(46) genius loci

a genius loci says:

right now 
says the astrology chart
i am in the middle
of a growing phase
a cyclical phase
but later 
when i am on the cusp of 
i will enter the stage of mars
warfare and being strong
strong enough to truly fight
for what i believe in.

so my job now in this
tidal phase
is to learn, to connect,
and to become free
of any control or restraint
internal or external
it means being wealthy
but only for as long as
until i figure out what to learn
and connect.

so this is what i should become
says, the prophets,
a stone wall with a clock;
a clock with a key and a door
where the door opens to reveal 
a library. spiralling around
going ever deeper
take any book out and it will be 
set on fire.

set into the stone nooks
are candles; tamed flames.
to look as though this is nothing
but an attraction.

but any adventurers venturing deep
may be lost forever.
be their intentions good, they may stay
and curl up and read.
but they may not take any books outward.

be their intentions foul, they will find
out why mars rules my sign;
a flood will drown them whole.
and they will tread always on thin ice

City of Romance

(OFC X Cole Spouse)
Rating : +16 Mature Content
Warning(s) : Foul Language, Sexual Innuendo

  “I hope you’re as excited as me, Jane.” Cole slid his arm around my waist as his chauffeur drove us to his private airplane where his brother, Dylan, and his girlfriend, Dayna, waited.

I was unsure how Cole could be more excited than me– him being to Paris countless of times– but this being my very first.

“I am,” I laughed, grabbing onto the upper part of Cole’s thigh, then him leaning in to kiss right under my jaw.

“I am happy it’s with you,” Cole breathed softly onto my neck as his fingers slid under the rim of my shirt, gracing over my skin sending shivers through me.

“I’m happy I’m with you too,” I softly smiled, throwing my head back as his hand inched slowly up my stomach’s side.

“Mr. Sprouse, we’re here sir.” The chauffeur interrupted, causing Cole to pull his hand away from my stomach to look at the driver.

“Thank you Wildon, can you take our things out?” Cole asked.

“No problem sir, of course.” he nodded and jumped out of the car.

Getting out of the car, Cole helped me as I looked around the area seeing as much as I could in the midnight’s darkness, spying lit airplane runways and the silhouettes of hangers, where other people’s airplanes sat dormant until they wanted to use them.
I wasn’t use to this lap of luxury and the glitz and glamour, especially since the boys grew up in television and becoming famous, already earning their own money at a young age, and I just having grown up in a two bedroom loft with two art critics I had for parents in Manhattan– it may have been the higher of life but definitely not fame.

I even remembered when I use to fawn over Dylan when they both played in Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Cole always jokes with me about it since I ended up with him.

“Dylan should be with Dayna inside already,” Cole took my hand, leading me to the plane that sat a couple of feet away from the car.

Cole lead the way, opening the door and walking in, seeing the couple close to each other, foreheads against each others and mouths moving slightly where only they could only hear each other.
Walking in, Dayna’s head moved from Dylan’s and she smiled at us.

“Hello! You must be Jane!” Dayna stood and walked over, pulling me into a warm hug.

“Nice to meet you,” Dayna spoke into my shoulder before releasing me.

“Nice to meet you too.” I smiled awkwardly, not having expected to be hugged by an almost complete stranger.
Dayna was gorgeous beyond my comprehension– her hair was cut in a bob but in messy chestnut coloured curls that strengthened her perfect jaw, her eyes a cloudy blue grey, and her lips were a plump soft pink colour I’m sure Dylan loved just as much as I envied them.

“Hey Jane,” Dylan smiled and waved from his cushioned seat, us having met once previous to our little group getaway.

“Hey Dylan,” I waved back before looking to Cole who was heading to the cushioned brown seats across from his brother.

“Let’s sit, yeah?” Dayna smiled at me, leading me into the cabin with the boys, taking a seat next to Dylan and I sliding beside Cole, him wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“Are we all set?” a man in the captains attire asked, poking his head out from a door coming from the cockpit.

“Yes sir.” Both the twins said simultaneously, making me and Dayna giggle.

