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schniggles  asked:

I would be so very, very interested in your take on a Stardew Valley fic

Elliot opened the door to his cabin, and nearly fell backwards, swallowing an unbecoming shriek of surprise.

The woman who’d claimed the old farm west of Pelican Town was standing right outside his door. Her dark eyes were wide and wild, blue hair frayed and flying in every direction, green slime and rust smudged over her cheeks. The hem of her white dress was tattered, touched with the mud that soaked her heavy boots.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hello?” he said. “Are you hurt?” He thought that some of the mud might have been bruises, but it was hard to tell.

She laughed like a jug full of rocks. “Yeah,” she said. She hadn’t taken her eyes off of him. “You weren’t here this morning so I went to the mine.” She had a pickaxe and a sword strapped to her back, both looking worn and battered.

“Would you like me to call Harvey?” he asked, because the longer he looked at her the more she looked as if she was about to collapse.

“No, I’ll probably just go to bed,” she said, pulling her backpack in front of her so that she could dig through it.

“It really seems like you should go to the hosp–”

He was interrupted when she shoved something towards him.

“I got you this lobster,” she said.

It was in poor shape, having apparently been kept at the bottom of her bag, beneath raw ore and berries and sharp hunks of crystal. He took it very gingerly from her with the tips of well-manicured fingers. Hers were chewed ragged and covered in dirt.

“This is a beautiful gift,” he assured her. “Thank you.”

She beamed. Her teeth were stained red.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to–”

“Okay, bye,” she said, turning to run back toward the bridge into town. Elliot was left standing in the doorway to his cabin, spotless from his boots to his cravat, holding a disfigured lobster covered in gold dust and crushed salmonberries.

He looked at the lobster.

“… I wonder if she likes poetry.”

What Happens if a Child Is Never Exposed to Language?

Children learn the language(s) that they hear and see around them at a young age, but what happens if a child just never has any linguistic input, spoken or signed? Although a scientific study around this question would undoubtedly be fascinating, it would also be extremely unethical, so much so that the cultural historian Roger Shattuck has called it The Forbidden Experiment.

I’m on Lexicon Valley talking about early language exposure, including a video about Nicaraguan Sign Language which I came across when preparing for Ling Camp. See also creolization in general. 

Also related is the topic of children who grew up without exposure to language, such as Genie and Victor of Aveyron. I didn’t talk about them at the camp since especially Genie’s story involves terrible abuse and neglect, which I thought it might be upsetting for the younger students. 


Today/Yesterday we learned some very sad news about our GM, Rikodou. His father passed away and will have to be taking on a second job in addition to him teaching gym in order to pay bills. He will not be returning to TERA for a while. It was a tragic moment, both for him, and for us. We hate to see Rik leave, but we know the importance of his family and his real life. We will forever miss Rikodou, founder of Novus Spero, and we will await the day the he returns to see how his creation has thrived.

Rikodou, you were, are, and will forever be an amazing, brilliant, beautiful person. You have been an honourable, trustworthy, helpful, and downright fantastic guild leader. You have led a bunch of strangers into a beautiful friendship, and created a glorious guild. You built Novus Spero. You are our foundation, and we will carry on your idea of honourable PvP on Feral Valley. You made a force to be reckoned with, and the entire server knows it now.

We can’t wait for the day that you will be back with us. We hope that you will never forget us, for we will never forget you :) Novus Spero loves you Rikodou!!