fergie feat. q tip

i forgot i was tagged by @ghoulsjw for this and decided to do it since i got some new songs on my ipod!

Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then tag 10 people!

1. Dangerous - Left Boy

2. Build God Then We’ll Talk - Panic! At the Disco

3. There’s Supposed To Be A Cheat Code For Happiness - Utata-P (Vocals by Yuzuki Yukari)

4. Shine A Light (Reprise) - Heathers: The Musical Soundtrack (Vocals by Alice Lee)

5. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Fergie (feat. Q-Tip and Goonrock)

6. Radioactive - Marina & The Diamonds

7. Ryder or Riot - Ken Ashcorp

8. Metal-Head Around The World - I am Jemboy

9. Sugar - Robin Schulz

10. Down Down Down To Mephisto’s Cafe - Streetlight Manifesto