It felt like I had slept forever when I woke up a few hours after getting to the hotel at 8AM once we made it to Paris, I barely even remember making it too, having fell asleep on the plane and barely being awake on the way to the fancy hotel we were in, before falling onto our large– extremely comfortable– bed.
But around 2PM, I slowly awoke with a sleeping Cole Sprouse’s arms around me as the sun sat in the perfect blue sly outside our window.

Rolling over to face him, I smiled as he slept deeply with his jaw slightly slack, showing a peak of his big, slightly uneven, front teeth, and his dyed black hair messy with bed head but you could see just a glimpse of his sandy brown roots growing in. This is when he most beautiful.

“Cole, baby,” I whispered softly, sliding my arm over his shoulders.

He closed his mouth at the call of his name, his face scrunching up for just a second, as if he was disgusted with something, before relaxing again, but pulling his arm tighter around me, bringing me closer.

Only inches from his face, I chuckled and kissed the tip of his nose and he a small ‘Mm’ escaped his closed mouth.

“Hello to you too, love,” he opened his eyes to a lazy squint as a small smile pressed across his lips.

“Hello babe,” I smiled, kissing him lightly with him kissing me back, but holding the kiss longer than I had intended.

“Cole,” I faintly gasped after he began to kiss me deeply, snaking his arm around my waist and pulling me closer into his chest.

“All I want to do right now is just undress you and–” Cole started before the hotel phone begin to ring on his nightstand.

Cole looked back at it for a moment before rolling back over to face me, about to ignore it when I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Answer the phone.” I gave him a bored look.

“Oh Jane, come on? We were about to–”

“Were we, or were you?” I questioned, making Cole groan and sit up, revealing his bare back and chest before scooting to the edge of the bed to pick up the phone.

“Hey Dylan,” Cole spoke flatly into the phone and I smiled, amused by how he was now agitated.

“This evening? What time?” Cole asked, voice changing to normal as he leaned back on the palm of his free hand.

“Sure, that’s fine, whatever. Meet in the lobby at 6, gotcha.” Cole finished, hanging up the phone before sliding back into the sheets.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“Dinner tonight at L'Epicure, then Dayna wants to do some other thing after.” Cole replied, rolling facing me.

“Now, where were we?” he then smirked, bringing me close again, moving his hand up the back of my nightshirt.

✱ ✱ ✱

“I hope this is fancy enough,” I sighed, turning my body in the mirror to take in my appearance.

I had put on a black dress that had a golden band around the mid of the torso before feathering out on each side, then black ankle strap, full open toe, heels that toned my long pale legs. I went lightly with my make up other than the usual foundation and concealer, then adding a slight smokey eye look in black over my grey eyes, and a strong red lipstick, then pulling my long black hair into a high pony tail and curling the ends.

“You look perfect, as you always do.” Cole walked over from the sink mirror to me, grabbing my tiny hips and pressing himself against my back.

“Of course you’d say that Cole,” I chuckled, turning to him and throwing my arms around his shoulders. Even with five inch heels on, Cole stood a half inch taller than me.

“Are you calling me a liar?” Cole smirked, pulling my hips closer into his as his hands moved around to my butt.

“Of course not babe,” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes with a wide smile on my lips.

“God, if we hadn’t gotten dressed up to go out,” Cole purred, kissing my neck lightly making me smile as my cheeks got warm from his words and touch.

“What would you do?” I said mischievously, staring up at him.

“I’ll keep that a secret– until tonight.” Cole winked, releasing my hips and taking me hand, leading me from the bathroom.

“I’d kiss you if I didn’t want to smear my lipstick,” I laughed, grabbing my clutch from the bed as we passed it heading for the door.

“I’d kiss you if it wasn’t already 5:54, but it wouldn’t be the lips you think.” Cole suggested leading the way out of our hotel room.

✱ ✱ ✱

The restaurant was fancy as hell, and I mean everything was white and glassy and beautiful, I was scared that if I even looked at some of the things inside too hard they’d break.

Being sat in the back of the restaurant with minimal customer traffic, we settled in waiting to order our drinks.

