Hi World!

A little late to the bandwagon, but I had to jump on.

Ah Bobak, you took the world by storm and didn’t even know it.

I don’t know what exactly compelled me to get out of bed to scribble this up. Oh wait, yes I do.

Awesome hair.

Awesome smile.

Awesome brain.

Is there a better reason to get out of bed in the middle of the night? Oh! Funny note, I just looked down and realized I threw my shirt on inside out and backwards. No wonder it’s been an uncomfortable twenty minutes.

Bobak Ferdowsi, you rock. But really, we all know you learned your awesomeness from DAVE

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About Saturday Night

A few hours after seeing Dr. Seddon, I attended the concert held for Space Camp Alumni Weekend. It featured a group called the Yacht Rock Revue, an excellent comedy band that performs the best of 70s soft rock; and the concert was held under the Pathfinder space shuttle, which is a shuttle mockup that was used for testing in the 70s.

As I was fulfilling my lifelong dream of singing along to Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins underneath a giant piece of NASA hardware, I thought the night could not get any better. I was wrong.

The band had just launched into Toto’s “Rosanna” when one of my friends suddenly let out a scream and started running. We looked up and saw that she had run up to none other than Bobak Ferdowski, of JPL/Mars Lander fame. He had been inducted into the Space Camp Hall of Fame a few hours earlier. He had changed, and was now wearing a bow tie, a dress shirt, and some very 80s Space Camp shorts that a manager had dug out of a closet. Naturally, my other friend and I ran to join them.

He was so nice. He didn’t have to be; he was headed somewhere and had surely been accosted by strangers like us all day. But he stood and chatted with us as if he’d known us forever. He was very laid-back and unassuming. I don’t know exactly how long we talked, but I know that when he took a picture with us and then said goodbye, the band was playing the final notes of “Rosanna.” So to use mathematical units of time, it was about 0.95 Totos.

I’m still not sure that this weekend actually happened.