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Is there any final comment on why Lando is not appearing in the new movies? I've read something about BDW being in the new Han Solo movie, but why aren't there any questions being asked in interviews with the cast about thim

@starwars and lucasfilm pls answer this… idk i mean it was asked if lando will be back and billy already said he wants to come back and he;s not done with lando yet but also he already confirmed he;s not in the last jedi i really dont know why bc honestly? there’s no way lando would stay where he was and not go looking for leia after hearing what happened to han

i know he will attend Jedicon in Rio this year so i hope some of my brazillian fellas ask this… bora perguntar isso please 

ferfrancuito  asked:

After watching the trailer I remembered the visions Rey had.. Luke an artoo witnessing something burning and the knights of ren shot raining.. and now in the new trailer Luke sees like a palace burning and if you look closely it seems that it starts raining.. do you have any thoughts about that?

uhm it seems to be the same scene? i know a lot of ppl thinks that part is the past but there’s also theories that rey havent seen the past but the future even tho it’s raining and that scene where knights of ren appears (and it looks like that scene is past) it’s also raining.

if it;s the past it’s prob kylo ren killing luke’s students (and i think it’s rey’s  force vision again or luke’s) and we will finally see what happened and how. i mean we know kylo killed all of them etc but we will see what happened.