Dayna of course looked stunning– she was in a elegant white dinner dress with jewels across her chest and her bare shoulders out. She had flat ironed her hair and did her make up to perfect, making her eyes pop, her already sharp cheek bones more prominent, and her lips even more full and naturally pink. I understood completely why Dylan loved her.

“Bonjour Sprouse et compagnie, je suis Lucas, monsieur Cole sait, et je vais vous servir ce soir. Que ferez-vous boire?” a thin man with short blonde hair and a thumb of brown hair on his chin in a line towards his mouth approached us with an open pad at hand, speaking beautiful french.

“Pas ce soir Lucas, Anglais s'il vous plaît?” Cole spoke fluently back and I instantly felt swooned, my heart fluttering at his quick french tongue.

“Of course, Mr. Cole. I am Lucas, and I’ll be serving you all tonight. What will you have to drink this evening?” Lucas then spoke in english.

Cole must have been here before then, I thought.

“Two glasses of Cahors for me and Dylan, please.” Dayna spoke up first.

“Do you want me to pick something for you?” Cole leaned over and whispered, seeing me look at the french menu in confusion.

“Yes please, white.” I nodded.

“A glass of Chinon for me and Alsace Riesling for Jane here,” Cole ordered quickly.

“That’ll be all?” Lucas asked.

“Oui merci.” Cole grinned up to Lucas, him nodding and taking off.

“What did you guys think of the hotel?” Dayna asked immediately after Lucas got three feet away, smiling at both me and Cole.

“I love it, the beds so big and comfy! And the view is amazing.” I beamed.

“I love our view too! We got one where we can see the Eiffel Tower? Amazing. And I love how soft and big the bed was.” Dayna beamed.

“I’m sure you did as much as me,” Dylan mumble with a smirk, but spoke loud enough for all of us to hear, resulting in Dayna flashing him a deathly look and elbowing him.

“They’re big, but of course I’m more focused on what we’ll do outside of the hotel.” Cole said casually, looking over the menu in his hands.

“Can you tell me what the menu says?” I asked Cole, peering at him as his eyes went over the rows of french words I couldn’t understand if I wanted to.

“So you don’t speak french?” Dayna asked.

“Obviously not if she’s asking Cole to order Dayna,” Dylan joked and Dayna scrunched up her face at him then letting a small laugh escaping her mouth.

“I’ll order for you if you’d like?” Cole offered.

“Yes please.” I nodded.

“How about the Homard Bleu, rôti dans sa coquille au beurre salé, sautées de calmars avec poivron, chips d'anchois? It’s blue lobster roasted in its shell with salted butter, sautéed of squids with sweet pepper, crisps of anchovy?” Cole instantly suggested.

“Ive had that before! It’s good, I suggest getting the mac with it, but tonight I’m getting the garden peas with my lamb.” Dayna blurted.

“The macaronis farcis?” Dylan looed to his girlfriend who nodded in response.

“Uh sure, the blue lobster and macaroni will do.” I shrugged, never having eaten anything like this stuff before.

“The macaroni is stuffed with ‘black truffle, artichoke and duck foie gras, gratinated with mature Parmesan cheese’, are you sure you want that?” Cole questioned.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I nodded.

As soon as I finished speaking Lucas appeared again, placing everyone’s wines with them and asking what we’d like to eat.

I order my food while everyone else ordered theirs in french, leaving me just as clueless when I looked at the menu, but once they all order, Lucas took the menus and left, leaving us to chat about whatever else.

✱ ✱ ✱

“That was amazing,” Dayna purred patting her mouth clean once her plate was empty.

To my slight surprise, I really liked the stuffed macaroni and ate every bite and favoured the lobster too, but only finishing half of it, too full on wine and macaroni to finish.

“Send Eric my thanks and compliments Lucas,” Cole nodded at Lucas as he cleared our spots.

“Yes sir, would anyone like more wine?” Lucas offered.

“Me, please!” Dayna threw her hand up with a wide smile.

“Right out in a second ma'am,” He nodded before leaving.

