After spending a few days in Dunedin, we started our drive bright and early across the island headed toward Queenstown. It was a long five hour drive. But when we finally got there, it was a bright, warm, sunny day! The first thing we did there was climb the biggest, closest mountain we could see. It was about an hour hike, maybe 45 minutes, and when we got to the top it was the sweetest view ever!

Our hostel was a five minute walk from downtown where there were a bunch of shops and places to eat. The best burger in New Zealand, The Ferburger, was sitting there waiting for me. It was AWESOME. I got the Southern Swine, a huuuge burger with yummy sauce and guac and tons of toppings. The town is located right on a huge river which was so blue I think a new Crayola needs to be invented called “Lake Wakatipu”.

The shops were pretty sweet, but the whole town felt a bit touristy.. I guess that’s okay though since I’m actually a tourist. I bought a bunch of shot glasses for my friends at home (so if you’re reading this, chances are I got one for you :) The nightlife was also pretty sweet. The bars and clubs seemed to be a lot better than the ones in Auckland, but maybe it was just the cider… Also, I won a contest at a bar where I got a $200 bar tab and $100 cash. Let’s just say jager bombs alllll nighttttt longgggg. 

And hey look, we finally found Gollum!!!!!!!!