical and problematic. It also makes his self-entitled narcissism toward her and Hyde during season 5 stupefying.

Jackie, in comparison, is a paragon of unconditional love. In “Romantic Weekend (316), she shows compassion toward Kelso’s impotence when they’re broken up. She has every right to be smug about it, but instead she gives him emotional support and tells him, “Look, Michael, don’t worry, okay? When you find the girl you’re meant to be with, you’ll be able to do all the stuff you want. I promise.”

She doesn’t act possessive toward him and demonstrates no duplicity. She genuinely wants him to be happy, despite how he broke her heart, with or without her.

Kelso, on the other hand, becomes angry and upset in “What Is, and What Should Never Be” (503) upon learning Jackie might be dating someone who isn’t him. He says to Hyde, “[Jackie] was a big part of my life, and I just hate the thought of her being off with some random guy.”

He acts possessive over Jackie, despite that he spent the summer sleeping with girls who aren’t Jackie – while they were technically still in a relationship and once she’d broken up with him – and actively pursues Annette up until he drives himself, Eric, and Donna home from California.

Jackie’s absolutely right when she tells Donna in “Heartbraker” (504), “Look, he deserted me. He broke my heart. I didn’t do anything wrong.“ But Donna, Eric, and even Hyde feel guilty and a responsibility for Kelso’s feelings. Kelso, who cheats on Jackie countless times. Who blames Jackie for his cheating in “Everybody Loves Casey” (426). Who equates Jackie’s one kiss with another man with the months he has sex with Laurie and many other women. Who spends a year trying to destroy the healthy and loving relationship Jackie’s building with Hyde – while he himself continues to pursue and sleep with other women.

Kelso deserves no sympathy, despite that Jackie chooses to move on with someone who happens to be his friend. Neither she nor Hyde fall in love with each other to spite Kelso. It happens because it happens. Kelso’s disrespectful and hypocritical treatment of Jackie, including and beyond his cheating, removes all his claims to her. Eric and Donna should recognize this fact, but they don’t because the show’s writers didn’t. 

For an exploration of how Kelso’s treatment of Jackie compares to Hyde’s treatment of her, see this semi-essay I wrote on the subject.

Here is a little food for thought

So we are all upset about Ferguson.

Before Ferguson, there was Albuquerque.


This is the biggest issue that Albuquerque still deals with today.
Cops aren’t just racially profiling their victims, but they are also destroying this city. Here, it does not matter what race you are, but rather, if you are alive.

But hey, we are Albuquerque, New Mexico, no one cares about us. People only care that we have blue meth.

Here are some photos of tear gas being launched not only before 9 pm but! a block away from the University of New Mexico. The most condensed area of Albuquerque. Thousands of students live within a block of this street.

So please remember this is no battle. This is war.

Where is justice for Burque?


High school students throughout Madison Wi walked out this morning and shut down a major roadway on our walk up to the Capitol building. We passed the house where Tony Robinson, a young black man who had his whole life ahead of him, was shot five times in the chest on Friday March 6th despite being unarmed. Our protest was peaceful but forceful and Tony’s best friends and mother were the one’s leading it. What they said moved me to tears. Tony’s life mattered and still matters. Black lives matter. Rest in power Tony you will not be forgotten. Indict. Convict. Don’t let serial killers roam our streets anymore, claiming to protect those they kill.

In today’s news:  A young black kid in Ferguson ended up shot to death in his back yard, surrounded by police. Ferguson PD insisted it was suicide. Even though every witness on the scene claims the cops killed him and there’s an actual audio recording of him begging them not to shoot seconds beforehand.

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No words any more; only The Oprah Winfrey Look of Sadness and Absolute Disgust ™ can cover it.

Trayvon Martin was judged for smoking weed and getting mediocre grades... meanwhile people are lining up to defend Officer Ben Fields after he violently breaks the arm of a teenage girl and has already been sued for excessive force three times.

Um, yeah: Let’s be real: If Mike Brown or Trayvon had broken someone’s arm and been in and out of court several times, Fox News would have been broadcasting it 24/7 and never stopped talking about it