“Lots of wine for you tonight, huh?” Dylan spoke, looking to Dayna.

“Of course, I love my wine Dylan. You know that!” Dayna laughed.

“Hope that doesn’t effect your answer then,” Dylan spoke casually as if everyone knew what he was talking about, and from the looks if it, Dayna had no idea what he was getting at either.

“My answer for what?” She raised and eyebrow.

Dylan then stood, walking over to Dayna’s side, slowly dropping to one knee when Dayna gasped and covered her mouth and I watched with wide eyes.

“Did you know about this?” I hissed to Cole who seemed to be just slightly shocked.

“He said he was going to but I didn’t know now– plus that was months ago, I thought he changed his mind or something.” Cole whispered back.

Reaching into his coat, Dylan took out a red velvet ring box and popped it open.

“Will you, Dayna Frazer, marry me?” Dylan smiled softly at his teary eyed and extremely excited and surprised girlfriend.

“Of course Dylan! I’ll marry you, yes!” Dayna cried out standing and pulling Dylan up, embracing him.

“Congrats,” Cole clapped with a smile and I joined in, feeling my eyes get a bit teary myself.

Taking the ring from Dylan after the hug, Dayna slid it onto her little perfect ring finger, the large diamond glimmering in the restaurant light.

“Oh my god, it’s beautiful. I love you so much!” Dayna wiped at her eyes as she pulled Dylan into another hug and kiss.

“I love you too,” Dylan smiled after the kiss, taking Dayna’s hand.

“Dinner on the house, on me!” Dylan the turned to us with a wide smile.

“Sounds good to me.” Cole grinned.

We had spent two days in Paris mostly eating fancy foods and sightseeing, leaving the married-to-be to themselves most of the time doing whatever they pleased.

Today though, with one day left in Paris, Cole insisted we’d go on a hike and after a serious amount of persuading, I said yes.

Leading that, Cole had us hop on a train and we ended up in a rural part of France where he lead us through until we found ourselves in a forest of some sort.

“This is..nice?” I questioned as we pushed past some low leaves of a tree.

“Nature here is just lovely, the farm land is beautiful and so is the greenery.” Cole went on, at least a foot ahead of me, tracking up a hill.

“Who have you come with before?” I asked, slightly out of breath, having been walking for thirty minutes into deeper lush forest.

“Dylan and me came but there should be– there it is!” Cole perked up, picking up his speed with wide steps after taking a sharp right past a build of rocks.

Jumping and running over a couple of up grown branches and rocks, I caught up to Cole to see a slow clear water river flowing through a crack in the earth.

“Wow it’s beautiful,” I breathed heavily next to Cole as we got closer.

“I know and I bet it feels perfect,” Cole smiled, getting to a large pile of rocks beginning to remove his shoes and placing his bags on the rocks.

“Wait, what are you doing Cole?” I asked.

“Going for a swim? That’s why I brought you here.” Cole furrowed his brow.

“The hotel has a pool? Why come all the way out here to swim in some probably infected water?” I put my hands on my hips.

“'Infected’? Does that clear, running, water look 'infected’ to you?” Cole argued, agitation growing in his tone.

“I’m not swimming in it.” I said flatly, crossing my arms.

“You can’t be serious?” Cole groaned.

“I really am.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“You’re acting like a prude Jane, it’s safe and fun. You’re being childish.” Cole argued.

“'Prude’? You just called me a prude! I can’t even believe you right now?! I didn’t make you date me Cole, so if you knew I was such a 'prude’ you shouldn’t have kissed me and asked me to be your girlfriend five months ago at the gallery!” I yelled.

“Calm down Jane, I didn’t mea-” Cole sighed, running his hands through his black hair with both shoes off and his shirt halfway up his chest.

“Oh shutup, I’m leaving.” I cried and turned to walk away, heading down the hill.

“Wait, you cant just leave! You’ll get lost!” Cole called behind me but I picked up my speed, basically jogging.

“WATCH ME COLE! I’ll be fine!” I yelled back, running now as fast as I could with a bag that was at least a pound and a half on my back.

