feral noise

Animalistic giants with sharp teeth, big claws, excess body hair, whiskers, cat-like eyes, lots of muscle, and capable of making feral noises and having animal-like behavior, but said giants are huge snuggle monsters that want smooches and someone to scritch behind their ears.

Heheh, I think it’s safe to say yall saw this one coming, buuuuuuut there’s no reason I can’t go with the flow anyway~! Decided to try out the binary brush once more for fun, and I’m aaaaaaaaalmost getting the swing of it! Just looking to refine it a little more heheh~

At any rate Ruby snagged himself the elusive GIGATURKEY that only appears once every blue moo-wheneverthere'saneedforahugeservingofcookedmeatforvorishreasons~ I think you can imagine what happened next, and the results have that strained belly starting to look a bit like that glazed ham he’s working on~!

Just a little something silly for the occasion, because honestly it’s a holiday around family, friends, and most importantly FOOD! Hope yall have a good thanksgiving for those who celebrate it and those who don’t~! Catch up with some friends and family, give them a call if you’re not there, and take a few minutes out to have a nice think about what you’ve got to be thankful for~!


Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile the sweet puppy exterior with the alpha genetics that inform his every decision, conscious or not. During his rut, you do well to grasp the coat tails of sleep when you can, before his overwhelming cloud of pheromones drags you back to the surface and his hands, greedy for your skin, pull you back to meet his surging hips. For hours after that, everything becomes a haze of feral noises colliding with your softer moans, chasing after the inevitable. And finally, his knot engorged to the point of near pain, you are again tucked possessively in his arms, exhaustion again whispering sweet promises as he nuzzles against your skin.

- Admin J
(I’ve always wanted to try writing a/b/o verse because of Kaspian… but the execution is difficult…)