✱ ✱ ✱

It felt like I had ran for what seemed like forever, leaving my boyfriend in my wake.

But as I calmed and slowed down, I had no idea where I was.

Okay Jane, you’ll be fine just keep going down hill, you’ll be okay, I told myself.

Finally finding an end to the trees, I rushed ahead to only see a large field and farm, not having seen that before when I was with Cole.

“Shit,” I cursed, biting my lip nervously, running both hands through my long hair in fear.

Forgetting I had my phone, I took it out and tried to dial Cole, but my connect completely useless once remembering I wasn’t even in the US.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I breathed, wanting to cry again but holding my tears back to hold as much as I could together so I could find Cole.

Turning back into the forest, I kept straight in hope to find something.

I walked for forever, tired and hunger setting in and I was barely holding on by a string when I heard something move behind me in some leaves, waking me up and slightly freaking me out.

Looking around, I saw nothing at first until I looked forward again to see a dear– a full grown male– staring at me petrified with it’s black eyes and his large, outstretched antlers stuck in some hanging vines.

“You poor thing,” I frowned taking a step closer but the buck huffed heavily as if about to hit into me.

I took one step back but outstretched my hand to him, trying my best to stay calm and show him I was friendly, approaching slowly again.

This time he seemed calm until my hand touched his nose and he shook his head hard in my direct, an sharp antler hitting me hard in my arm and side, knocking me to my feet and sending unfathomable pain through the two spots, causing me to scream on impact.

Laying on the ground, I begin to cry again, holding my side as it stung wildly with pain until I realized something was leaking past my fingers slowly.

Looking down, a hole had been torn into my shirt and a gash had been cut in my flesh, letting blood ooze out of it.

“Oh, god, I fucked up so bad,” I cried.

“Jane?!” the too familiar voice said and I turned to see Cole coming from up hill and I instantly felt better.

“Cole,” I cried and he ran over, kneeling beside me after glancing at the deer still caught in the vines.

“Did the deer do this?” Cole asked, placing his hand over the gash, pressing pressure into it, sending shockwaves of pain through me again.

“I-I tried to help it,” I sobbed.

“Jane, you can’t just approach wild animals like this. I’m going to clean this with some alcohol, it will burn. Just bare with me, okay?” Cole said, going through his bag.

“You don’t have anything else?” I winced, watching him uncap the alcohol and press it into a cotton square pad.

“I definitely didn’t think this would happen so no,” Cole sighed.

“I’m going in now, hold yourself together,” Cole spoke softly before pressing the burning alcohol into my wound making me scream.

“Calm down! Calm down! Just bare with me!” Cole tried to comfort but my mind was throbbing with the pain I felt from the cleaning solution.

Once the burning stopped, Cole took out a new, larger, pad and laid it over the wound, wrapping on top of it with what I believed to be compression wrap then helping me up.

“Do you know the way back?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Cole responded coldly, leading us through the branches as if he lived out here himself.

“I’m sorry for leaving you..” I slowly apologized.

“I didn’t call you a prude Jane,” Cole shook his head, not bothering to look at me.

“I know, I overreacted and I’m so sorry.” I begged.

“You should be.” Cole huffed as we approached where we had came in from.

“Forgive me, please?” I pleaded.

“I forgive you only because I love you… and one day you’ll be mine and I’ll always forgive you then too.” Cole said, still not looking to me as we came out of the woods.

Something about his words made my heart flutter and even after the long trip back to the hotel and in the days after leaving, I couldn’t forget them.

“Sortez avec une fille qui lit. Une fille qui dépense son argent dans des livres au lieu de vêtements, qui a des problèmes de place parce qu’elle a trop de livres. Sortez avec une fille qui a une liste de livres qu’elle veut lire, qui a une carte de bibliothèque depuis l’enfance.

Trouvez une fille qui lit. Vous le savez parce qu’elle a toujours un livre non lu dans son sac. C’est celle qui cherche amoureusement sur les étagères dans une librairie, celle qui pleure silencieusement quand elle a trouvé le livre qu’elle veut. Vous voyez cette personne bizarre qui renifle les pages d’un vieux bouquin dans un magasin de livres d’occasion? C’est cette lectrice. Elles ne peuvent jamais résister à l’odeur des pages, surtout quand elles sont jaunes et usées ..Elle est la fille qui lit en attendant sur la terrasse de ce café-restaurant. Si vous jetez un œil à sa tasse, la crème du lait flotte sur le dessus parce qu’elle est déjà absorbée. Perdue dans un monde imaginé par l’auteur. Asseyez-vous. Elle vous jettera juste un coup d’oeil, parce que la plupart des filles qui lisent n’aiment pas être interrompues. Demandez-lui si elle aime le livre. Offrez-lui une autre tasse de café.

Faites-lui savoir ce que vous pensez vraiment de Murakami. Essayez de voir si elle a réussi à dépasser le premier chapitre du Seigneur des anneaux. Comprenez que si elle dit qu’elle a compris Ulysse de James Joyce, c’est simplement pour paraître intelligente. Demandez-lui si elle aime Alice ou si elle voudrait être Alice.

Et puis c’est simple de sortir avec une fille qui lit. Offrez-lui des livres pour son anniversaire, pour Noël, pour tout ce qui se fête. Offrez-lui le don des mots, en poésie et en chanson. Offrez-lui Neruda, Pound, Sexton, Cummings. Faites-lui savoir que vous comprenez que les mots sont l’amour !Comprenez qu’elle sait faire la différence entre les livres et la réalité, mais qu’elle va essayer de faire en sorte que sa vie ressemble à son livre préféré .. Ce ne sera jamais de votre faute si elle le fait ..Vous pouvez lui mentir. Si elle comprend la syntaxe, elle va comprendre votre besoin de mentir. Derrière les mots se trouvent d’autres choses: la motivation, la valeur, la nuance, le dialogue. Ce ne sera pas la fin du monde. Vous pouvez faillir. Parce que une fille qui lit sait que l’échec conduit toujours à l’apogée ..Parce que les filles qui lisent comprennent que toutes choses ont une fin, mais que vous pouvez toujours écrire une suite… Que vous pouvez recommencer encore et encore et être toujours le héros ..Que la vie est censée avoir un méchant ou deux. Pourquoi avoir peur de tout ce que vous n’êtes pas ?Les filles qui ont lu comprennent que les gens, comme les personnages, évoluent. Sauf dans la saga Twilight.

Si vous trouvez une fille qui lit, gardez la près de vous. Lorsque vous la trouvez à 2 heures du matin serrant un livre sur sa poitrine et pleurant, faites lui une tasse de thé et prenez la dans vos bras. Vous pouvez la perdre pour quelques heures, mais elle reviendra toujours vers vous. Elle parlera des personnages du livre comme s’ils étaient réels, car il le sont toujours pendant un moment. Vous lui ferez votre demande en mariage sur une montgolfière .. Ou lors d’un concert de rock. Ou très décontracté la prochaine fois qu’elle est malade. Sur Skype. Vous sourirez si fort que vous vous demanderez pourquoi votre coeur n’a pas encore éclaté un peu partout dans votre poitrine. Vous allez écrire l’histoire de votre vie, avoir des enfants avec des noms étranges et même des goûts étranges. Elle va les initier à Mon bel oranger et Charlie et la chocolaterie, peut-être dans la même journée.Vous marcherez ensemble les hivers de vos vieux jours et elle va réciter Keats en un souffle tandis que vous secouez la neige de vos bottes.

Sortez avec une fille qui lit car vous le méritez .. Vous méritez une fille qui peut vous offrir une vie plus colorée et créative …Mais si en retour vous ne pouvez lui offrir que la monotonie, des heures éteintes et des inspirations insipides, alors vous feriez mieux de la laisser seule.Mais si vous voulez le monde et les mondes au-delà, sortez avec une fille qui lit.

Ou mieux encore, sortez avec une fille qui écrit ..”

Rosemarie Urquico
You should date a girl who reads.

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